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Xerox docucolor 5000: product support bulletin
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64-Bit Vista Driver
Job Monitor will crash upon opening the application. Workaround (for EXP8000 v2.1 DFE's): Load the
EXP50 v1.0 Windows 64-bit driver (available from and this will ensure Job Monitor
works as expected. Workaround (for EXP50 v1.0 DFE's): Load the EXP8000 v2.1 Windows 64-bit
driver (available from and this will ensure Job Monitor works as expected.
When multiple sets of a job are printed from Acrobat v8.x, the job spools to the Print Server as a single
job. For example, 2 copies of a 4-page job spools as one 8-page job. Any finishing options such as
stapling treat the job as one set rather than multiple sets. Workaround: Clear the default Collate option
under Page Handling in the Adobe printer driver.
Once Mixed Media attributes are added, the Image Shift text boxes will be grayed out, but the Image
Shift entered in those text boxes will still be applied to the print job. Workaround: Setup any Image Shift
before adding any Mixed Media attributes.
When selecting "Saddle" printing in Booklet Maker for PDF files, the job may error out on the DFE with
an internal error. Workaround: Send the PDF file to the server without setting this "Saddle" option, and
then on the server use the Booklet Maker to select the "Saddle" option.
When a Vista client goes into sleep mode all network connections may be lost. Therefore, if a user was
logged into a server via Command WorkStation, this connection may be lost when coming out of sleep
In the Watermark area of the printer driver, if you size a watermark visually to the page and print, the
output does not match what you see. Also, if you scale the document smaller or larger (for example, to
50% or to 120%), the watermark does not scale with the document. Workaround: Scale the watermark
with the document, print the document to file at 100% then scale to size.
If you set up Image Shift from the printer driver for any negative shift in the Y-direction, the job will print
out shifted +13.89 inches in the Y-direction. Workaround: Send the job to the DFE and then change the
image shift for the Y-direction to the desired value and print.
These drivers will be deployed to customers in the following manner:
All of the above drivers will be placed on, available for download.
************THIS IS THE END OF THE BULLETIN************
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