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Service And Maintenance; Engine Maintenance - Craftsman 247.77013.0 Operator's Manual

675 series power propelled yard vacuum
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Always stop engine and disconnect spark plug wire before performing
any maintenance or adjustments. Always wear safety glasses during
operation or while performing any adjustments or repairs.
generaL reCOMMenDaTiOnS
Always observe safety rules when performing
any maintenance.
The warranty on this yard vacuum does not cover items that have
been subjected to operator abuse or negligence. To receive full
value from warranty, operator must maintain the equipment as
instructed here.
Some adjustments will have to be made periodically to maintain
your unit properly.
Periodically check all fasteners and make sure these are tight.

engine MainTenanCe

Checking the Spark Plug
Clean spark plug and reset the electrode gap to 0.020" at least once a
season; replace every 100 hours of operation.
Clean area around the spark plug base. Do not sandblast spark
plug. Spark plug should be cleaned by scraping or wire brushing
and washing with a commercial solvent.
Remove and inspect the spark plug. Check gap to make sure it is
set at .020". See Figure 16.
Replace the spark plug if electrodes are pitted, burned, or the
porcelain is cracked.
Servicing the air Cleaner
Do not use pressurized air or solvents to clean the air cleaner
The air cleaner prevents damaging dirt, dust, etc., from entering the
carburetor and being forced into the engine and is important to engine
life and performance. The air cleaner consists of a pleated filter. Never
run the engine without an air cleaner completely assembled.
Clean or replace the air cleaner every 25 hours of operation.
Loosen screw and tilt plastic housing cover on side of engine
down. See Figure 17.
Remove air filter from plastic housing cover and replace with
clean or new filter.
Insert cover's tabs into slots in bottom of base.
Tilt cover up into place and tighten screw.
NOTE: If the filter is torn or damaged in any way, replace it.


.020 inch (.51 mm) gap
Figure 16
Figure 17



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