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Uniden BC350A User Manual

Radio with automatic scanning capabilities.
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   Summary of Contents for Uniden BC350A

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Summary of Features ......4 Installing the BC350A ......5 For Home Use .

  • Page 2: About Your New Bc350a

    About Your New BC350A The BC350A is not just a scanner. It is a brand new information radio with automatic scanning capabilities. The built-in Service Scan system brings you instantly into the exciting world of scanning action. What’s more, you don’t even have to program the scanner to begin using it! The BC350A comes with five Service banks for monitoring police, fire/emergency, marine, air, and weather frequencies.

  • Page 3: Where To Obtain More Information

    (317) 842-2483, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST, Monday through Fri- day. BC AT Mobile Antenna - For mobile installation, use a mobile antenna designed for multi-band coverage, such as the Uniden BC AT mobile an- tenna. PLG-134 Antenna Adapter - Use only if your antenna has a Motorola-...

  • Page 4: Summary Of Features

    The BC350A is a compact mobile/base scanner, and one of the most ad- vanced communication products available today. The BC350A features: Super Turbo Scan* This lightning-fast technology enables the BC350A to scan and search nearly 100 channels or steps per sec- ond.

  • Page 5: Installing The Bc350a

    For Mobile Use (In-Car Installation) Mounting the Radio 1. Select an ideal location in your vehicle to mount the BC350A. Avoid a location that could interfere with your driving. In a passenger car, the ideal location is underneath the dashboard on the passenger side.

  • Page 6

    BLACK wire connects to the accessory contact in the fuse box. 4. Insert the DC plug into the DC 13.8V jack on the back of the scanner. Installation for Temporary Use: A Cigarette Lighter Power Cord is provided for easy, temporary installa- tion.

  • Page 7: Controls And Functions

    Controls and Functions [HOLD] KEY [UP] & [DOWN] KEYS These keys are used in several different ways: [PRIVATE] KEY Front Panel Press [HOLD] to stop scanning or searching. Press any bank key or [SEARCH] to deactivate Hold Mode. In the Hold Mode, [UP] and [DOWN] are active.

  • Page 8

    Use [BAND] to select the band you wish to search. When selecting a band to search, re- lease the key and the scanner will automatically start searching upward from the lowest fre- quency of its band. (The symbol appears next to "SRCH"...

  • Page 9

    "Error" will be dis- played, and you may lose the frequency you wanted to program. This control turns the scanner on or off, and also adjusts the volume. are monitoring a single channel in Manual Mode, adjust [SQ] to eliminate the background rushing noise heard in the absence of an incoming signal.

  • Page 10

    MEMO LOCK Switch ANT. (Antenna) Connector EXT. SP. (External Speaker) Connector DC 13.8V Power Connector Rear panel In the ON position, the Program ([PROG]) key is disabled. This prevents any unauthorized pro- gramming or accidental entries. When program- ming is disabled, pressing [PROG] emits an error entry tone and displays "PrG-Loc".

  • Page 11: Screens

    Screens The following illustrate some of the screen displays you will use: PRIVATE POLICE FIRE/EMG WX AIR MRN 888.8888 HOLD SCAN SRCH L/O MEMO LOSS POLICE SCAN SCAN PRIVATE 482.7625 HOLD SCAN PRIVATE 000.0000 HOLD SCAN 147.3500 SRCH...

  • Page 12

    144 - 148 SRCH PrG - Loc HOLD SCAN E r r o r 508.9375 HOLD...

  • Page 13: Scanning Overview

    2 seconds, the scanning cycle resumes. Getting Started The following instructions apply when using your BC350A for the very first time. Each time you turn on the scanner, it always retains the pre- vious settings in its memory. That is, the scanner operates in the mode and bank last used, until you change the settings.

  • Page 14: Adjusting The Squelch

    If squelch is set on a point clockwise from the threshold, you will hear a constant sound (noise, if no signal is present). The scanner will not scan. Programming Frequencies Before you can scan the PRIVATE bank, you must program the chan- nels.

  • Page 15

    You can also program a non-active frequency. If you known a lo- cal frequency, press [SEARCH]. Then press [BAND] to select the band which covers that frequency. When the search is near the frequency you want displayed on the screen, press [HOLD] to stop searching.

  • Page 16

    When you find an interesting active police frequency while searching 144 - 148 band, and want to program it into POLICE bank... 146.5600 HOLD SRCH 146.5600 HOLD PO LI CE 146.5600 HOLD PO LICE 000.0000 HOLD POLICE 146.5600 HOLD SCAN BAND Note: Press...

  • Page 17: Program Lock Feature

    Example 4: Erasing a programmed frequency in Channel 13 of the PRIVATE bank. Program Lock Feature The BC350A has a program lock feature [Memory Lock] to prevent acci- dental programming entries or unauthorized programming. Simply turn on the MEMO LOCK switch on the rear panel to disable [PROG] and pro-...

  • Page 18: Channel Lock Out

    Hold Mode. Locking Out an Unwanted Channel In Scan Mode, press [L/O] when the scanner stops on a channel you do not want to hear. The scanner locks out that channel and immediately ad- vances to the next channel to resume scanning.

  • Page 19: Restoring All Locked Out Channels

    A Word About Memory Back-up Your BC350A has a convenient type of memory back-up system. In the event of a power failure, the scanner provides approximately 30 days of memory retention so you don’t immediately lose the frequencies you...

  • Page 20: Scanning

    To start scanning, press any bank key. When the BC350A is scanning, you can see the "SCAN" message mov- ing across the display. Scanning stops on any active channel automat- ically and displays its frequency, except those channels programmed with L/O (Lock Out).

  • Page 21: Helpful Hints

    Do not use excessive amounts of water. Repairs Do not attempt any repair. The scanner contains no serviceable parts. Contact the Uniden Customer Service Center or take it to a qualified repair technician. Birdies All radios are subject to receiving undesired signals or birdies. If your scanner stops during SEARCH mode and no sound is heard, it may be re- ceiving a birdie.

  • Page 22: Troubleshooting

    If your BC350A is not performing properly, try the steps listed below. PROBLEM Scanner won’t work Improper reception. Scan won’t stop. Troubleshooting SOLUTION * Applies to mobile installation only Check the connections at both ends of the AC Adapter. Turn on the wall switch of your room. You could be using an outlet controlled by the wall switch.

  • Page 23

    If you still cannot get satisfactory results and want additional information, or to return the unit for service, please call or write the Uniden Parts and Service Division. The address and phone number are listed in the War- ranty (at the end of this manual).

  • Page 24: Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications Banks: Search Band: Display 29 - 30 30 - 50 50 - 54 108 - 137 137 - 144 144 - 148 148 - 174 406 - 420 420 - 450 450 - 470 470 - 512 Sensitivity: (Nominal) Scan Rate: Scan Delay:...

  • Page 25

    BC350A Auto Scanner OPERATING GUIDE...

  • Page 26

    Uniden ® is a registered trademark of Uniden America Corporation. Bearcat ® is a registered trademark of Uniden America Corporation. NOTE: Your local law...

  • Page 27: One Year Limited Warranty

    4,932,074 DES 253,173 OTHER U.S. AND FOREIGN PATENTS PENDING UNIDEN warrants, for one year, UNIDEN Scanners This warranty shall terminate and be of no further effect one In the event that the Product does not conform to this to 5:00...

  • Page 28

    ©1992 Uniden America Corporation. All rights reserved. Printed in the Philippines...

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