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Samsung SCO-2080R User Manual

Samsung SCO-2080R User Manual

High resolution day & night ir camera
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High Resolution Day & Night IR Camera SCO-2080R
User Guide
Before installing and operating this product,
please read this manual thoroughly.


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  • Page 1 High Resolution Day & Night IR Camera SCO-2080R User Guide Before installing and operating this product, please read this manual thoroughly. ENGLISH...
  • Page 2 Before operating the camera, confirm the camera model and correct input power voltage. In order to that you can understand this manual thoroughly, we will explain the model description. n SCO-2080R SERIES • NTSC MODEL • PAL MODEL SCO-2080RN SCO-2080RP n MODEL DESCRIPTION • SCO-2080R X _ SIGNAL SYSTEM • SIGNAL SYSTEM...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    • Dimension …………………………………………………………… 34 COLOR CCD CAMERA User Guide Features Ultra High Sensitivity Outdoor Visibility range 50M The IR LEDs of the SCO-2080R automatically The built-in high sensitivity COLOR CCD produces a illuminates viewing area in the extreme darkness clear image even in 0Lux(B/W, IR-LED ON)or lower allowing the camera a long-range visibility of up to 50 illumination. meters. IR MODE Function High Resolution This function prevents the saturation of the image by the IR illuminators at short distance.
  • Page 4: Warnings & Cautions

    Samsung Techwin cares for the environment at all product manufacturing stages to preserve the environment, and is taking a number of steps to provide customers with more environment-friendly products. The Eco mark represents Samsung Techwin's will to create environment-friendly products, and indicates that the product satisfies the EU RoHS Directive. Warnings & Cautions This information is provided to ensure your safety and to prevent any losses, financial or otherwise. Please read it carefully and use the product accordingly. * F or product inquiries, please contact the retail shop where you bought the camera. The use of equipment such as an aerial ladder while providing after-sales service shall be at your expense. Notes • P lease make sure the product is installed appropriate places where secured from flood, such as under the eaves, to operate properly.
  • Page 5: Components And Accessories

    • E xposure to a spotlight or an object emitting strong light may cause smear or blooming. • E nsure that the power source complies with normal specifications before supplying it to the camera. • I n case of IR LED has been lighted, do not lighten directly eye. COLOR CCD CAMERA User Guide Components and Accessories ❶ ❻ ➐ SCO-2080R Sunshield L-type hexagon wrenches (3.0mm) ❶ Sunshield Adaptor (1EA) Tapping Screw (3EA) User’s Manual ❻ Installation Video Output Cable ➐ FRONT ❶...
  • Page 6: Back

    Overview Notes • W hen you adjust to the ZOOM & FOCUS of the lens, Please remove the front cover from the camera, by turning the cover counterclockwise. • T o adjust the zoom & focus loosen the individual levers before tightening them again. • T o ensure the weatherproof integrity is maintained, ensure the front cover is tightened correctly. BACK ❿ Power input terminal : Connect the power as specified for each model here. ❽ Video output terminal : Video signals are output through this port. Connect this port to the Video IN port of a monitor.
  • Page 7: Connection

    Connection Connecting to Monitor Please connect the video output terminal located on the back of the camera to the monitor. CCD Camera • The connection method varies depending on the type of monitor and accessories. Please refer to the user's manual for each instrument. •...
  • Page 8: Rs-485 Communication Control

    CONTROL CABLE WHITE (TRX+) BLUE (TRX-) Using RS-485 communication will enable you to control the OSD menu from a SAMSUNG TECHWIN System Controller or DVR. (1) Connection to a PC. Connect the camera to the PC via a RS-485 converter using RS-485 and a serial cable.
  • Page 9: Operating Your Camera

  • Page 10 Operating Your Camera - FOCUS ADJ : To adjust the DC lens focus correctly, you must activate the Focus Settings mode under each lens menu. Activate the Focus Settings mode, adjust the lens focus, and then deactivate the settings mode. Notes • I f color rolling occurs when using a DC lens, set Shutter to Fixed (---).
  • Page 11 User Guide SSDR ON BACKLIGHT Unlike conventional cameras, the SCO-2080R is designed to deliver a distinctive subject and background at the same time, even when the subject is backlight, by using the features of the proprietary W-V DSP chip. 1. When the SETUP menu screen is displayed, select ‘BACKLIGHT’ by using the Function Setup switch so that the arrow indicates ‘BACKLIGHT’.
  • Page 12 Operating Your Camera (Black, Red, Blue, Cyan, Magenta) - TOP/BOTTOM/LEFT/RIGHT : Adjust the area to be enhanced OFF : Not being used 3. Select a desired mode using the Function Setup switch and press the Function Setup switch. Select ‘BLC’ to adjust the area to be HLC : Enable the user to change the level, enhanced then adjust the level.
  • Page 13 Operating Your Camera DAY/NIGHT You can display pictures in color or black and white. 1. When the SETUP menu screen is displayed, select ‘DAY/NIGHT’ by using the Function Setup switch so that the arrow indicates ‘DAY/NIGHT’ . MAIN SETUP 1.LENS 2.EXPOSURE 3.WHITE BAL 4.SSDR...
  • Page 14: Exit

    Operating Your Camera SPECIAL 1. When the SETUP menu screen is displayed, select ‘SPECIAL’ by using the Function Setup switch so that the arrow indicates ‘SPECIAL’. MAIN SETUP 1.LENS 2.EXPOSURE 3.WHITE BAL 4.SSDR 5.BACKLIGHT 6.SSNR3 7.DAY/NIGHT AUTO 8.SPECIAL 9.EXIT SAVE 2.
  • Page 15 Operating Your Camera CAM TITLE : If you enter a title, the title will appear on the monitor. 1) If the SPECIAL menu screen is displayed, use the Function Setup switch so that the arrow indicates ‘CAM TITLE’. CAMERA TITLE SETUP 2) Set it to ‘ON’...
  • Page 16 - DISP ID : Display camera title on top left corner of the screen. - PROTOCOL : You can select one of various protocols. SAMSUNG-T, SAMSUNG-E, PELCO-P, PELCO-D, VICON, PANASONIC, BOSCH, HONEYWELL.
  • Page 17: Troubleshooting

    On / Off (Displayed 15 Characters) Sharpness On / Off (Level adjustable) Flip / Mirror On / Off Communication Coaxial, RS-485 Coaxial(Pelco), RS-485(SAMSUNG-T, SAMSUNG-E, PELCO-P, PELCO-D, VICON, Protocol PANASONIC, BOSCH, HONEYWELL) ENVIRONMENTAL Operating Temperature / Humidity -10°C ~ +55°C / Less than 90% RH MECHANICAL...
  • Page 18: Dimension

    244.7mm COLOR CCD CAMERA User Guide Application of Council Directive(s) Manufacturer's Name Manufacturer's Address European Representative Name European Representative Address Ø77 Equipment Type/Environment Model Name Beginning Serial NO. Year of Manufacture Conformance to Ø79.8 We, the undersigned, hereby declare that the equipment specified above conforms to the above Directive(s). Manufacturer SAMSUNG TECHWIN CO., LTD Signature Full Name Position Place Date DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY 2004 / 108 / EC SAMSUNG TECHWIN CO., LTD SAMSUNG TECHWIN CO., LTD 42, SUNGJU-DONG CHANGWON-CITY, KYUNGNAM, KOREA, 641-716 CCTV Camera SCO-2080RP C5AM6V3Z200001X 2010.02.01 EN 55022 : 2006...
  • Page 19 Tol Free : +1-877-213-1222 FAX : +1-310-632-2195 SAMSUNG TECHWIN EUROPE LTD. • Samsung House, 1000 Hillswood Drive, Hillswood Business Park Chertsey, Surrey, UNITED KINGDOM KT16 OPS TEL : +44-1932-45-5300 FAX : +44-1932-45-5325 P/No. : Z6806-1157-01B VAN 10. 04...

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