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Section 3: Configure The Tcp/Ip Settings For The Wireless Router Management - Xerox WNA-100 Setup And Configuration Manual

Wireless network adapter
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3. Depending on the information obtained, enter the required settings in the WEP, WPA, or EAP Settings
section. For example, if the wireless router uses WEP 64 bit encryption, enter the required information
in the WEP section. The following is an example of settings that need to be configured for the WNA-
100 to connect to a wireless router.
Note: For additional information about the various wireless settings displayed on the adapter's web
interface, click on the [Help] button at the top, right of the web browser window.

Section 3: Configure the TCP/IP Settings for the Wireless Router Management

Note: This solution requires knowledge of the TCP/IP addressing scheme for wireless network that the WNA-
100 is being installed to and may require the assistance of a network System Administrator.


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