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UB317Z (BC350C) 0916
12:42 PM
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    UB317Z (BC350C) 0916 9/16/03 12:42 PM Page i...

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    Changes or modifications to this product not expressly approved by Uniden, or operation of this product in any way other than as detailed by this Owner’s Manual, could void your authority to operate this product.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Summary of Features ......7 Installing the BC350C ......8 For Home Use (Desktop Installation) ...8...

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    UB317Z (BC350C) 0916 9/16/03 12:42 PM Page iv...

  • Page 5: About Your New Bc350c

    12:42 PM Page 1 About Your New BC350C The BC350C is not just a scanner. It is a brand new information radio with automatic scanning capabilities. The built-in Service Scan system brings you instantly into the exciting world of scanning action. Best of all, you don’t even...

  • Page 6: What Is Scanning, Types Of Communication

    Unlike standard AM or FM radio stations, most two-way communications (listed below) do not transmit continuously. The BC350C scans programmed channels at the rate of up to 100 channels per second until it locates an active frequency. When scanning stops on an active frequency, it remains on that channel as long as the transmission continues.

  • Page 7: What Is Searching

    12:42 PM Page 3 What is Searching? The BC350C can search each of its 13 bands to find active frequencies. This is different from scanning because you are searching for frequencies that have not been programmed into your scanner’s channels. The scanner automatically chooses between two speeds (Search and Turbo Search) while searching.

  • Page 8: What Is Trunk Tracking

    If your local police, fire, and EMS agencies use a trunked system and you want to be able to follow their communications, you will want to purchase one of Uniden’s Trunk Tracking Scanners.

  • Page 9: Where To Obtain More Information, Information On The Internet

    UB317Z (BC350C) 0916 9/16/03 Where to Obtain More Information Before you can scan the Private bank, you must program the police, fire, EMS, or other interesting frequencies into the Scanners Channels. The Frequency Guide lists typical frequencies used around the U.S.A. and Canada that you may program into your new scanner.

  • Page 10: Optional Accessories

    Mobile Mounting Bracket (Model MB-007) – For mobile use (In-car Installation), use it to install the BC350C in your car. Motorola Antenna Adapter (Model PLG-134) – Use only if your antenna has a Motorola type plug.

  • Page 11: Summary Of Features

    The BC350C is a compact mobile/base scanner, and one of the most user friendly communication products available today. The BC350C features: • Turbo search – Allows your BC350C to search 300 steps per second. (5 kHz step band only) • Seven Banks – 6 pre-programmed Service banks and one standard, programmable Private bank.

  • Page 12: Installing The Bc350c, For Home Use (desktop Installation), For Mobile Use (in-car Installation)

    UB317Z (BC350C) 0916 9/16/03 Installing the BC350C For Home Use (Desktop Installation) 1. Insert the DC plug end of the AC Adapter into the DC 13.8V jack on the rear panel. 2. Plug the AC Adapter into a standard 120V AC wall outlet.

  • Page 13

    (For more information on antenna installation, please refer to the instruction guide that came with your antenna.) Mounting the Radio for Everyday Use The BC350C can be mounted using the mounting bracket (optional). This bracket is available from the Uniden parts department (see page 5) 1.

  • Page 14: Controls And Functions

    UB317Z (BC350C) 0916 9/16/03 Controls and Functions [HOLD] KEY Press [HOLD] to stop scanning or searching. Press any bank key or [SEARCH] to deactivate Hold Mode. In the Hold Mode, [UP] and [DOWN] are active. [UP] & [DOWN] KEYS These keys are used in several...

  • Page 15

    UB317Z (BC350C) 0916 9/16/03 Then use [UP] or [DOWN] to step through all 50 channels manually (including Locked Out channels). [FIRE/EMS] KEY Press [FIRE/EMS] to start scanning fire and emergency medical frequencies. The Fire/EMS bank already has 280 pre-programmed frequencies. They are used for fire department and emergency medical communications.

  • Page 16

    UB317Z (BC350C) 0916 9/16/03 [WX] KEY 8 NOAA weather broadcasts and 2 Canadian marine weather broadcasts frequencies are programmed into the Weather (WX) bank. Press [WX] to find your local weather channel. [CB] KEY 40 CB channels are programmed into the CB bank.

  • Page 17

    UB317Z (BC350C) 0916 9/16/03 Press this key as many times as it takes to find the band you want to search. IMPORTANT: This key has a very important secondary function. In Program Mode, you can press [BAND] to leave this mode.

  • Page 18

    UB317Z (BC350C) 0916 9/16/03 MEMO LOCK Switch In the ON position, the Program ([PROG]) key is disabled. This pre- vents any unauthorized programming or accidental entries. When programming is disabled, pressing [PROG] emits the multi- beep and displays "Prg-Loc". ANT.

  • Page 19: Screens

    UB317Z (BC350C) 0916 9/16/03 Screens The following illustrates some of the screen displays you will use: 12:42 PM Page 15 The digits and words on the screen at the left are shown for reference only. They do not all display at the same time.

  • Page 20

    UB317Z (BC350C) 0916 9/16/03 12:43 PM Page 16 Band Screen When pressing [BAND], the band you are currently searching appears on the display. Press [BAND] again or press [UP] or [DOWN] within 3 seconds to change to another band. This display changes automatically to the Search screen.

  • Page 21: Scanning Overview, Getting Started

    If there is no responding transmission within 2 seconds, the scanning cycle resumes. Getting Started The following instructions apply when using your BC350C (except for in the Program mode) for the very first time. Each time you turn on the scanner, it always retains the previous settings in its memory.

  • Page 22: Adjusting The Squelch

    UB317Z (BC350C) 0916 9/16/03 3. Set the squelch at the scanning threshold by turning [SQ] counterclockwise just until the noise disappears. 4. Press any of the Service bank keys: [POLICE], [FIRE/EMS], [AIR/MRN], [WX], or [CB]. The scanner automatically starts scanning the selected bank.

  • Page 23: Scanning, Weather Channel Scan

    It is possible that your area is covered by more than one weather station. When you press [WX], the BC350C will find an active broad- cast immediately. If the broadcast sounds weak and distant, press [WX] again to look for a closer station.

  • Page 24: Channel Lock Out

    UB317Z (BC350C) 0916 9/16/03 Notes: • All weather channels transmit continuous broadcasts. Once the Weather scan stops on a transmission, it will remain on that channel. Weather scan will not resume automatically. You must press [WX] again to reactivate scanning.

  • Page 25

    UB317Z (BC350C) 0916 9/16/03 Searching for Locked Out Channels In Scan Mode, you will not see locked out channels. However, to search for locked out channels and display them on the screen, use [UP] and [DOWN] in Scan/Hold Mode. These keys will enable you to search manually through the bank in Hold Mode only.

  • Page 26: Band Search, Displaying The Band Range, Frequency Lockout

    9/16/03 12:43 PM Page 22 Band Search The BC350C can search up to 13 separate frequency bands to help you discover new and exciting frequencies in your area. To start searching, press [SEARCH]. Searching starts from the frequency most recently used.

  • Page 27

    UB317Z (BC350C) 0916 9/16/03 12:43 PM Page 23 To restore one locked out frequency, place the scanner in the Hold Mode, use [UP] or [DOWN] to find the locked out frequency. Then press [L/O] to unlock the frequency and place it back in the search rotation. To restore all locked out frequencies in any band, press and hold [L/O] key for more than 2 seconds while in the Hold Mode.

  • Page 28: Programming Frequencies

    UB317Z (BC350C) 0916 9/16/03 Programming Frequencies For the Police, Fire/EMS, or Private bank, you can store your favorite frequencies into the channels of each bank, one fre- quency per channel. • You can program any displayed frequency on the screen.

  • Page 29: Programming From Scan Mode

    UB317Z (BC350C) 0916 9/16/03 Programming from SCAN Mode: When you find an interesting active police frequency while scanning, and want to program it into the private bank (see "Scanning" on page 19) to monitor their communications: 12:43 PM Page 25 1.

  • Page 30: Programming From Search Mode

    UB317Z (BC350C) 0916 9/16/03 Programming from SEARCH Mode: For example, when you find an interesting active frequency while searching 144 - 148 band, and want to program it into the Private bank (see "Band Search" on page 22 to search a...

  • Page 31: Deleting Programmed Frequency

    UB317Z (BC350C) 0916 9/16/03 Deleting a Programmed Frequency (programming "000.0000") You can erase a programmed frequency in a channel. To do this, find and display "000.0000", and then program "000.0000" into its channel. 1. Find and display "000.0000" on the screen You can choose either of two ways: a.

  • Page 32: Program Lock Feature

    For example to erase a programmed frequency in channel 13 of the Private bank: Program Lock Feature The BC350C has a program lock feature “Memory Lock” to prevent accidental programming entries or unauthorized pro-gramming. Simply turn on the MEMO LOCK switch on the rear panel to disable [PROG] and protect your programmed frequencies in memory.

  • Page 33: Helpful Hints

    If the interference is not severe, you might be able to turn [SQ] counterclockwise to cut out the birdie. Or, press [SEARCH] to resume searching. (Known birdie frequencies for the BC350C are: 108.785, 462.5625, 485.9, 814.0, 932.825, 938.375, and 940.9 MHz)

  • Page 34: Troubleshooting

    UB317Z (BC350C) 0916 9/16/03 Troubleshooting If your BC350C is not performing properly, try the steps listed below. PROBLEM Scanner won’t work • Check the connections at both ends of the AC Adapter. • Turn on the wall switch of your room.

  • Page 35

    UB317Z (BC350C) 0916 9/16/03 PROBLEM Scan won’t start • Press the bank key again. • Adjust the Squelch Control. • For the Private bank scanning program frequencies into the bank before using. Search won’t start • Adjust the Squelch Control.

  • Page 36: Technical Specifications

    UB317Z (BC350C) 0916 9/16/03 Technical Specifications Banks: Total 7 banks: 6 Service banks and POLICE: FIRE/EMS: AIR: MRN: PRIVATE: Search Band: Total 13 Search bands: (All FM except aircraft band and CB (AM)) Band Frequency Coverage 25 – 28 25.0000 to 27.9950 MHz 28 –...

  • Page 37

    UB317Z (BC350C) 0916 9/16/03 Scan Rate: 100 channels per second Search Rate: 100 steps per second / 300 steps per second (5 kHz steps band only) Scan Delay: 2 seconds Audio Output: Max 2.7 W Antenna: 50 ohms (Impedance) Operating Temperature: – 20ºC (– 4ºF) to + 60ºC (+ 140ºF) Size: 5-3/16"(W) x 5-3/4"(D) x 1-5/8"(H)

  • Page 38: One Year Limited Warranty

    WARRANTOR: UNIDEN AMERICA CORPORATION ("Uniden") ELEMENTS OF WARRANTY: Uniden warrants, for one year, to the original retail owner, this Uniden Product to be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship with only the limitations or exclusions set out below. WARRANTY DURATION: This warranty to the original user shall terminate and be of no further effect 12 months after the date of original retail sale.

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    UB317Z (BC350C) 0916 9/16/03 12:43 PM Page 35...

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    UB317Z (BC350C) 0916 9/16/03 12:43 PM Page 36...

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