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Table Of Contents - Siemens GMSG-GCB Instruction Manual

5 kv to 15 kv vacuum circuit breakers


These instructions do not purport to cover all
details or variations in equipment, nor to
provide for every possible contingency to be
met in connection with installation, operation
or maintenance. Should further information be
desired or should particular problems arise
that are not covered sufficiently for the
purchaser's purposes, the matter should be
referred to the local sales office.
The contents of this instruction manual shall
not become part of or modify any prior or
existing agreement, commitment or
relationship. The sales contract contains the
entire obligation of Siemens Industry, Inc. The
warranty contained in the contract between
the parties is the sole warranty of Siemens
Industry, Inc. Any statements contained herein
do not create new warranties or modify the
existing warranty.

Table of contents

04 - 05
06 - 08
09 - 13
14 - 35
36 - 52
53 - 58
59 - 61
62 - 67



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