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Samsung CD YEPP MCD-HM200H Instruction Manual

Portable mp3-cd player mp3-cd, wma-cd, cd-da playback


Portable MP3-CD Player
MP3-CD, WMA-CD, CD-DA Playback
Instruction Manual


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Summary of Contents for Samsung CD YEPP MCD-HM200H

  • Page 1 Portable MP3-CD Player MP3-CD, WMA-CD, CD-DA Playback MCD-HM200 Instruction Manual AH68-01263B...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Main Features Contents NAVIGATION function MENU function Safety Warning ..............3 (MP3(WMA)-CD Only) Buttons and Controls ............5 You can easily customize the You can easily scan and select a file settings to your liking. Preparation before using your unit ........9 on an MP3(WMA)-CD. How to Connect ..............9 ESP function Random function...
  • Page 3: Safety Warning

    Safety Warning Take care not to allow dust Do not leave your player Do not apply heavy or other contaminants to in direct sunlight or pressure to the player. come into contact with your near a heat source. Earphones player. Road safety Do not use the earphones while riding a bicycle, driving any kind of motor vehicle or motorcycle.
  • Page 4 Buttons and Controls Skip/Search button +10 button Stop ( ) button Main Unit Play/Pause ( √» ) button Power Input Jack Repeat button ESP/Album button Remote control Connection jack EQ/Menu button PROG./NAVI. button Random button Volume buttons Open switch Bottom of the Main Unit HOLD switch Accessories Remote Control...
  • Page 5: Buttons And Controls

    Buttons and Controls Display Remote Control The picture of the display panel below is based on MP3-CD playback. Class Jazz P .snd album MENU S.bass Rock System normal Last Flat 03 : 20 Display Boyz II MEN kbps End [Boyz II MEN] •...
  • Page 6: Preparation Before Using Your Unit

    Preparation before using your unit Using rechargeable batteries (not supplied) How to Connect Strip the sheath covering the Connect the earphones to the terminals of the rechargeable remote control. battery before charging it. Rechargeable Battery (size: AA/LR6) • As shown in the illustration, with a knife carefully strip the sheath of the negative Sheath to be stripped (-) terminal by 6 mm.
  • Page 7: Using Standard Batteries (Not Supplied)

    Preparation before CD Playback using your unit Using standard batteries (not supplied) Slide the Open button to open the door. Insert a CD. Open the cover of the battery • Push the door to close it. compartment. Press the Play/Pause normal esp Flat ( √»...
  • Page 8: Mp3(Wma)-Cd Playback

    MP3(WMA)-CD Playback Skip/Search function Skip Slide the Open button to Press and release the Iî or ïI button open the door, and insert Main Unit an MP3(WMA)-CD. during playback of a CD. • Push the door to close it. • Press the ïI button to play the next track. Press the Iî...
  • Page 9: Menu Function

    Menu function Last Memory function You can customize the settings to your liking. • Menu Structure Menu • :Functions available Last Memory function This function is only available during only when playing an SYSTEM DISPLAY playback of an MP3(WMA)-CD. MP3(WMA)-CD Last Memory •...
  • Page 10: Default Function

    Default function Tag function This function initializes all settings to their default values. This function is only available during Tag function Select SYSTEM in the MENU playback of an MP3(WMA)-CD. screen, and then use the Iî , ïI buttons to select •...
  • Page 11: Scroll Function

    Display Bar function Scroll function This function is used to adjust the scroll speed of the song title. This function is only available during Display Bar function playback of an MP3(WMA)-CD. Select DISPLAY in the MENU Select DISPLAY in the MENU DISPLAY screen, and then use the screen, and then use the...
  • Page 12: Eq Function

    Repeat/Random function EQ function Briefly press the EQ button to activate the Repeat function or hold it down for longer to activate the Menu function. Repeat function EQ function Press the Repeat button on the main unit. What is EQ? (Press the Mode button on the remote control.) normal Last...
  • Page 13: Esp/Album Function

    ESP/Album function • This function is only available during playback of function (Electronic Skip Protection) an MP(WMA)-CD. Album Function Albums are sections of tracks representing one artist. This function makes it easier to skip between them. ESP prevents the music being interrupted by vibration and shock. Press the ESP/Album button.
  • Page 14: Navigation Function

    Navigation function You can easily select and play the song you want from the album. This function is only available during In the stop mode playback of an MP3(WMA)-CD. This function is only available during During Playback playback of an MP3(WMA)-CD. Press the PROG./NAVI.
  • Page 15: Program Function

    Program function You can store up to 30 tracks of your favorite tunes. Example: When storing track number 4 to program number 1. To confirm the program In the stop mode, press the normal esp Flat PROG./NAVI. button. In the stop mode, press the •...
  • Page 16: Features

    Precautions when Features using compact discs Playback sequence of albums and tracks Looking after your CDs • Albums with .jpg, .wav or .doc are not audio files and therefore will be skipped. Wash the disc with a neutral detergent diluted in water, and then wipe gently with a soft dry cloth from the center of the Document a.
  • Page 17: Troubleshooting Guide

    Troubleshooting Guide Specifications Problem Check Item Description Frequency range 20Hz ~ 20KHz Earphone output 310mV(RMS), 6mW/CH,16Ω Did you insert the battery with the correct polarity? Signal/noise ratio 90dB (1kHz) Are the batteries drained? Unit has no power. Total harmonic distortion 0.08% (1kHz, 0dB) Is the AC adaptor connected correctly? Is the door open?

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