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1.1 cu.ft. electronic microwave
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16. Multi-section cooking
At most 2 sections can be set for cooking. In multi-section cooking, if one section is
defrosting, then defrosting shall be placed in the first section. When the
first stage is finished, the buzzer will sound once and the next stage will begin cooking.
Example: if you want to cook with 80% microwave power for 5 minutes + 60% microwave
power for 10 minutes. The cooking steps are as following:
(1) Press "POWER" for times to choose 80% microwave,now "PL8" is displayed;
(2) Press number keys "5","0","0" to set the cooking time;
(3) Press "POWER" for times to choose 60% microwave power, "PL6" is displayed;
(4) Press number keys "1","0","0","0" to set the cooking time;
(5) Press "START/+30SEC." to start cooking.
(1) Set the clock first. (Consult the instruction of clock setting.)
(2) Set a certain cooking procedure(one or two blocks), the setting method and display are
same as relevant cooking procedure. (Defrosting is beyond pre-set cooking).
For example: to cook the food with 80% microwave power for 10 minutes.Do as following:
a.Press "POWER" for times until "PL8" displays.
b.Press "1","0","0","0" to enter the cooking time.
c. Pay attention! Please do not press "START/+30SEC."to start cooking.
(3) Press " CLOCK/PRE-SET " to display current time and hour figure is flashing, the icon
" : " keep lighting on.
(4) Press number keys to input the cooking time.For example: to set the time is 12:12, you
can press the number keys "1","2","1","2" in order.
(5) Press " AM/PM " to choose AM or PM. AM or PM will be selected in turn by pressing
the button of " AM/PM " continuously.
(6) Press "START/ +30 SEC." to confirm the preset procedure.When it is confirmed, the
unit will go back the clock states.
(7) When time arrives, the buzzer will sound twice and the cooking starts.
(1)Press "MEMORY" to choose memory 1-5 procedure. The LED will display 1,2,3...5.
(2) If the procedure has been set, press " START/ +30 SEC." to use it. If not, continue to set
the procedure. Only one or two stages can be set.
(3) After finishing the setting, press "MEMORY" to save the procedure and turn back to the
waiting states.If press " START/ +30 SEC." ,it can save and operate the setting.
Note: Auto menu cooking cannot be set as memory procedure.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents