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Craftsman TILLER 917.29332 Owner's Manual

65 hp 19 inch tine width rear tine with dual rotating tines.
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Owner's Manual
65 HP
Model No.
• Safety
• Assembly
• Operation
• Maintenance
• Espa_ol
• Repair Parts
Read and follow all
Safety Rules and Instructions
before operating this equipment
Sears, Roebuck and Co.,Hoffman
Estates, IL 60179


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    Owner's Manual CRAFTSMAN 65 HP 19 INCH TINE WIDTH REAR TINE WITH DUAL ROTATING TINES TILLER Model No. 917.293320 • Safety • Assembly • Operation • Maintenance • Espa_ol • Repair Parts CAUTION: Read and follow all Safety Rules and Instructions before operating this equipment Sears, Roebuck and Co.,Hoffman...

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    • Repairs necessary because of opbrator shafts and the failure to maintain tained in the owner's manual. • If this Craftsman Tiller is used for commercial applies for onlythirty (30) days from the date of purchase. Warranty service is available by returning sears service center/department this product is in use in the united states.

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    Allow the engine to cool before storing in any enclosure. • Always refer to the operator's guide instructions for important details if the tiller is to be stored for an extended peri- _.CAUTION: Always disconnect spark plug wire .and place wire where it cannot...

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    These accessories were available when the tiller was purchased. able at most Sears Retail outlets and Service Centers. repair parts for you when you provide the model number of your tiller. ENGINE TILLER PERFORMANCE FUR_ENER TILLER MAINTENANCE...

  • Page 5

    Your new tiller has been assembled at the factory with exception of those parts left unassembled for shipping purposes. all parts and hardware you assemble as necessary to insure proper tightness. TOOLS REQUIRED FOR ASSEMBLY A socket wrench set will make assembly easier.

  • Page 6

    Be sure handle lock remains in gearcase notch. Slide handle assembly into position. • Rotate handle assembly down. Insert rear cardage bolt first, with head of bolt on L.H. side of tiller and loosely assem- ble Iocknut. ,IW. ,_=,,_ %..:,.>. ,;_ .,,,J _'_'_"J_'.,_'*.:.',,o...

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    • Tilt tiller forward by lifting handle. Separate cardboard cover from leveling shield. • Rotate tiller handle to the dght and pull tiller out of carton. Attach this end to shift lever _"_Attach this EndTo shi" _ Lever indicator Hairpin Clip...

  • Page 8

    These symbols may appear on your Tiller or in literature Learn and understand their meaning. CAUTION TILLINO TILLING FOI_WARD NEUTRAL REVERSE ORWA_I_tG' KNOW YOUR TILLER READ THIS OWNER'S MANUALAND TILLER. Compare the illustrations with your tiller to familiarize ous controls and adjustments. Save this manual for future reference.

  • Page 9

    Always wear safety glasses or eye shields before starting your tiller and while tilhng. We recommend a wide vision safety maskover TO USE YOUR...

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    =l_". Move shield to desired position (both sides). Retighten nuts. TO TRANSPORT _CAUTION: Before lifting or transport- ing, allow tiller engine and muffler to cool. Disconnect spark plug wire. Drain gaso- line from fuel tank. AROUND THE YARD Release the depth s_take pin. Move the dr.pth stake down to the top hole for...

  • Page 11

    FAST" and "IDLE ). • Tilling is digging into. turning breaking up packed soil before planting. Loose, unpacked Best tilling depth is 4" to 6". A tiller will also clear the soil of unwanted tion. The decomposition etable matter enriches Depending...

  • Page 12

    • Do not lean on handle, this takes weight off the wheels, reduces traction, and may cause the tiller to skip over the ground. • Always lower the drag stake when...

  • Page 13

    I - Change more often when operating ut',der a lies W load o_in high an'_nt 2 - Senfce mo_e often when operating in Okty or duStyconditions, GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS The warranty on this tiller does not cover items that have been subjected to opera- tor abuse or negligence. To receive full value from the warranty, the operator must maintain tiller as instructed in this manual.

  • Page 14

    Change the oil after every 50 hours of operation or at least once a year if the tiller is not used for 50 hours in one year. Check the crankcase oil level before start- ing the engine and after each five (5) hours of continuous use.

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    • Retighten handle lock lever securely after adjusting. MUFFLER Do not operate tiller without muffler. Do not tamper with exhaust system. Damaged mufflers or spark arresters could create a fire hazard. Inspect periodically and re- place if necessary. If your engine is...

  • Page 16

    When mouhting tires, un- less beads are seated, overinflation can cause an explosion. • Maintain 20 pounds of air pressure. tire pressures are not equal, tiller will pull to one side. • Keep tires free of gasoline or oil which can damage rubber.

  • Page 17

    A, CAUTION: Tines are sharp. Wear gloves or other protection when handling tines. A badly worn tine causes your tiller to work harder and dig more shallow. Most impor- tant, worn tines cannot chop and shred organic matter as effectively nor bury it as deeply as good tines.

  • Page 18

    ENGINE Maintenance, repair, or repracement of the emission control devices and systems, which are being done at thQ customers expense, may be performed by any non- road engine repair establishment or indi- vidual. Warranty repairs must be per- formed by an authorized engine manufac- turer's service outlet.

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    Allow the engine to cool before storing in any enclosure. TILLER • Clean entire tiller (See =CLEANING" the Customer Responsibilities section of this manual). • Inspect and replace belts, if necessary...

  • Page 20

    CAUSE PROBLEM 1. Out of fuel. Will not start 2. Engine not "CHOKED" properly. 3, Engine flooded. 4. Dirty air cleaner. 5. Water in fuel. 6. Clogged fuel tank. 7. Loose spark plug wire. 8. Bad spark plug or improper gap. 9.

  • Page 21

    PROBLEM CAUSE Engineoverheats 1. Lowoillevel/dirty oil. 2. Dirtyengine airscreen. 3. Dirtyengine. 4. Partially p lugged muffler. 5. Improper carburetor adjustment. Excessive bounce/ 1. Ground t oo difficulthandling 2. Depth stake incorrectly adjusted. Soilballsup or 1. Ground too wet. clumps Enginerunsbut 1.

  • Page 22

    TILLER - - MODEL HANDLES PART DESCRIPTION 164743 Throttle,Control 141406 Gdp, Handle 110673X Grommet, Handle 127254X Bar, Drive ControlAssembly 6712J Cap, Vinyl 137119 Panel, Control 110641X Bushing,Split 71191008 "Screw,Pan Head #10-24 72010520 *Bolt, 5/16-18 x 2-1/2 110646X ,_.-landla, G rip STD624003 "Clip, Halq3in...

  • Page 23

    TILLER - - MODEL NUMBER MAINFRAME, LEFT SIDE, PART DESCRIPTION STD541431 Nut, Keps 5/16-18 STD551137 "Washer, Lock 3/8 STD541037 *Nut, Hex 3/8-16 165710 Shiek:HP, ner 164329 Pin ShiftLever 162756X505 Lever,Shift STD532505 "Bolt,Carriage 1/4-20 x 1/2 Gr. 5 161530 Plete, ShiftIndicator...

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    12 126875X Rivet, Drilled 13 102190X "Rra 124258X 795R "RraValve 14 STD541431 *Nut, Keps 5/16-18 15 ... Engine, (Sea Breakdown) Craftsman Model No. 121432, Type No. 0124-E1 STANDARD HARDWARE - - PURCHASELOCALLY NOTE: Allcomponent dimensions givenIn U.S.Inches. 1 Inch= 25.4mm...

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    TILLER - - MODEL NUMBER TRANSMISSION PART DESCRIPTION 161509 TransmissionAssembly (Includes Key Nos. 2-52) 161510 Gearcese, LH. w._earing (Includes Key No. 4) 161963 Gasket, Gearcase 5020J Beadng, Needle 1370H Washer, Thrust 5/8 x 1.10 x 1/32 161520 Pinion, Input 161518...

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    TIL_ER - - MODEL NUMBER TINESHIELD PART DESCRIPTION 98000129 Nut, Flange 5/16-18 161415X558 Shield, Side, Outer L.H. 8393J Pin, Stake, Depth 1200O036 Ring, Klip STD533107 • Bolt,Carriage 5/16-18 x 3/4 Gr 5 8394J Spdng 8392J Bracket,Latch 109230X Spdng, Depth Stake 163496X558 Shield,TIne 104085X558...

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    TILLER - - MODEL NUMBER TINE ASSEMBLY PART DESCRIPTION 163499 "nne,Spade 132673 Pin, Shear 163500 _ne, Cleaning 163552 "Clip,Haiq_in 163926 Assembly,Hub and Plate 917.293320 PART DESCRIPTION 73610600 Nut, Hex 3/8-24 STD551137 "Washer, Lock3/8 74610616 Bolt,Hex 3/8-24 x 1 • STANDARD HARDWARE - - PURCHASE LOCALLY NOTE: All componentdimensionsgiven in U.S.

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    TILLER - - MODEL ,DECALS 164709 145023 166186 166187 137538 120431X ,t 7 166202 166188 120075X 165836 162215 166138 165837 165984 NUMBER 917.293320 PART DESCRIPTION Decal, Logo Decal, Logo Decal, Logo Decal, Description Decal, Caution, Drive Control Decal. Hand Placement Decal, Shift Indicator Decal, "line,Shield,Counter Rotating"l"_nes...

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    TILLER - - MODEL NUMBER 917.293320 ENGINE, BRIGGS & STRATTON - - MODEL NUMBER 121432, TYPE NO. 0124-E1 634A _ 110(_ 110_...

  • Page 31

    TILLER - - MODEL NUMBER 917.293320 ENGINE, BRIGGS & STRAI"rO N - - MODEL NUMBER 121432, TYPE NO. 0124-E1 1005 305A_ lp 623_ 456_ /'//] 373A_...

  • Page 32

    TILLER - - MODEL ENGINE, BRIGGS & STRAI"FON 2271 562 _ 2221 les_p e21 '_,_ +++t 334 _ _-8_51 3_ '_ I ° I 819A _ 883A_ 819 _ NUMBER 917.293320 - - MODEL NUMBER 121432, TYPE NO. 0124-E1 2e5,_...

  • Page 33

    TILLER - _-MODEL NUMBER 917.293320 ENGINE, BRIGGS & STRATTON - - MODEL NUMBER 121432, TYPE NO. 0124-E1 358 GASKET SET ,,J,.o 977 CARBURETOR GASI_ET'SET 121 CARBURETOR KIT 1'°° 1"0 °"° 634 _ 634A 110_ 127_ 1033 VALVE OVERHAUL ,_ ,-0 'J...

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    TILLER - - MODEL ENGINE, BRIGGS & STRATTON PART DESCRIPTION 690045 CyIinderAssembly 399269 Bushing, Cylinder 299819 • Seal, OII 693643 Head, Cylinder 273489 /,'/r Gasket, Cylinder Head 693647 Tube, Breather 692549 'k Gasket, Crankcase 95049 Screw, Cylinder Head 94916 Plug, OII Drain...

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    TILLER - - MODEL NUMBER ENGINE, BRIGGS & STRA'I-I'ON PART DESCRIPTION 263131 Cap, Valve 221535 Clamp, Casing 693407 Panel, Control 692595 Strap, Muffler 693593 Muffler, Exhaust 693621 Housing, Blower 692577 Screw, Panel 305A 690960 Screw, Blower Housing 305B 692557 Screw, Rocker Cover 3/8"...

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    Forthe repairor replacement p artsyou need delivereddirectlyto yourhome Call7 am - 7 pm,7 daysa week 1-800-366-PART (1-800-366-7278) Para ordenar piezas con entrega domicilio - 1-800-659-7084 For in-house major brand repair service Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 1-800-4-REPAIR (1-800-473-7274) Pare...

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