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Craftsman 247.88664 Owner's Manual

5 horse power 24" two-stage snow thrower
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Owner's Manual
5 Horse Power
24" Two-Stage
Snow Thrower
Model No.
using this product,
read this manual and
follow all safety rules
and operating
EspaSol, p. 30
Sears, Roebuck And Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179, U.S.A.
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NO. 770-10433F



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  Summary of Contents for Craftsman 247.88664

  • Page 1 247.886640 CAUTION: Before using this product, read this manual and follow all safety rules and operating instructions. Sears, Roebuck And Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179, U.S.A. Visit our website: PRINTED IN U,S,A. • Safety • Assembly • _peration •...
  • Page 2 Sears will repair, free of charge, any defect in material and workmanship. If this Craftsman snow thrower is used for commercial or rental purposes, this warranty applies for only 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Page 3 WARNING: This symbol points out important safety instructions which, if not followed, could endanger the personal safety and/or property of yourself and others. Read and follow all instructions in this manual before attempting to operate this machine. Failure to comply with these instructions may result in personal injury.
  • Page 4 7. Muffler and engine b ecome hot a nd can cause a burn. Do not t ouch. 8. Exercise extreme caution w hen operating onorcrossing gravel surfaces. Stay alert f orhidden h azards ortraffic. 9. Exercise caution w hen changing direction and while operating onslopes.
  • Page 5 Unpacking Remove screws from the top sides and ends of the shipping crate. Set crate panels aside to avoid tire punctures or personal injury. Remove and discard plastic bag that covers unit. Remove any loose parts included with unit (i.e., Operator's Manual, etc).
  • Page 6 Figure 3 10. Take a "Z" fitting from the hardware pack and insert the Z end into the hole on the left clutch grip on the handle panel. See Figure 4. Thread a hex nut from hardware pack on to the Z fitting. Hex Nut Figure 4 11.
  • Page 7 Locate the shave plate in Figure 6. The space between this shave plate and ground can be adjusted. For close snow removal on smooth surface, raise skid shoes higher. See Figure 5. Place skid shoes in middle or lower position when the area to be cleared is uneven.
  • Page 8 Operating Controls Be familiar with all the controls and their proper operation. how to stop the machine and disengage Chute ( Discharge Chute Auger Plate Shift Lever The shift lever is located below the handle panel and should be used to determine ground speed. There are five forward and two reverse speeds on this unit-- position one (1) is the slowest and position five (5) is the fastest;...
  • Page 9 Before Starting WARNING: Read, understand, and follow all instructions and warnings on the machine and in this manual before operating. Fill Oil The engine was shipped with oil. Check the oil level before operating. After the initial use, you will have to fill up as necessary.
  • Page 10 Frozen Recoil Starter If the starter is frozen and wilt not turn the engine, proceed as follows: Pull as much rope out of the starter as possible. Release the starter handle and let it snap back against the starter. If the engine still fails to start, repeat the first two steps.
  • Page 11 General Recommendations Always observe safety rules when performing any maintenance. The warranty on this snow thrower does not cover items that have been subjected to operator abuse or negligence. To receive full value from the warranty, operator must maintain the snow thrower as instructed in this manual.
  • Page 12 lubricant. Avoid oil spillage on rubber friction wheel and aluminum drive plate. Lube Gear Sha_ Figure 8 Chute Directional Control: The worm gear on the chute control should be lubricated with multi- purpose automotive grease. Auger Shaft: At least once a season, remove shear bolts on auger shaft.
  • Page 13 Electrodes .030" Figure 10 Tire Pressure Maintain equal pressure on both tires. For more details on this, follow instructions on page 7. Check V-Belts Follow instructions below to check the condition of the drive belts every 50 hours of operation. Remove the plastic belt cover on the front of the engine by removing two self-tapping screws.
  • Page 14 i_hl WARNING: Before servicing, repairing, or inspecting, disengage a llclutch levers andstop engine. W aituntilallmoving partshave come toa complete s top.Disconnect spark and ground it against the engine to prevent unintended starting. All adjustments in the Service and Adjustments section of this manual should be checked at least once each season.
  • Page 15 Unhook the idler spring from the hex bolt on the auger housing. See Figure 14. Unhook the support bracket spring from the frame. NOTE: It may be necessary to loosen the six nuts that connect frame to auger housing to aid in belt removal. Lift the auger belt from the auger pulley, and slip belt between the support bracket and the auger pulley.
  • Page 16 Making Adjustments WARNING: Never attempt to make any adjustments while the engine is running, except where specified in operator's manual. Assembly Chute The distance snow is thrown can be controlled by adjusting the angle of the top section of the chute assembly.
  • Page 17 Ifthesnowthrower w iltnotbeused for30daysor longer, o rattheendofthesnow season when thelast possibility o fsnowisgone,theequipment needs to be stored properly. WARNING: Never store snow thrower with fuel in tank indoors or in poorly ventilated areas, where fuel fumes may reach an open flame, spark or pilot light as on a furnace, water heater, clothes dryer or gas appliance.
  • Page 18 Trouble Possible Cause(s) Engine fails to start Fuel tank empty, or stale fuel, Blocked fuel line, Choke not in ON position Faulty spark plug. Key not in switch on engine, Spark plug wire disconnected. Primer button not depressed. Engine runs erratic Unit running on CHOKE.
  • Page 19 Tecumseh Servicing Dealer or bycontacting c/o Service Manager, Engine and Transmission Division, 900 North Street, Grafton, W153024-1499. 377-2700 [or in USA/Canada call 1-800-558-5402] telephone yellow pages under "Engines, Gasoline" for the name, address and telephone number of a Authorized Tecumseh Servicing Dealer near you.
  • Page 20 CRAFTSMAN 5.0 HP SNOW THROWER MODEL 247.886640...
  • Page 21 CRAFTSMAN 5.0 HP SNOW THROWER Key No. Part No. 731-04426 Upper Chute 712-3068 Hex Lock Nut 5/16-18 736-0159 Washer 710-0451 Carriage Bolt 5/16-18 x 0.75" 710-04071 Carriage Bolt 5/16-18 x 1.0" 736-0159 Washer 720-0284 Hand Knob 5/16-18 731-1300B Lower Chute...
  • Page 22 CRAFTSMAN 5.0 HP SNOW THROWER MODEL 247.886640 "48 ®...
  • Page 23 CRAFTSMAN 5.0 HP SNOW THROWER Key No. Part No. 710-1652 TT Screw 1/4-20 x 0.625" 731-1324 Belt Cover Engine: Craftsman 143,015007 732-0339 Extension Spring 710-3005 Hex Bolt 3/8-16 x 1.25" 05896A Idler Bracket 748-0234 Shoulder Spacer 710-0627 Lock Bolt 5/16-24 x 0.75"...
  • Page 24 CRAFTSMAN 5.0 HP SNOW THROWER MODEL 247.886640 "14 •...
  • Page 25 CRAFTSMAN 5.0 HP SNOW THROWER Key No. Part No. 726-0100 Push Cap 720-0201A Chute Crank Knob 705-5204A Chute Crank Assembly 747-0697 Eye Bolt TT Screw 1/4-20 x 0.5" 710-0599 710-0449 Carriage Screw 5/16-18 x 2.25" 736-0451 Saddle Washer 710-0262 Carriage Bolt...
  • Page 26 CRAFTSMAN 5.0 HP ENGINE 143.045001 FOR SNOW THROWER MODEL 247.886640 _2-3ol 275_ 364, 370B t328...
  • Page 27 CRAFTSMAN 5.0 HP ENGINE 143.045001 Key No. Part No. Description RPM High 3450 to 3750 RPM Low 1850 to 2150 36469A Cylinder (Incl. 2,20,72 & 125) 26727 Dowel Pin Oil Drain Extn. (Purchase Local) 30969 Extension Cap 28277 Washer 31334...
  • Page 28 CRAFTSMAN 5.0 HP ENGINE 143.045001 Table continued from age 27 Pad No. Key No. Description 32180C Primer Line 590574 Starter Handle (Mitten Grip) 33333 Carburetor Cover Bracket 364A 37673 Lock Plate 650735 Screw, 10-24 x 3/8" 370A 36261 Lubrication Decal...
  • Page 29 CRAFTSMAN 5.0 HP ENGINE Rewind Starter 590707 Rewind Starter 590742 Electric Starter 33290E 143.045001 FOR SNOW THROWER Part No. Key No. 590707 590599A 590600 590696 590601 590697 590698 590699 590709 590708 590535 590574 Part No. Key No. 590742 590740 590616...
  • Page 30 Siesta m_quina quitanieve Craftsman se utiliza para prop6sitos comerciales o de alquiler, esta garantia se aplica s61o durante 30 dias a partir de la fecha de compra. Esta garantia no cubre: Elementos desechables que se desgastan por el uso normal, incluyendo entre otros, zapatas antideslizantes, raspado, y bujias.
  • Page 31 ADVERTENClA: Este simbolo indica instrucciones de seguridad importantes que de no seguirse, podrian poner en peligro la seguridad personal y!o la propieclad suya y de terceros. Lea y siga todas las instrucciones en este manual antes de iniciar la operaciOn de esta maquina. En caso de no seguir estas instrucciones podrian producirse lesiones personales.
  • Page 32 4. Nunca opere l am_quina si f alta un canal de descarga mismo est_ d afiado. Mantenga todos los dispositivos seguridad ensulugar yenfuncionamiento. 5. Nunca encienda elmotor en espacios poco v entilada. El e scape del m otor contiene carbono, ungas inodoro yletaL 6.
  • Page 33 Desempaque Retire los tornillos de los lades y extremos superiores de la caja de embalaje. Retire los paneles de la caja para evitar que se pinchen las Ilantas o que se produzcanlesiones personales. Retire y descarte la bolsa de pl&sticoque cubre la unidad. Quite cualquier parte suelta que se incluya con su unidad (por ejemplo, el manual del operador, etc.).
  • Page 34 ,iral deberia engranar los dientes del canal aqu[ Figura 3 10. Tome un accesorio "Z" del paquete de hardware e inserte el extremo "Z" dentro del orificio en la empuSadura del embrague izquierdo del panel de la manija, Ver la Figura 4. Enrosque una tuerca hexagonal del paquete de hardware en el accesorio "Z."...
  • Page 35 4, Ajuste las zapatas antideslizantes aflojando hexagonales ylos pernos decarro t al c ome semuestra en Figura 5.Mueva laszapatas antideslizantes deseada. 5, Compruebe que toda lasuperficie inferior delas zapatas antideslizantes est6 c ontra elsuelo p ara e vitar undesgaste despareje de lasmismas.
  • Page 36 Controles de operacibn Familiaricese con todos los controles indican debajo. Sepa c6mo detener Herramienta de limpieza del canal Llenado de gasolina Canal de desca_ Placa Palanca de cambios La palanca de cambios est_ ubicada debajo del panel de la manija. Es posible mover la palanca de cambios a siete posiciones diferentes.
  • Page 37 Antes de encender ADVERTENCIA: Lea, comprenda y siga todas las instrucciones y advertencias que aparecen en la maquina yen este manual antes de operarla. Llenado de aceite El motor se envia sin aceite. Compruebe el nivel de aceite antes de operar. Despu6s del uso inicial, tendr_ que tlenarlo hasta el nivel necesario.
  • Page 38 posici6n OFF. Si e lmotor falla, gire hacia e lobturador luego mueva lentamente hacia p osici6n OFF. Arrancador de retroceso congelado Si el arrancador est_ congelado y no enciende el motor, proceda de la siguiente manera: Saque la mayor cantidad de coerda posible del arrancador. Suelte la manija del arrancador y deje que golpee contra el arrancador.
  • Page 39 Recomendaciones generales Respete siempre las reglas de seguridad cuando realice tareas de mantenimiento. La garantia de esta m_quina quitanieve no cubre elementos que hart estado sujetos al real uso o negligencia del operador. Para recibir el reembolso total de la garantia, el operador deber_ dar mantenimiento la m_quina quitanieve como se indica en este manual.
  • Page 40 Engranaje Figura 8 Control direccional del canal: El engranaje helicoidal del control del canal deberia ser lubricado con grasa automotor multiuso, Eje de la barrena: AI menos una vez por temporada, quite los pernos de cuchilla del eje de la barren& Lubrique el interior del eje y de los cojinetes de la barrena con aceite o con lubricante para rociar por Io menos una vez por temporada.
  • Page 41 Electrodos .030" Distancia Figura 10 Presibn de los neum ticos Mantenga la misma presi6n en ambos neum_ticos. Para obtener m_s detalles, siga las instrucciones en la p_gina 35. Compruebe las correas en V Siga las instrucciones a continuaci6n estado de las correas de transmisi6n funcionamiento.
  • Page 42 Correas de las barrenas Saque la cubierta pl&stica de la correa ubicada en el frente del motor. Para ello saque los dos tomillos autoroscantes, Ver Figura 12, Cubierta Figura 12 Drene gasolina de la m_quina quitanieve o coloque un pedazo de pl&stico debajo de la tapa de gasolina.
  • Page 43 ADVERTENCIA: Desconecte la bujia y p6ngala de manera que haga masa contra et motor. Drene combustible a un recipiente aprobado o ubique una pieza de pelicula pl&stica debajo del tap6n de combustible para evitar que pierda gasotina. Saque las chavetas de trinquete que sujetan las ruedas y saque las ruedas del eje, Utilizando una Ilave alien para sostener el eje, afloje pero no...
  • Page 44 Control de la barrena Para ajustar el embrague de la barren& consulte la secci6n Ensamblado y Ajustes Finales en la p_gina 34. Ruedas de transmisibn Es posible ajustar las ruedas para dos m_todos de operaci6n diferentes. Siga los pasos que aparecen debajo para realizar los ajustes.
  • Page 45 Problema El motor no arranca El dep6sito de combustible est_ vacio o el combustible es viejo. La linea del combustible est_ bloqueada, La palanca de obturaci6n no est_ en la posici6n ON (encendido). La bujia nofunciona La Ilave de seguridad no se encuentra en el interruptor de encendido del motor, Se ha desconectado el cable de la bujia.
  • Page 46 Declaracibn de garantia del Control de emisiones Estados Unidos La Agencia estadounidense de proteccidn del medio ambiente ("EPA"), el Consejo de recursos a_reos de California ("CARB") y Tecumseh Products Co. se complacen en explicar la Garantia de los sistemas federales y de California para el control de emisiones de su nuevo motor pequeSo todo terreno.
  • Page 47 Tecumseh Products Co. en cumplimiento del inciso 4 siguiente. Todas las piezas mencionadas reparadas o reemplazadas Garantia del sistema de control de emisiones (Garantia ECS) seran garantizadas pot todo el resto del Periodo de la Garantia del sistema de control de emisiones (Garantia ECS). 2.
  • Page 48 For repair-in your home-of lawn and garden equipment, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! For the replacement owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself. For Sears professional and items like garage door openers and water heaters. 1-800-4-MY-HOME Call anytime,
  • Page 49 LITERATURE Workflow - LITERATURE Received Batched L0308228 NUMBER: Tit,e: _ __,_ _ _ _ Chassis: Prod Type: DocType: SERVM Doc Class Code: WARM Date Received: _-_- _.__ _ (_ "_ Date Published: _-_ -- Publication,: "_'-_ 4"-" Pricing -Div: N/A Pdcing - Source: NUMBERS: Type:...

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