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Samsung yePP MCD-SM60 Instruction Manual

Portable mp3-cd player mp3-cd/cd-r/rw playback
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Portable MP3-CD Player
MP3-CD/CD-R/RW Playback
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  • Page 1 Portable MP3-CD Player MCD-SM60 MP3-CD/CD-R/RW Playback Instruction Manual AH68-01001R...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Main Features SBS function ESP function The SBS function produces rich, The ESP function ensures high deep bass tones for a more powerful resistance to shock or vibration so overall sound. that the sound signal remains undisturbed ( up to 120 seconds for Random function MP3 and 45 seconds for a CD).
  • Page 3: Safety Warning

    Safety Warning Take care not to allow Do not apply heavy dust or other pressure to the player. contaminants to come into contact with your player. Do not put anything other Do not use broken or than a CD (CD-R or CD-RW) scratched MP3 CDs.
  • Page 4: Buttons And Controls

    Buttons and Controls Accessories STOP button ( Program button (Refer to pages 19, 20) Power Input Jack ESP/Album button (Refer to pages 17, 18) +10 button Play/Pause button ( SBS / Last Memory button (Refer to page 16) Headphones Mode button (Refer to page 15) Open switch Skip/Search buttons (...
  • Page 5 •Buttons pressed during CD playback will not function. (On the display, the “HOLD” indicator will flash.) •Use the HOLD function when carrying your CD Player around with you. Use of this function will allow you to conserve battery life as it prevents the CD Player from being turned on unintentionally if a button is pressed.
  • Page 6: Preparation Before Using Your Unit

    Connection to External Device (if necessary) * Your CD Player may be connected to the AUX IN jack of an external device 1. Reduce the volume of the external device 2. Connect the Line Out jack to the Input jack of the device with connection cable (not supplied).
  • Page 7: Cd Playback

    Preparation before using your unit Using standard batteries (not supplied) Open the cover of the battery compartment. Carefully check the correct orientation of the positive and negative terminals of the batteries. •Use two AA type 1.5 V batteries. Use two AA alkaline batteries. Manganese batteries have a shorter battery life.
  • Page 8: Mp3-Cd Playback

    30~90 seconds. Playback will then commence. Album Name indicator Your CD Player will take a few Anti-S.T (Anti-Shock moments to scan through all Time) Buffer Level the tracks recorded on a MP3 To stop playback, press the Stop ( ) button.
  • Page 9: Mode Function

    SBS will be turned on and off alternately. Last Memory function When MP3-CD playback is selected again after your CD player has been stopped or turned off, the unit plays back from the start of the track that you last listened to.
  • Page 10: Esp/Album Function

    ESP/Album function function (Electronic Skip Protection) Press the ESP/Album button. •CD Playback: Press the ESP/Album button to turn this function on and off. (During playback of an MP3-CD, ESP will always be active whether or not the ESP/Album button is pressed.) •The player buffers up to 120 seconds of MP3 and 45 seconds of audio CD data;...
  • Page 11: Program Function

    Program function You can store up to 30 tracks of your favorite tunes. Example: When storing track number 15 to program number 1. From Stop mode, press the PROGRAM Program button on the main unit. Using or +10 PROGRAM button, select the desired track.
  • Page 12: Features

    Features Playback sequence of albums and tracks •When using Windows Explorer. •The arrows indicate playback sequence of albums and tracks. •Albums with .jpg, .wav or .doc are not audio files and therefore will be skipped. Maintaining and looking after your unit Looking after your CDs Wash the disc with a neutral detergent diluted in water, and then wipe gently with a soft dry cloth from the center of the...
  • Page 13: Troubleshooting Guide

    Troubleshooting Guide Problem Did you insert the battery with the correct polarity? Are the batteries drained? Unit has no power. Is the AC adaptor connected correctly? Is the door open? Is the disc inserted correctly? Is the disc damaged or deformed? Has the unit been locked with the HOLD switch? Has the unit been moved from a cold place to a Playback does not...
  • Page 14 Memo ELECTRONICS Samsung Limited Warranty Samsung Electronics Canada Inc. (SECA), warrants that this product is free from defective material and workmanship. SECA further warrants that if this product fails to operate properly within the specified warranty period and the failure is due to improper workmanship or defective material SECA will repair or replace the product at its option.