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Section 2: Configure The Wireless Settings - Xerox WNA-100 Setup And Configuration Manual

Wireless network adapter
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the computer using the Ethernet crossover cable.
5. Make sure the computer is configured to use an IP address of 169.254.x.x, where the x characters
represent a decimal number between 0 - 254. For example, If necessary, contact the
network System Administrator.
6. Open an Internet browser window.
7. Enter the IP address of the adapter in the Address field, and then press [Enter] on the keyboard. The
adapter's home page (Status window) will be displayed.
Note: The factory default IP address of the adapter is
Note: If the adapter's home page is not displayed, make sure to disable any browser proxy settings that
have been configured. The proxy settings can be enabled again after the adapter has been configured. If
necessary, contact the network System Administrator.

Section 2: Configure the Wireless Settings

To configure the wireless settings for the adapter, the following information must be known about the wireless
router that is set up on the network the WNA-100 is to going to be attached to. This information is unique to
each network. If necessary, contact the network System Administrator or the manufacturer of the wireless
router to obtain this information or refer to the wireless router's user guide. Without the network configuration
for the wireless router, the WNA-100 cannot be configured correctly for a wireless Ethernet connection.
• (Frequency) Band (for example: 802.11b or 802.11b-g)
• Network Type (AD-HOC or Infrastructure)
Note: If AD-HOC is the network type, the Channel must also be obtained. The Channel will be a
number between 1 and 11.
• Network Name (Secure Socket Identification - SSID) (name of the wireless network)
Note: By default, the SSID name from the factory is set to "Wireless Network Adapter". This needs to
be changed to the name of the wireless network that the WNA100 is being attached to. If this is not
changed to the correct wireless network name (the name is case sensitive), the wireless adapter will not
configure correctly to the network.
• Encryption type (for example: WEP 64-bit, WEP 128-bit, or WPA)
Note: Depending on the Encryption type, other information such as the WEP Key or the WPA Pre-
Shared Key must also be obtained.
• Authentication type (for example: Open System, Shared Key, or PSK)
To configure the wireless settings:
1. After the above information has been obtained, click on any of the links under the Wireless
Configuration folder on the left side of the adapter's web interface. The Login Required window will be
2. Enter the configuration password, and then click on the [Login] button. The Wireless Configuration
window will be displayed.
Note: The factory default configuration password is word access (in lower case).


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