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Xerox WorkCentre Pro 412 Quick Start Manual

Xerox workcentre pro 412: quick start
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Xerox WorkCentre Pro 412
Automatic Document
Scan Module
USB Connector
AC Power Cord
Quick Start Guide
Input Tray
Control Panel
Document Cover
Document Glass
Side Cover
Bypass Tray
Release Latch
Front Cover
Paper Cassette
Scanner Module



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  Summary of Contents for Xerox WorkCentre Pro 412

  • Page 1 Xerox WorkCentre Pro 412 Quick Start Guide Automatic Document Feeder Document Scan Module Guides Connector USB Connector Telephone Connections: EXT. LINE Parallel Connector AC Power Cord Connector 610E35560 Document Cover Document Input Tray Document Output Document Glass Tray Release Latch...
  • Page 2 The following pages contain an overview of the main features to help you get started. If you require more detailed information about any of the features available on your WorkCentre Pro 412, please refer to the enclosed CD which contains viewable print ready files of the complete documentation suite that supports your machine.
  • Page 3 Working around the control panel... Function Pause PC Use to pause a print job Printing Reports Use to display a list of available reports for printing 2-Sided Use to make one or two-sided Copy copies Output Use to collate outputs in copy mode Reduce/ Use to reduce or enlarge the...
  • Page 4 Making connections... If required, connect your answering machine and/or telephone to the EXT jack and connect the telephone line cord from the wall jack to the LINE jack. CAUTION: Shut down your computer before connecting the cable. Connect the USB Cable directly to your computer.
  • Page 5 Loading paper... Pull open the paper cassette and push down on the pressure plate until it locks into position. Adjust the rear paper guide to the required paper length. To load a different size paper, lift and insert the rear guide into the corresponding position.
  • Page 6 Setting the language... Press [Menu/Exit] on the control panel. The display shows the first menu ‘SYSTEM DATA’. Scroll to the ‘SYSTEM SETUP’ menu by pressing repeatedly, then press [Select]. Scroll to the ‘SELECT LANGUAGE’ option by pressing repeatedly. Using the navigation keys, select the required language option and press [Select].
  • Page 7 NOTE: If a window appears concerning New Hardware, select Cancel. Insert the Setup CD into the CD-ROM drive of your PC. If the Xerox screen appears automatically, go to step 4. From the Start menu, select [Run]. Type D:\XINSTALL.EXE (where “D” is the letter of your CD-ROM drive), then click [OK].
  • Page 8 Making copies... Ensure the LCD displays ‘READY TO COPY’. If not, press the [Copy/Fax/ Scan] Key repeatedly until COPY MODE displays and press [Select]. Load the originals using the automatic document feeder or the document glass. Select Copy features, enter the copy quantity required and press [Start].
  • Page 9 The following steps describe the typical process to print from a Windows environment. Steps may vary depending on the application being used. Ensure that your WorkCentre Pro 412 is properly connected to the computer, the machine is powered on, and there is paper loaded.
  • Page 10 Sending a fax... Load the originals using the automatic document feeder or the document glass. Ensure the LCD displays the date and time. If not, press the [Copy/Fax/ Scan] Key repeatedly until FAX Mode displays and press [Select]. Select Fax features, enter the fax number and press [Start].
  • Page 11 Ensure the ScanToPC Program is running. Click the Windows Start button then select Programs>Xerox WorkCentre Pro 412>ScanToPC Ensure the LCD displays READY TO SCAN. If not, press the [Copy/ Fax/Scan] Key repeatedly until SCAN MODE displays and press [Select].
  • Page 12 Using ControlCentre 5.0... When you install Xerox WorkCentre Pro 412 software, Xerox WorkCentre Pro 412 ControlCentre 5.0 utility is automatically installed. Use the following instructions to run ControlCentre 5.0: Click the [Start] button on your desktop computer. From Programs, select [Xerox WorkCentre Pro 412], then [ControlCentre 5.0].
  • Page 13 Open the side cover using the release latch and then open the front door: You will be provided with the Xerox Welcome Centre or local representative telephone number when the WorkCentre Pro 412 is installed.
  • Page 14: Safety Notes

    Safety Notes Your Xerox product and supplies have been designed and tested to meet strict safety requirements. These include Safety Agency approval, and compliance to established environmental standards. Please read the following instructions carefully before operating the product and refer to them as needed to ensure the continued safe operation of your product.
  • Page 15 Use of an extension cord with this product is not recommended or authorized. Users should check building codes and insurance requirements if a properly earthed extension cord is to be used. Ensure that the total ampere ratings of the products plugged into the extension cord do not exceed the extension cord ampere rating.
  • Page 16: Safety Standards

    Never spill liquid of any kind on the product. Never remove covers or guards that require a tool for removal, unless directed to do so in a Xerox approved maintenance kit. Never defeat interlock switches. Machines are designed to restrict operator access to unsafe areas.
  • Page 17: Regulatory Information

    Council Directive 99/5/EC, on radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment and the mutual recognition of their conformity. A full declaration, defining the relevant directives and referenced standards can be obtained from your Xerox representative or by contacting: Environment, Health and Safety Xerox Limited...
  • Page 18 Reference CFR 47 Part 15 Changes or modifications to this equipment not Section 15.21 specifically approved by the XEROX Corporation may void the user’s authority to operate this equipment. Shielded cables must be used with this equipment to maintain compliance with FCC regulations.
  • Page 19: Laser Safety

    This includes ensuring all electrical equipment connected to such electrical systems safely constructed, maintained and operated. All Xerox equipment has been designed to exacting safety standards and has undergone a variety of stringent safety tests including earth bond, insulation resistance and electrical strength tests.
  • Page 20 Xerox equipment which has been properly and regularly serviced and maintained should not have to undergo additional specific safety tests pursuant to the 1989 Regulation. Customers wishing to complete safety testing should contact Xerox Limited Technical Centre (see page B22) for advice prior to any test implementation.
  • Page 21 XEROX Limited Customer Service Engineers ensure XEROX equipment is serviced and maintained to exacting XEROX safety standards. If you would like your XEROX equipment to be serviced and maintained to such high standards, please contact your local XEROX Limited Customer Service Organization.
  • Page 22 Limited Customer Service Engineer will provide you with a certificate which details the results of all tests completed. In the event of any defect being noted, the XEROX equipment will be switched off and disconnected from the supply until the defect has been corrected. You will be advised of such action to enable such defects to be corrected.
  • Page 23: Radio Equipment & Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive

    Certification to 1999/5/EC Radio Equipment & Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive This Xerox product has been self-certified by Xerox for pan-European single terminal connection to the analogue public switched telephone network (PSTN) in accordance with Directive 1999/5/EC. The product has been designed to work with the...
  • Page 24: Fcc Regulations

    ID and name. Data Coupler Information This Xerox machine contains an internal data coupler. Its use is restricted by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). To comply with the FCC rules, you must carefully read and follow the instructions listed below.
  • Page 25 Do not connect this machine to a party or coin operated phone line. Repairs to the machine should be made only by a Xerox representative or an authorized Xerox service agency. This applies at any time during or after the service warranty period. If unauthorized repair is performed, the remainder of the warranty period is null and void.
  • Page 26 If you find the telephone line is damaged or the telephone company notifies you that your machine is causing damage, disconnect the machine from the telephone line and call for service. Do not reconnect the machine until necessary repairs are made. The telephone company will, where practical, notify you when they need to temporarily disconnect service.
  • Page 27: Canadian Certification

    Canadian Certification Notice: The Industry Canada Label on the machine identifies certified equipment. This certification means that the equipment meets certain telecommunications networks protective, operational and safety requirements. Industry Canada does not guarantee the equipment will operate to the user’s satisfaction. Before installing this equipment, users should ensure that it is permissible to be connected to the facilities of the local telecommunications company.
  • Page 28: Environmental Compliance

    Ringer Equivalence Numbers of all the devices does not exceed 5. XEROX Corporation designed this product to comply with the guidelines of the ENERGY STAR the Environmental Protection Agency. As an ENERGY ®...