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RCA DRC616N User Manual

Rca drc616n: user manual
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DVD Player
User's Guide
Changing entertainment. Again.
DRC616Book 1
DRC616Book 1
11/4/04 10:29:56 AM
11/4/04 10:29:56 AM


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for RCA DRC616N

  • Page 1 DVD Player User’s Guide DRC616N Changing entertainment. Again. DRC616Book 1 DRC616Book 1 11/4/04 10:29:56 AM 11/4/04 10:29:56 AM...
  • Page 2 Product Registration: Please fill out the product registration card (packed separately) and return it immediately. For U.S. customers: Your RCA Consumer Electronics product may also be registered at Registering this product allows us to contact you if necessary.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Chapter 1: Setup and Connections What’s in the Box ...2 Attaching the Battery ...3 Removing the Battery ...3 Initial Setup of the Remote Control ...3 The Player’s Power Supply ...4 Connecting your DVD Player to Other Components ...5 Buttons, Jacks, and Controls ...6 The Remote Control ...8 Using the MODE Button ...9 Using Different Menus ...10...
  • Page 4: What's In The Box

    Graphics are for representation only. Your unit may differ slightly. DRC616Book 2 DRC616Book 2 Connections and Setup DVD Battery Car Adapter S-Video Cable DVD Player User's Manual Changing Entertainment. Again. DRC616N User’s Guide 11/4/04 10:30:01 AM 11/4/04 10:30:01 AM...
  • Page 5: Attaching The Battery

    Attaching the Battery The battery has 3 locating pegs which must be inserted into the 3 holes beneath the player. Locating Pegs Removing the Battery Remove the battery by pushing in on the tabbed arrow on the bottom of the battery and then sliding the player forward until it disengages from the locating pegs.
  • Page 6: The Player's Power Supply

    Connections and Setup The Player’s Power Supply You can power your player either from the battery or power adapter. The battery must first be charged using the power adapter. Using the battery 1. Install the battery as explained on page 3. Charging the battery 1.
  • Page 7: Connecting Your Dvd Player To Other Components

    Connecting your DVD Player to Other Components Connecting the player to a television set If you want to use your portable player for home viewing, you can connect it to a television set using the Audio-Video cables supplied. Note: Remember to turn your TV on and tune it Caution! The selector to the Input channel on the TV to view the video switch must be in the...
  • Page 8: Buttons, Jacks, And Controls

    Connections and Setup Buttons, Jacks, and Controls PORTABLE DVD PLAYER SYSTEM 1 Locking clip 2 LCD screen 3 ON / 4/;(play/pause): press and hold to turn on your DVD portable player until the LCD screen lights up. Also used to play a disc and pause during playback.
  • Page 9 6 SKIP FWD/ (next chapter): goes to next chapter (DVD) or track (CD). / REV (reverse): reverses playback. / FWD (forward): fast forwards playback. 9 ENTER: selects the adjustment or menu item. 3456 10 Navigation buttons adjustments. 11 MODE: Accesses the LCD screen video options (COLOR, CONTRAST, BRIGHTNESS, HUE, REVERSAL, NORMAL, and RESET).
  • Page 10: The Remote Control

    Connections and Setup The Remote Control Buttons listed alphabetically Use to input information such as chapter numbers and track numbers. Define a specific segment on the disc that you want to repeat. See page 16 for more information. In combination with SHIFT, accesses the Camera Angle option of DVD disc. ANGLE (8) Accesses the Audio icon in the Info Display.
  • Page 11: Using The Mode Button

    Accesses the video settings of the LCD screen. See the MODE options below. MODE (LCD) Reduces the audio level to minimum level. MUTE Turns the player on or off. POWER Supports a special function for VCD discs only. PROG (Progam) Turns random playback on and off for VCD, SVCD, and CD discs.
  • Page 12: Using Different Menus

    Connections and Setup Using Different Menus Each disc is programmed with different features. There are three separate types of menus that you can use to access features: 1/17 2/32 0:01:45 1.ENG 3/2.1 Normal Graphics are for representation only. Your unit may differ slightly. DRC616Book 10 DRC616Book 10 •...
  • Page 13: Chapter 2: Playing Discs

    Chapter 2 DVD+Rewritable Regional Coding Both the DVD Player and the discs are coded by region. These regional codes must match in order for the disc to play. This player’s code is Region 1. ALL means all regions. Other regions are: 2: Europe, the Middle East, Rep.
  • Page 14: Playback Options

    Playing Discs SHIFT Play/Pause Forward Reverse STEP REV SLOW REV SLOW FWD STEP FWD Skip Reverse/ Skip Forward/ Previous chapter Next chapter or track or track Graphics are for representation only. Your unit may differ slightly. DRC616Book 12 DRC616Book 12 Playback Options To search a disc using the remote control, you can use the Fast Forward, Reverse, SLOW FWD, SLOW REV, STEP...
  • Page 15: Using The On-Screen Info Displays

    Using the On-Screen Info Displays The Info Display appears vertically on the left side of thescreen when you press the DISPLAY button on the remote while you’re playing a disc. Use the icons. Once an icon is highlighted, follow the on-screen instructions, and use the scroll through the options.
  • Page 16: Title/Track/Pbc Icon

    Playing Discs Title/Track/PBC Icon 1/17 Some DVD discs contain more than one title. Each title is divided into chapters. CDs are divided into separate tracks. To select a title/track: Highlight the Title/Track icon, then use the number button(s) on the remote to enter the title number (track number).
  • Page 17: Subtitles Icon

    Notes: The language feature only works if the disc was created with multiple language tracks. If the disc doesn’t contain the language you selected, the disc will play in the default language. When you choose an audio language during disc playback, you only override the audio language setting in the DVD Player’s main menu temporarily.
  • Page 18: Other Playback Features

    Playing Discs Other Playback Features Using the remote control enables you to access some of the more advanced playback features such as Repeat, Random, Program, Bookmark and Zoom. All are accessed using the remote control. Repeat By default the Repeat feature is Off. The options available depend upon the type of disc you’re playing. •...
  • Page 19: Clearing A Bookmark

    button to move the cursor to the bookmark you want to play. Press4 ; (play) or 5. Use the ENTER. The Search display disappears automatically after a few seconds. Clearing a Bookmark The bookmarks are erased each time you remove a disc from the player or when the power is turned off.
  • Page 20: Music Menu

    Playing Discs Graphics are for representation only. Your unit may differ slightly. DRC616Book 18 DRC616Book 18 Music Menu The Music menu is divided into three sections: Playback List, Edit area in the middle (Add, Add All, Delete, or Delete All), and Program List. •...
  • Page 21: The Dvd Player Menu System

    Chapter 3 The DVD Player Menu System Press the SETUP button on the remote control to bring up the DVD player menu system. Use the arrow buttons on the remote to move through different menu items. Use the ENTER button to select or change a menu that is highlighted. Throughout the menu system, text appears at the bottom of the menu to explain what to do.
  • Page 22: The Display Menu

    Menu System The DISPLAY Menu DISPLAY menu contains the TV Aspect and Display Mode options that affect how a disc’s content looks if the DVD player is connected to your TV. Graphics are for representation only. Your unit may differ slightly. DRC616Book 20 DRC616Book 20 TV Aspect...
  • Page 23: Display Mode

    Display Mode Display Mode option can only be modified when the TV Aspect option is set to 4:3. The two options included in the Display Mode are Letterbox and Panscan. The AUDIO Menu AUDIO menu lets you adjust the player’s settings to match the equipment you connected to your DVD Player and to use the DVD Player’s sound features.
  • Page 24: Sample Freq

    Menu System A U DI O Dolby Digital Bitstream Sample Freq. Digital Output A U DI O Dolby Digital Sample Freq. 48KHZ 96KHZ Digital Output Prev. Move Enter A U DI O Dolby Digital Sample Freq. Digital Output Prev. Move Enter Graphics are for representation only.
  • Page 25: The Lock (Parental Control) Menu

    The LOCK (Parental Control) Menu You can set up the rating limits and lock your player to control the type of content your family watches. The parental control feature is a rating system for DVDs, like movie ratings. The LOCK setup menu includes Rating, Password, and Country Code options used to set parental control.
  • Page 26: Country Code

    Prev. Move Select The OTHERS Menu OTHERS menu lets you adjust specific player options that enhance your portable DVD player. The OTHERS PBC, Auto Play, B.L.E., Load Default, Screen Saver, menu includes are explained in this section. With the player on, press SETUP (menu system appears).
  • Page 27: B.l.e

    O TH E R S Auto Play B.L.E. Load Default Screen Saver Lastplay Prev. Move Select O TH E R S Auto Play B.L.E. Select Load Default Screen Saver Lastplay Prev. Move Select O TH E R S Auto Play B.L.E.
  • Page 28: Chapter 4 Additional Information

    Note: If you prefer, we can provide you with the name of an Authorized Service Representative who will visit your home for a fee to install your electronic entertainment system and to instruct you in its operation. For details about this service, call 1-888-206-3359. For additional assistance while using your RCA product, please visit customersupport.
  • Page 29: Additional Information

    The colors don’t seem natural. • Use the MODE button on the remote control to access the portable DVD player’s video options and adjust accordingly. The picture format does not match the screen format. • The picture format is adjustable (page 20). Some discs dictate the format, in which case no adjustment is possible.
  • Page 30: Country Codes

    Additional Information Country Codes Country Afghanistan Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Bhutan Bolivia Brazil Cambodia Canada Chile China Colombia Congo Costa Rica Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Ethiopia Fiji Finland France Germany Great Britain Greece Graphics are for representation only. Your unit may differ slightly. DRC616Book 28 DRC616Book 28 Code...
  • Page 31 Country Panama Paraguay Philippines Poland Portugal Romania Russian Federation Saudi Arabia Senegal Singapore Slovak Republic Slovenia South Africa South Korea Graphics are for representation only. Your unit may differ slightly. DRC616Book 29 DRC616Book 29 Additional Information Code Country Spain Sri Lanka Sweden Switzerland Taiwan...
  • Page 32: Language Codes

    Additional Information Language Codes Language Codes are used for the Disc Audio, Disc Subtitle, and Disc Menu settings. Language Abkhazian Afar Afrikaans Albanian Ameharic Arabic Armenian Assamese Aymara Azerbaijani Bashkir Basque Bengali;Bangla Bhutani Bihari Breton Bulgarian Burmese Byelorussian Cambodian Catalan Chinese Corsican Croatian...
  • Page 33 Language Kurdish Laothian Latin Latvian,Lettish Lingala Lithuanian Macedonian Malagasy Malay Malayalam Maltese Maori Marathi Moldavian Mongolian Nauru Nepali Norwegian Oriya Panjabi Pashto,Pushto Persian Polish Portuguese Quechua Rhaeto-Romance Rumanian Russian Samoan Sanskrit Scots Gaelic Serbian Serbo-Croatian Graphics are for representation only. Your unit may differ slightly. DRC616Book 31 DRC616Book 31 Additional Information...
  • Page 34: Maintenance Of Cabinet

    Additional Information Maintenance of Cabinet For safety reasons, when cleaning the cabinet be sure to disconnect the AC power cord from the AC outlet • Do not use benzene, thinner, or other solvents for cleaning. • Wipe the cabinet with a soft cloth. Formation of Condensation •...
  • Page 35: Recommendations And Information Concerning Discs

    Recommendations and Information Concerning Discs CD-R and CD-RW discs This player can play most CD-R and CD-RW discs. However, depending on the recorder of the discs of your personal computer, the type of disc and recording method used, some discs might not play, or the performance might not meet the expected standard of quality.
  • Page 36 Additional Information CD-R and CD-RW discs with JPEG format “image” files To view your JPEG images on a TV set you do not need to record your photographs with a resolution above 400,000 pixels (which corresponds to an image format of about 720 x 576 dots) because of the resolution of most TVs.
  • Page 37: Limited Warranty

    Limited Warranty What your warranty covers: • Defects in materials or workmanship. For how long after your purchase: • 90 days from date of purchase - Unit exchange, which includes parts and labor. • 91 days to 1 year from date of purchase - Unit exchange, which includes parts only; you pay the labor.
  • Page 38 Thomson. Product Registration: Please complete the online Product Registration on or complete and mail the Product Registration Card packed with your unit. It will make it easier to contact you should it ever be necessary. The return of the card is not required for warranty coverage.
  • Page 39: Accessory Information

    Power Adapter and charger Battery reset Surge Protector (PS83202C2), 8 Outlets, 2100 Joules Protection, $100,000 Connected Equipment Guarantee, RCA Exclusive Surge Stat Indicator, price $34.95 Graphics are for representation only. Your unit may differ slightly. DRC616Book 37 DRC616Book 37 Additional Information...
  • Page 40 Visit the RCA website at Please do not send any products to the Indianapolis address listed below or on the carton. This will only add delays in service for your product. Thomson Inc. 10330 North Meridian Street Indianapolis, IN 46290 ©2004 Thomson Inc.