KENWOOD TK-3501, TK-3501-E - UHF FM Transceiver User Guide

KENWOOD TK-3501, TK-3501-E - UHF FM Transceiver User Guide

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KENWOOD TK-3501, TK-3501-E - UHF FM Transceiver User Guide


Carefully unpack the transceiver. We recommend that you identify the items listed in the following list before discarding the packing material. If any items are missing or have been damaged during shipment, fi le a claim with the carrier immediately.

Item Quantity
Battery charger/ AC adapter (KSC-35S) 1
Li-ion battery pack (KNB-63L) 1
Cap 1
Belt clip 1
User guide 1


  • The speaker/ microphone jack, waterproof performance is guaranteed by securing the supplied cap. Waterproof performance will not be guaranteed by connecting an optional speaker/ microphone, etc.


  1. To install the battery pack, align the base of the battery pack with the transceiver, then press the battery pack into place until the lock lever is secure.

  2. To remove the battery pack, push the lock lever up, then pull the battery pack away from the transceiver.



Turn the Power switch/ Volume control clockwise to switch the transceiver ON.
Turn the Power switch/ Volume control counterclockwise fully to switch the transceiver OFF.

Rotate the Power switch/ Volume control to adjust the volume. Clockwise increases the volume and counterclockwise decreases it.

Rotate the Channel selector to select your desired channel.


  1. Select the desired channel.
  2. Press the button programmed as [Monitor/ Monitor Momentary] or [Squelch Off / Squelch Off Momentary] (default setting: Side key) to check whether or not the channel is free.
    • If the channel is busy, wait until it becomes free.
  3. To make a call, press and hold the PTT switch and speak to the microphone.
    • For best sound quality, hold the transceiver approximately 3 ~ 4 cm (1.5 inches) from your mouth.
  4. Release the PTT switch to receive.
    • If QT/DQT has been programmed on the selected channel, you will hear a call only if the received signal matches your transceiver settings.
Model Frequency range Max. output power
TK-3501-E 446.00625 - 446.193750 MHz 500 mW e.r.p.

This transceiver allows you to reprogram each of the channels with diff erent frequencies and QT (Quiet Talk)/ DQT (Digital Quiet Talk) settings. The table below lists the default channel settings.

Channel Number Frequency QT/DQT
1 446.00625 MHz 94.8 Hz
2 446.09375 MHz 88.5 Hz
3 446.03125 MHz 103.5 Hz
4 446.06875 MHz 79.7 Hz
5 446.04375 MHz 118.8 Hz
6 446.01875 MHz 123.0 Hz
7 446.08125 MHz 127.3 Hz
8 446.05625 MHz 85.4 Hz
9 446.00625 MHz 107.2 Hz
10 446.09375 MHz 110.9 Hz
11 446.03125 MHz 114.8 Hz
12 446.06875 MHz 82.5 Hz
13 446.04375 MHz D132N
14 446.01875 MHz D155N
15 446.05625 MHz D134N
16 446.08125 MHz D243N

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Here you can download full pdf version of manual, it may contain additional safety instructions, warranty information, FCC rules, etc.

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