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Features - NEC MultiSync E222W User Manual

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Thin-frame design creates more desktop space for you to work and play, while the flat screen's crisp, bright images and crystal-
clear text deliver a comfortable viewing experience.
No Touch Auto Adjust automatically adjusts your optimal image settings upon initial power-on.
Colour Control System allows you to change between six colour settings on your display to match your personal preference.
Redesigned OSD controls allow you to quickly and easily adjust all elements of your screen image.
NaViSet software offers an expanded and intuitive graphical interface, allowing you to more easily adjust OSD display settings
via mouse and keyboard.
Height adjustable stand with tilt management adds flexibility to your viewing preferences.
The flat screen's crisp, bright images and crystal-clear text deliver a comfortable viewing experience.
ErgoDesign Features: Enhance human ergonomics to improve the working environment, protect the health of the user and
save money. Examples include OSD controls for quick and easy image adjustments, tilt base for preferred angle of vision, small
footprint and compliance with MPRII and TCO guidelines for lower emissions.
Plug and Play: The Microsoft
solution with the Windows
operating system facilitates setup and installation by allowing the
monitor to send its capabilities (such as screen size and resolutions supported) directly to your computer, automatically
optimizing display performance.
IPM (Intelligent Power Manager) System: Provides innovative power-saving methods that allow the monitor to shift to a lower
power consumption level when on but not in use, saving two-thirds of your monitor energy costs, reducing emissions and
lowering the air conditioning costs of the workplace.
Multiple Frequency Technology: Automatically adjusts monitor to the display card's scanning frequency, thus displaying the
resolution required.
FullScan Capability: Allows you to use the entire screen area in most resolutions, significantly expanding image size.
VESA Standard Mounting Interface: Allows users to connect their MultiSync monitor to any VESA standard third party
mounting arm or bracket. Allows for the monitor to be mounted on a wall or an arm using any third party compliant device.
Environmental Impact: Annual typical maximum operating carbon footprint of this monitor (world-wide average) is
approximately 36.7 kg (calculated by: rated wattage x 8 hours per day x 5 days a week x 45 weeks per year x Power-to-
Carbon conversion factor - conversion factor is based on OECD publication of global CO2 emissions 2006 Edition).
This monitor has a manufacturing carbon footprint of approximately 26.8 kg.
Note: The manufacturing and operating carbon footprints are calculated by a unique algorithm developed exclusively by NEC
for its monitors.

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