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Additional Operating Notes; Controlling A Component' S; Functions; Two Vcr' S - RCA SystemLink CRCU100 Owner's Manual

Rca crcu100: user guide


Table of Contents
Additional Operating Notes
Controlling a Component' s
Press the correct component
button to
tell the remote which component
want to control.
Then press the
desired function button.
For example,
to turn the TV on: First hit the TV
button, then the ON/OFF button.
to operate the fast forward function of
a VCR, first hit the VCR button, then
the fast forward
arrow button.
Number Buttons:
Press two numbers to select channel.
Press a "0" before a single-digit
channel number.
For some TV' s there will be a
2-second delay before the channel will
For other brands of TV' s, you will
need to press the PC/ENTER
after selecting the two number
VCR On/Off Switch:
Some older VCR' s do not have an
ON/OFF switch on their remote
controls and cannot be turned on and
off remotely.
If you have this type of
VCR, you can test the code number
by pressing the CHAN button instead
of the ON/OFF button.
Make sure the
VCR is alreadv turned on when vou
test the code number.
Controlling Two VCR' s
This remote can control two VCR' s
as long as each VCR
operates in a different remote
Some newer RCA VCR' s are capable
of working on either of two remote
These VCR' s have either a
switch labeled VCRIIVCR2
or an
on-screen display titled REMOTE
You can then set your
new VCR to respond to the remote' s
VCR2 button and your older VCR to
respond to the VCR1 button.
Some older RCA VCR' s have a
switch that can also
respond to either the VCR1 or VCR2
button on the remote.
Place this
switch in the UNIFIED position for
the VCR to respond to the VCR1 but-
ton or in the NORM position for the
VCR2 button.
In the NORM position,
you must program the VCR2 button to
respond to code number 05.
If neither of your VCR' s has
switchable code capability, you may
still be able to use the VCRlIVCR2
feature to control two VCR' s of the
same brand since many older VCR' s
use remote codes that are different
than newer VCR' s, You may want to
to see what works with
your particular VCR' s,


Table of Contents

Table of Contents