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Receiving, Handling And Storage - Siemens GMSG-GCB Instruction Manual

5 kv to 15 kv vacuum circuit breakers


Receiving, handling and
This portion of the instruction manual covers
the receiving, handling and storage
instructions for a type GMSG or GMSG-GCB
vacuum circuit breaker shipped separately
from the switchgear. This section of the
instruction manual is intended to help the
user identify, inspect and protect the circuit
breaker prior to its installation.
Receiving procedure
Make a physical inspection of the shipping
container before removing or unpacking the
circuit breaker.
Check for shipment damage or indications of
rough handling by the carrier. Check each
item against the manifest to identify any
Accessories such as the manual charging
crank, the racking crank and the split plug
jumper are shipped separately.
Heavy weight.
Improper lifting or hoisting can result in death, serious injury or
property damage.
Obtain the services of a qualified rigger prior to hoisting the circuit
breaker to assure adequate safety margins in the hoisting equipment
and procedures to avoid damage.
Shipping damage claims
Important: The manner in which visible
shipping damage is identified by consignee
prior to signing the delivery receipt can
determine the outcome of any damage claim
to be filed.
Notification to carrier within 15 days for
concealed damage is essential if loss resulting
from unsettled claims is to be eliminated or
1. When the shipment arrives, note whether
the equipment is properly protected from
the elements. Note the trailer number the
equipment arrived on. Note also any
blocking of equipment. During unloading,
check the actual equipment delivered to
verify it agrees with the delivery receipt.
2. Make immediate inspection for visible
damage upon arrival and prior to
disturbing or removing packaging or
wrapping material. This should be done
prior to unloading when possible. When
total inspection cannot be made on
vehicle prior to unloading, close
inspection during unloading must be
performed and visible damage noted on
the delivery receipt. Take pictures if



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