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Panasonic NV-GS11 Operating Instructions Manual

Digital video camera
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Operating Instructions

Digital Video Camera
Model No.
Before use, please read these instructions completely.
LSQT0783 A


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Operating Instructions Digital Video Camera NV-GS11GN Model No. NV-GS15GN Before use, please read these instructions completely. LSQT0783 A...
  • Page 2: Information For Your Safety

    Operating Instructions are the sole responsibility of the user. Operating Instructions ≥These Operating Instructions apply to models NV-GS11 and NV-GS15. ≥The illustrations used in these Operating Instructions show model NV-GS15, however, parts of the explanation refer to different models.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Recording Mode About Recording... 19 Recording on a Tape ... 19 Recording a Still Picture on a Tape (Photoshot) (NV-GS11 only) ... 20 Recording a Still Picture on a Card (Photoshot) (NV-GS15 only) ... 21 Recording with the Built-in LED Video Light ...
  • Page 4 Playback Mode Playing Back a Tape... 31 Finding a Scene You Want to Play Back... 31 Slow Motion Playback ... 32 Still Playback/Still Advance Playback... 32 Index Search Functions... 33 Playback Zoom Function ... 33 Playback Digital Effect Functions ... 34 Playing Back a Card (NV-GS15 only)...
  • Page 5: Before Use Standard Accessories

    (BN-SDCAPE) ≥Some optional accessories may not be available in some countries. Controls and Components ª Movie Camera NV-GS15 -54- (11) (12) (13) (14) NV-GS11 (11) (12) (13) (7) (8) (9) (10) RESET (15)(16)(17)(18)(19) (7) (8) (9) (10) RESET (15)(16)(17)(18)(19) (20)
  • Page 6 LCD Monitor Open Knob [OPEN4] LCD Monitor -13- -55- Due to limitations in LCD production technology, there may be some tiny bright or dark spots on the LCD Monitor screen. However, this is not a malfunction and does not affect the recorded picture. Card Slot Cover Open Lever [OPEN] (NV-GS15 only) -12-...
  • Page 7: Remote Controller

    (34)(35)(36)(37)(38) NV-GS15 NV-GS11 (39) (40) (41) (42) (44) (43) (34) Viewfinder -13- -56- Due to limitations in LCD production technology, there may be some tiny bright or dark spots on the Viewfinder screen. However, this is not a malfunction and does not affect the recorded picture.
  • Page 8: The Remote Controller

  • Page 9: Power Supply

    Movie Camera to [OFF] and make sure that Power Lamp is not lit. ª Using the Battery Before use, fully charge the Battery. ≥We recommend using Panasonic’s Battery. -16- ≥We cannot guarantee the quality of this Movie Camera when batteries of other companies are used.
  • Page 10: Charging Time And Available Recording Time

    Viewfinder and LCD Monitor simultaneously when using the Colour Night View function, rotating the LCD Monitor frontward to record yourself or setting [EVF ON/AUTO] to [ON]. -47- -10- NV-GS11/NV-GS15 2h10min. (1h45min.) 1h5min. (55min.) 4h20min. (3h30min.) 2h10min. (1h45min.) 3h15min. 7h40min. (6h)
  • Page 11: The Grip Belt

    The Grip Belt ª To Use as a Grip Belt Adjust the length of the Grip Belt to the size of your hand. Detach the end of the Grip Belt. Adjust the length of the Grip Belt to the size of your hand.
  • Page 12: Inserting A Cassette

    Inserting a Cassette Slide the [OPEN/EJECT] Lever the front and pull down to fully open the Cassette Compartment Cover. ≥To protect the tape, if the cover is not fully opened, the cassette cannot be ejected. Insert a Cassette. Close the Cassette Holder by pressing the [PUSH] mark 1.
  • Page 13: Turning On The Movie Camera

    With the LCD Monitor open, you can also record the picture while watching it. Put a finger on the [OPEN4] Knob pull the LCD Monitor NV-GS11 of the arrow. ≥The Viewfinder is deactivated. ≥The LCD Monitor can be opened a maximum of 120o.
  • Page 14: Using The Menu Screen

    Movie Camera, the selected setup may not be retained. (The setups of [EFFECT2] ( ≥Menu operation flow is shown in this text by >>. -14- (20) (20) (39) NV-GS15 NV-GS11 ) are not retained.) -29-...
  • Page 15: List Of Menus

    [PROG.AE] Auto Exposure Mode -25- [SIS] Image Stabilizer -23- [D.ZOOM] Digital Zoom -23- [SHTR EFFECT] (NV-GS11 only) Shutter Effect -20- ≥You can add a sound like releasing the shutter. [SELF TIMER] Self-timer Recording -22- Before Use [USB FUNCTION] USB Functions Mode ≥If you press [6] Button, the menu changes...
  • Page 17: Setting Date And Time

    [SHTR EFFECT] Shutter Effect -48- ≥You can add a sound like releasing the shutter. [SELF TIMER] Self-timer Recording -22- 2) [DIGITAL] Digital Setup Sub-Menu [TITLE IN] Adding a Title -36- 3) [CARD] Card Setup Sub-Menu [PICT QUALITY] Picture Quality -21- [CREATE TITLE] Title Creation -36-...
  • Page 18: Internal Lithium Battery Recharge

  • Page 19: Recording Mode

    Mode and the recording to a tape is in progress, you can also record a still picture on a card by pressing the [PHOTO SHOT] Button. -19- (43) to [ON]. (40) lights up. (40) (43) (39) to Tape Recording NV-GS15 NV-GS11 (42) RECORD PAUSE PAUSE (42) (42)
  • Page 20: Recording A Still Picture On A Tape (Photoshot) (Nv-Gs11 Only)

    ≥When you record the tape and the card simultaneously, the progressive function is not -48- activated. Recording a Still Picture on a Tape (Photoshot) (NV-GS11 only) Still pictures can be recorded from the Movie Camera lens. Press the [PHOTO SHOT] Button Recording Pause Mode.
  • Page 21: Recording A Still Picture On A Card (Photoshot) (Nv-Gs15 Only)

    Recording a Still Picture on a Card (Photoshot) (NV-GS15 only) Still pictures can be recorded on the Memory Card from the Movie Camera. (39) Set the Mode Dial to Card Recording Mode. (39) Press the [PHOTO SHOT] Button (36) PHOTO SHOT ≥The [ ] Indication lights up in red.
  • Page 22: Quick Start

    ≥Pressing the [LIGHT] Button again returns to GAINUP ≥For other notes concerning this item, see Quick Start By pressing the [QUICK START] Button the Movie Camera will be ready for recording in approximately 1.3 seconds after the Movie Camera is turned on. Press the [QUICK START] Button ≥The Quick Start Recording Lamp (41)
  • Page 23: Digital Zoom Function

    ª To Take Close-up Shots of Small Subjects (Macro Close-up Function) When the zoom magnification is 1k, the Movie Camera can focus on a subject that is as close as approximately 20 mm from the Lens. Small subjects like insects can be recorded with this function.
  • Page 24: Backlight Compensation Function

    Keep pressing the [FADE] Button during the Recording Pause Mode. (18) ≥The image fades out gradually. When the image is completely gone, press the Recording Start/Stop Button start recording. (42) Release the [FADE] Button 3 seconds after starting recording. ≥The image reappears gradually. Fade Out Fade Out causes images and sounds to disappear gradually, leaving a black screen at the...
  • Page 25: Wind Noise Reduction Function

    Press the [SOFT SKIN] Button ≥The [ ] Indication appears. SOFT SKIN SOFT SKIN ≥To obtain the best effect, we recommend to take the bust shot, so that the upper part from the breast of the subject can be framed in the screen.
  • Page 26: Recording In Natural Colours

    ≥For recording a subject under a spotlight in a party, theatre, etc. 5) [º] Surf & Snow Mode ≥For recording in a glaring surrounding, such as ski slopes, beaches, etc. To Cancel the Programme AE Function Set the [PROG.AE] on the [CAMERA] Sub-menu to [OFF].
  • Page 27: Manual Shutter Speed Adjustment

    ª About White Balance Sensor The White Balance Sensor (31) nature of the light source during recording. ≥Do not cover the White Balance Sensor with your hand during recording because White Balance will not function normally. 10 000K 9 000K 8 000K 7 000K 6 000K...
  • Page 28: Manual Focus Adjustment

    Press the [ENTER] Button Indication appears. (19)(17)(16) 1/50 F2.4 (16) Press the [5] Button (19) to adjust the iris. Range of Iris Adjustment CLOSE (Closed), F16, ..., F2.0, OP (Opened)i0dB, ..., OPi18dB When a value closer to [CLOSE] is selected, the image becomes darker.
  • Page 29: Multi-Picture Mode

    8) Mirror Mode [MIRROR] ≥The right half of an image becomes a mirror image of the left half. 9) Stretch Mode [STRETCH] ≥The Picture is expanded horizontally. 10) Slim Mode [SLIM] ≥The picture is expanded vertically. Digital Effects 2 [EFFECT2] 11) NEGA 12) SEPIA 13) B/W...
  • Page 30 Aim the Movie Camera at the scene you want to capture and press the [P-IN-P] (10) Button to insert a small still picture. (10) MULTI/ P-IN-P ≥A small still picture is displayed in a normal picture. ≥If the [P-IN-P] Button is pressed again, the small still picture is cleared.
  • Page 31: Playback Mode

    (40) (43) Set the Mode Dial (39) to Tape Playback Mode. (39) NV-GS15 NV-GS11 Press the [6] Button (19) tape. (19) ≥Rewind the tape to the point where you want to start playback. ≥When the tape reaches the beginning, rewinding stops automatically.
  • Page 32: Slow Motion Playback

    ª Variable Speed Search Function The speed of Cue Playback or Review Playback can be varied. During playback, press the [1] Button ≥The [1k!] Indication appears. (17) Push the [W/T] Lever (37) search speed. VOL/JOG (37) The following 6 playback speeds are available for the Variable Speed Search Function in both the fast-forward and rewind directions: 1/5k (slow playback in SP Mode only), 1/3k...
  • Page 33: Index Search Functions

    To facilitate searching for desired scenes, this Movie Camera automatically records index signals during recording, as explained in the following. Photoshot Index Signal NV-GS11: These signals are automatically recorded whenever still pictures are taken in Photoshot Mode. ( ) Photoshot Index Signals are not...
  • Page 34: Playback Digital Effect Functions

    Playback Zoom Function A part of the image can be enlarged up to 10 times during playback. During playback, press the [P.B. ZOOM] (75) Button on the Remote Controller. INDEX STOP INDEX ∫ SELECT VAR. SEARCH (57) STORE ENTER OFF/ON P.B.DIGITAL ≥The centre of the image is enlarged to approximately 2 times.
  • Page 35: Playing Back A Card (Nv-Gs15 Only)

    ≥The Wipe Function and Mix Function can be used only from the Remote Controller during playback. ≥If the [OFF/ON] Button (62) Wipe or Mix is carried out, the effect will stop temporarily at that point. Pressing the [OFF/ON] Button (62) again will bring back the effect.
  • Page 36: Creating A Title (Nv-Gs15 Only)

    To Pause the Slide Show Press the [;] Button. ≥The [SLIDE;] Indication is displayed. SLIDE To Stop the Slide Show Press the [∫] Button. ≥For other notes concerning this item, see Creating a Title (NV-GS15 only) You can create a title and record on a Card. Recording Mode: Set the Mode Dial (39)
  • Page 37: Writing Printing Data On A Card (Nv-Gs15 Only)

    ≥A list of titles is displayed. USR00002.TTL ≥File Name 1 Press the [;/∫/6/5] Button to select a desired title. ≥The selected title is marked with a frame. Press the [ENTER] Button [MULTI] Button (10) ≥The selected title is displayed. ≥Recording and Photoshot Recording can be made with pictures that have titles.
  • Page 38: Protecting The Files On A Card (Nv-Gs15 Only)

    Protecting the Files on a Card (NV-GS15 only) (Lock Setting) Precious files recorded on a Card can be locked to prevent accidental erasure. (Even if files are locked, the files will be deleted if the Card is formatted.) Set [PICTURE PLAYBACK MENU] >> [EDITING] >>...
  • Page 39: Playing Back On Your Tv

    ≥It may not be able to use the Card formatted by this Movie Camera on other unit. In this case, format the Card on the unit which will use the Card. Make sure that valuable pictures are stored on your PC before proceeding. ≥A Card formatted on other equipment (e.g.
  • Page 40: Editing Mode

    Editing Mode Recording from a Tape onto a Card (NV-GS15 only) Still pictures can be recorded on the Memory Card from scenes that have already been recorded on a cassette. Set the Mode Dial (39) to Tape Playback Mode. (39) Start playback and set the Movie Camera to Still Playback Mode at the scene you wish to record, and press the [PHOTO SHOT]...
  • Page 41: Copying On An S-Vhs (Or A Vhs) Cassette

    To Play Back the Sound Recorded by 12bit Audio Dubbing Set [TAPE PLAYBACK MENU] >> [PLAYBACK] >> [12bit AUDIO] >> [ST2] or [MIX]. ST1: It plays back only the original sound. ST2: It plays back only the sound added by Audio Dubbing.
  • Page 42: Using The Dv Cable For Recording

    Movie Camera: Set [TAPE PLAYBACK MENU] >> [AV IN/OUT] >> [AV JACK] >> [IN/OUT]. (20) Insert an unrecorded Cassette. Other Equipment: Insert a recorded Cassette and start playback. Movie Camera: While pressing the [¥REC] Button (73) press the [1] Button Or while pressing the [REC] Button press the [BACK LIGHT] Button Movie Camera.
  • Page 43: With A Pc

    With a PC Importing still pictures onto a PC (NV-GS15 only) Using the supplied USB Connection Kit, you can import still pictures onto your personal computer. ≥Do not connect the USB Cable until the USB Driver is installed. Install the supplied USB Driver. (39) Set the Mode Dial to PC Mode.
  • Page 44 Folder Configuration when the Card is used with a PC ≥When a Card with data recorded on it is inserted into a personal computer, folders will be displayed as in the figure. SD Memory Card: MultiMediaCard: DCIM IM01CDPF MISC TITLE [100CDPFP]: The images (IMGA0001.JPG, etc.) in this folder are recorded in...
  • Page 45: Others

    Others Indications Various functions and the Movie Camera status are shown on the screen. Remaining Battery Power ≥When the battery power becomes low, the Indication changes. When the battery is discharged completely, the u (v) Indication flashes. R0:45: Remaining Tape Time ≥Remaining tape time is indicated in minutes.
  • Page 46: Initializing The Modes

    ¥ (White): DPOF Setting completed (set to 1 or more picture) [640k480] Image size ≥For images not recorded with this Movie Camera, the size display is determined as follows according to the number of horizontal pixels. 640 or more, less than 800 (The size is not displayed at under 640 pixels.) 800 or more, less than 1024...
  • Page 47: Notes And Hints

    PUSH THE RESET SWITCH: An irregularity in the mechanism has been detected. Press the [RESET] Button ). This may solve the problem. -58- CARD FULL: Card does not have sufficient memory remaining. Select Picture Playback Mode and delete unnecessary files. NO CARD: Card is not inserted.
  • Page 48: Recording Check

    PC, and format your card by this Movie Camera. ≥Intervals of recording pictures may become large depending on the card. We recommend using Panasonic SD Memory Card. ª Recording with the Built-in LED Video Light ≥The subject should be within 1.5 metres of the Movie Camera.
  • Page 49 ª Zoom Microphone Function ≥The Zoom Microphone Function may not work effectively if the surrounding noise is too loud. ≥It does not work with an external microphone. ª Digital Zoom Functions ≥As the magnification of digital zoom increases, the quality of image may deteriorate. ≥White balance cannot be set in the digital zoom range.
  • Page 50: White Balance

    ≥If this mode is used for indoor recording, playback images may flicker. Low Light Mode ≥Extremely dark scenes may not be able to be made brighter to a satisfactory degree. Spotlight Mode ≥With this mode, recorded images may become extremely dark. ≥If the recording subject is extremely bright, its recorded image may becomes whitish.
  • Page 51 Choosing Sound during Playback You can select the sound by using the [AUDIO OUT] setting on the [PLAYBACK] Sub-Menu. STEREO: Stereo Sound (main sound and sub sound) Left channel sound (main sound) Right channel sound (sub sound) ≥If you dub a tape recorded at the [12bit] selected as the [AUDIO REC] on the [RECORDING] Sub-Menu, playback sound becomes stereo sound regardless of the...
  • Page 52: Cautions For Use

    Cautions for Use In the event of abnormal operation (e.g. if the unit emits smoke or an unusual smell), immediately stop operating the unit and consult the Panasonic Customer Care Centre on 132600. ª After Use Take out the Cassette. ( Set the [OFF/ON] Switch to [OFF].
  • Page 53 ≥If sea water splashes onto the Movie Camera, wet a soft cloth with tap water, wring it well, and use it to wipe the camera body carefully. Then, wipe it again thoroughly with a soft dry cloth. Keep the Movie Camera away from magnetized equipment (such as a microwave oven, TV, video game equipment, etc.).
  • Page 54: Optimal Use Of The Battery

    Blink in red: Dews are adhere on the head or the tape. Remove the tape if it is inserted. ≥It takes about 20 seconds to open the Cassette Holder. This is not a malfunction. Leave the Movie Camera with the Cassette Compartment Cover closed to cool or warm it to the ambient temperature.
  • Page 55: Cautions For Storage

    Be Sure to Detach the Battery after Use Be sure to detach the Battery from the Movie Camera. (If it is left attached to the Movie Camera, a minute amount of current is consumed even when the Movie Camera power is off.) If the Battery is left attached to the Movie Camera for a long time, over-discharge takes place.
  • Page 56: Before Requesting Repair (Problems And Solutions)

    Extremely high precision technology is employed to produce the LCD Monitor screen featuring a total of approximately 105,000 pixels. The result is more than 99.99% effective pixels with a mere 0.01% of the pixels inactive or always lit. However, this is not a malfunction and does not affect the recorded picture.
  • Page 57 Other Recording 1: Auto Focus Function does not work. • Is Manual Focus Mode selected? If Auto Focus Mode is selected, focus is automatically adjusted. ( -28- • There are some recording subjects and recording surroundings for which the Auto Focus Function does not operate correctly.
  • Page 58: Using The Reset Button

    2: Photoshot Playback images do not look normal. • The picture may be damaged. In order to prevent the loss of image data, backing up on a Cassette or a personal computer is recommended. ( -40- -43- 3: During Playback, [UNPLAYABLE CARD] is displayed.
  • Page 59: Time Code

    5) Recording a fast-moving subject ≥Because the focus lens-inside moves mechanically, it cannot keep up with the fast-moving subject. 6) Recording a subject with little contrast ≥Because the Movie Camera achieves focus based upon the vertical lines of an image, a subject with little contrast, such as a white wall, may become blurry.
  • Page 60: Specifications

    Specifications Specifications Digital Video Camera Information for your safety Power Source: DC 7.9/7.2 V Power Consumption: Recording 2.6 W (When using Viewfinder) 3.3 W (When using LCD Monitor) Recording Format: Mini DV (Consumer-use Digital Video SD Format) Tape Used: 6.35 mm digital video tape Recording/Playback Time: SP: 80 min.;...
  • Page 61 Maximum number of still pictures recordable on an SD Memory Card (optional) PICTURE FINE QUALITY 8 MB 16 MB 32 MB 64 MB 128 MB 256 MB 1760 512 MB 3520 ≥These figures vary depending on the subject being photographed. ≥The numbers shown in the table are approximations.
  • Page 62 -62-...
  • Page 63 -63-...
  • Page 64 LSQT0783 A 7000 A ) F0204Ha0 ( Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Web site: