Haier HUM18HC03 Installation Manual

Room air conditioner
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Installation Manual of Room Air Conditioner

Necessary Tools for Installation
Hole core drill
Spanner(17,19 and 26mm)
Gas leakage detector or
soap-and-water solution
Power Source
Before inserting power plug into receptacle, check the voltage without fail.
The power source is the same as the
Install an exclusive branch circuit of the power.
A receptacle shall be set up in a distance where the power cable can be
reached.Do not extend the cable by cutting it.
Drawing for the installation of indoor and outdoor units
The models adopt HFC free refrigerant R410A
more than 5cm
more than
Arrangement of piping
Rear left
The marks from
in the figure are the
parts numbers.
The distance between
the indoor unit and the
floor should be more
than 2m.
Please be subject to the actual product purchased , the above picture is just for your reference.
Read this manual before installation
Explain sufficiently the operating means to the user according to this manual.
Torque wrench
Pipe cutter
Flaring tool
Measuring tape
corresponding name plate.
more than 10cm
more than
Selection of Installation Place
Indoor Unit
Place, robust not causing vibration, where the body can be supported sufficiently.
Place, not affected by heat or steam generated in the vicinity, where inlet and outlet of the
unit are not disturbed.
Place, possible to drain easily, where piping can be connected with the outdoor unit.
Place, where cold air can be spread in a room entirely.
Place, nearby a power receptacle, with enough space around. (Refer to drawings).
Place where the distance of more than lm from televisions, radios, wireless apparatuses
and fluorescent lamps can be left.
In the case of fixing the remote controller on a wall, place where the indoor unit can
receive signals when the fluorescent
Outdoor Unit
Place, which is less affected by rain or direct sunlight and is sufficiently ventilated.
Place, possible to bear the unit, where vibration and noise are not increased.
Place, where discharged wind and noise do not cause a nuisance to the neighbors.
Place, where a distance marked
Attention must be paid to
the rising up of drain hose
more than 10cm
more than
more than15cm
lamps in the room are lightened.
is available as illustrated in the above figure.
Optional parts for piping
Non-adhesive tape
Adhesive tape
Saddle (L.S) with screws
Connecting electric cable
for indoor and outdoor
Drain hose
Heating insulating material
Piping hole cover
Floor fixing dimensions of the
outdoor unit (Unit:mm)
Fixing of outdoor unit
Fix the unit to concrete or block
with bolts (10mm) and nuts firmly
and horizontally.
When fitting the unit to wall
surface, roof or rooftop, fix
a supporter surely with nails
or wires in consideration of
earthquake and strong wind.
If vibration may affect the
house, fix the unit by attaching a
vibration-proof mat.



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  Summary of Contents for Haier HUM18HC03

  • Page 1: Installation Manual Of Room Air Conditioner

    Place, robust not causing vibration, where the body can be supported sufficiently. Hacksaw Pipe cutter ● ● ● Place, not affected by heat or steam generated in the vicinity, where inlet and outlet of the Hole core drill Flaring tool ● ● unit are not disturbed.
  • Page 2: Indoor Unit

    fixed against the wall, then temporarily fasten the plate with one steel nail. secure fixing. 2. Make sure once more the proper level of the plate, by hanging a thread with a ● In order to fix the body onto the mounting plate,hold up...
  • Page 3: Power Cable

    Be careful that matters, such as wastes of sands, etc. shall not enter the pipe. The standard pipe length is 5m. If it is over 10m, the function of the unit will be affected. If the pipe has to be lengthened, the refrigerant should be charged, Power cable: 3G2.5mm...
  • Page 4 The end is imm- It waves. The gap with the There is the bad To prevent the gas leakage, turn the service port’s cap, the valve rod’s cap for 2-way high midway. ersed in water. ground is too small. smell from a ditch valve and 3-way’s a little more than the point where the torque increases suddenly.
  • Page 5: Fuente De Alimentación

     Instale el aparato en un circuito dedicado de alimentación. ● Elija un lugar que permita soportar el peso de la unidad y que no amplifique el ruido y las  Debe existir una toma al alcance del cable de alimentación. No trate de prolongar vibraciones.
  • Page 6: Unidad Interior

    Al montar la placa de montaje fijándola a una barra lateral y un dintel Extraer la cubierta del cableado  Fije una barra de montaje (se vende por separado) a la barra lateral y el dintel, y ● Extraiga la cubierta de los terminales situada en la esquina inferior asegure la placa a la barra de montaje fijada.
  • Page 7: Unidad Exterior

    Instale la unidad exterior de acuerdo con el diagrama de instalación de unidades interiores y exteriores. 4G0.75mm Conexión de los tubos  Para doblar un tubo, intente hacer la curva lo más suave posible para no aplastar el Unidad interior A tubo. El radio de doblado debe ser de entre 30 y 40mm o superior.
  • Page 8 7. Para evitar fugas de gas, gire el tapón del puerto de mantenimiento y el tapón del ● No practique el drenaje como se muestra a continuación. vástago de las válvulas de 2 y 3 vías un poco por encima del punto en el que la torsión aumenta súbitamente.
  • Page 9: Schema Per L'installazione Dell'unità Interna Ed Esterna

    Più di 60cm Più di 15cm Attenersi al prodotto acquistato: le immagini sono solo per riferimento. Leggere questo manuale prima dell’installazione Spiegare all’utente in modo esauriente il funzionamento e l’uso del condizionatore in base alle istruzioni di questo manuale.
  • Page 10: Parti Accessorie

    Lato esterno Lato interno gere le viti. Spessore della parete ● Tirare leggermente il cavo per accertarsi che i cavi siano stati inseriti e fissati in modo appro- (Sezione del foro su parete) Tubo del foro tubatura priato. ● Dopo avere collegato i cavi, non dimenticare mai di stringere i cavi collegati con la copertura Installazione dell’unità...
  • Page 11 Installazione dell’unità esterna Installare attenendosi allo schema per l’installazione dell’unità interna ed esterna 4G0.75mm Collegamento dei tubi  Per piegare i tubi, curvarli con un raggio molto ampio per non spaccarli, il raggio deve essere compreso tra 30 e 40 mm o più.  Collegando prima il tubo del gas rende il lavoro più facile. Unità interna A  Il tubo di collegamento è apposito per R410A.
  • Page 12 Inferiore 6. Staccare il tubo di carico dalla porta di servizio, aprire la valvola a 2 vie ed a 3 vie. a 5cm Girare l'asta della valvola in senso antiorario delicatamente. 7. Per evitare che ci siano perdite di gas, ruotare il tappo della porta di servizio, il A mezza via si L'estremità è im- È ondulato. Lo spazio tra l'estremità ed Ci sono cattivi odori tappo dell'asta della valvola per la valvola a due vie e per quella a tre vie, un po' di che provengono da solleva.
  • Page 13  Avant de brancher la fiche dans la prise, vérifiez que la tension est sans faille. La source ● Sélectionnez un emplacement qui ne soit pas exposé à la pluie ou à la lumière du jour et d'alimentation correspond aux informations sur la plaque signalétique.
  • Page 14: Unité Intérieure

    ● Connectez au préalable le câble des unités intérieures/extérieures et recouvrez ensuite les câbles connectés avec l'isolation. 1. Exécutez une mise à niveau correcte de la plaque à fixer contre le mur en fonction des piliers ou des linteaux autour, puis attachez la plaque temporairement avec un clou en acier.
  • Page 15: Unité Extérieure

    Raccords de tuyauterie  Lorsque vous courbez un tuyau, donnez-lui autant de rondeur que possible afin de Unité intérieure A ne pas l’écraser ; le rayon de courbure doit être d’au moins 30 à 40 mm, voire plus.  Connectez d'abord le côté gaz pour faciliter la suite des travaux. ALIMENTATION  Le tuyau de raccordement est réservé à R410A.
  • Page 16 élevée dans le système au point de le faire (par ex.sur l'intérieur du couvercle de valeur d'arrêt). craquer et blesser les individus. A Contient des gaz à effet de serre fluorés couverts par le protocole de Kyoto. B Charge de réfrigérant standard de l'unité : voir sur la plaque signalétique de l'unité C Quantité supplémentaire de réfrigérant chargée sur place D Charge totale de réfrigérant Installation du bloc d'alimentation E Unité extérieure...