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Samsung SV-5000W Owner's Instructions Manual: Problems; Troubleshooting Guide; Glossary Of Terms

Worldwide video cassette recorder.
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7/10/02 3:01 PM

Troubleshooting Guide

Before contacting Samsung authorized service center, perform the following simple checks.
No power.
You cannot insert a video cassette.
The television program was not recorded.
Timer recording was unsuccessful.
No playback picture or the picture
is distorted.
You cannot see normal broadcasts.
Noise bar or streaks on playback.
No operation when the:
• REW button is pressed ; or
• F.F button is pressed.
When the P/STILL ( ) button is pressed
during playback, the still picture has severe
"noise bar" streaks.
Incorrect operations or no display.
If you are unable to solve the problem after reading the above instructions, note:
the model and serial number on the rear of your VCR ;
the warranty information ; and
a clear description of the problem.
Then contact your nearest SAMSUNG authorized service center.
Page 48
Check that the power plug is connected to a wall outlet.
Have you pressed the VCR POWER button?
A video cassette can only be inserted with the window
side up and the safety tab facing you.
Check that the VCR has not been safety-locked (LOCK
displayed). If so, hold P/STILL ( ) down for at least five
seconds to release it.
Check the VCR/antenna connections.
Is the VCR tuner properly set?
Check if the safety tab is intact on the cassette.
Was the VCR POWER button pressed to activate the timer?
Re-check the recording start/stop time settings.
If there was a power failure or interruption during timer
recording, the recording will have been cancelled.
Check that the channel number selected with the
Timer Program code is correct.
Press the TRACKING buttons (
Check to see if you are using a pre-recorded tape.
Check the playback system in the USER SET Menu.
Check the SQPB in the USER SET2 Menu. (See page 31)
Check that the source selected using the INPUT button is
the VCR's tuner.
Check the TV . VCR/antenna connections.
Press the TRACKING buttons (
) to minimize this effect.
Check that tape is not already fully wound.
A still picture may have "noise bars", depending on the
condition of the tape. Press the TRACKING buttons
) to minimize this effect.
Use a pencil to press the RESET button and re-initialize
the VCR. All preset data is lost.

Glossary of Terms

To help you understand the main technical terms used in this booklet and take full advantage of the
features on your VCR, here are a few definitions.
Element in the VCR used to decode the signals received via the antenna or cable
A tuner can only receive one broadcast at a time but you can use the tuner in your
VCR to record one program while watching a different program via the tuner in your
television. To receive a broadcast, the tuner must be set to the frequency of the
appropriate channel.
Station or Channel
Frequency assigned to a given broadcasting company to enable them to transmit a
series of broadcasts or programs.
Number assigned to a given channel on the tuner in the VCR to help you select it
more easily.
Broadcast transmitted on a given channel.
Cable TV
Coaxial cable network transmitting broadcasts on a subscription basis. The cable is
connected to the same input as an antenna.
Broadcasting standard
Standard used to code pictures and sound. Different standards are used in different
or Color standard
countries. In the United Kingdom for example, the PAL I standard is used.


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