Turntable Installation; Installation - RCA RMW1166 Instruction Manual

1.1 cu.ft. electronic microwave
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Turntable Installation

Hub (underside)
Glass tray
Turntable shaft
Turntable ring assembly
Countertop Installation
Remove all packing material and accessories.
Examine the oven for any damage such as
dents or broken door. Do not install if oven is


Select a level surface that provides
enough open space for the intake
and/or outlet vents.
12 inch(30cm)
3.0 inch(7.5cm)
3.0 inch(7.5cm)
A minimum clearance of 3.0 inches
(7.5cm) is required between the oven and
any adjacent walls. One side must be open.
(1) Leave a minimum clearance of 12
inches (30cm) above the oven.
(2) Do not remove the legs from the
bottom of the oven.
a. Never place the glass tray upside down. The glass
tray should never be restricted.
b. Both glass tray and turntable ring assembly must
always be used during cooking.
c. All food and containers of food are always placed
on the glass tray for cooking.
d. If glass tray or turntable ring assembly cracks or
breaks, contact your nearest authorized service
Cabinet: Remove any protective film found
on the microwave oven cabinet surface.
Do not remove the light brown Mica cover
that is attached to the oven cavity to
protect the magnetron.
(3) Blocking the intake and/or outlet openings
can damage the oven.
(4) Place the oven as far away from
radios and TV as possible.
Operation of microwave oven may
cause interference to your radio or TV
2. Plug your oven into a standard household
outlet. Be sure the voltage and the
frequency is the same as the voltage
and the frequency on the rating label.
WARNING: Do not install oven over a
range cooktop or other heat-producing
appliance. If installed near or over a heat
source, the oven could be damaged and
the warranty would be void.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents