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Album/Esp Function; +10 Button - Samsung yePP MCD-SM75 User Manual

Portable mp3-cd player mp3-cd/cd-r/rw playback
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Album/ESP function

(Electronic Skip Protection)
Press the Album/ESP button.
• CD Playback: Press the Album/ESP
button to turn this function on and off.
(During playback of an MP3-CD,
ESP will always be active whether or
not the Album/ESP button is pressed.)
• The player buffers up to 120 seconds of
MP3 and 45 seconds of audio CD data; hence even if the data flow is interrupted,
data is read from memory so that the sound signal remains undisturbed.
• While listening to music, the Anti-S.T (Anti-Shock Time) Buffer Level is automatically saved.

+10 button

Main Unit
Press the +10 button.
Press the +10 button briefly while playing
back a CD. Playback will skip 10 tracks.
Example : If you want to select track 43 during playback of track 15, press the
+10 button three times, then press the
• MP3-CD playback : Press and hold the ESP/Album button longer to select "Album
Remote Control
• MP3-CD playback : By default, the button is enabled for Album function.
• CD Playback : The button is enabled as the +10 button only.
Page 17
ESP prevents the music being
interrupted by vibration and
button three times.
Off". The button now functions as the +10 button.
Press the +10/Album button.
Press and hold the button longer to select "Album Off".
The button is now enabled as the +10 button.
This function is only available during playback of an MP3-CD.
Album Function
Albums are sections of tracks representing one artist.
This function makes it easier to skip between them.
Press the Album/ESP button.
(Press +10/Album button on the remote control)
• It moves to the next album.
Example) Pressing the Album/ESP
button during playback of the
first album will take you to the
start of the first track of the
second album.
• This product is equipped with a graphic LCD display that supports English,
Japanese (without Chinese characters), and Korean characters.
• Tag information is displayed for those files containing them.
Otherwise, the file name is displayed.
• When writing your own MP3-CDs, we recommend using English for tag in
formation as well as file names.
• Languages other than English will be marked with an asterisk "*".
Press and hold the Album/ESP
• Each time the button is pressed,
the selection toggles between
"On Album" and "Off Album".
• If "Off Album" is selected, the album playlist
changes to the title playlist.
This function does not apply to MP3-CDs that have not been created with albums.
If a file is defective and cannot be recognized, the player skips to the next one.


Table of Contents

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