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Oregon Scientific BAR898HGA User Manual

Long-range wireless weather station with in-out thermo-hygrometer and rf clock.
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Congratulations on your purchase of the BAR898HGA Long-
Range Wireless Weather Station with In-Out Thermo-Hygrometer
and RF Clock. This unit is an all-in-one weather forecasting
device which has multiple weather-related functions. Also, with
an internal antenna the reception range of this unit can be up to
328 feet (100 meters).
The BAR898HGA, a weather forecasting device, has several
weather related functions. The main feature is that it takes and
records temperatures and humidities in more than one location.
Using a wireless remote thermo-hygro sensor, it can
simultaneously monitor temperatures and humidities in three
remote locations. The unit will show temperature and humidity
trends as well as record maximum and minimum temperature
and humidity readings. BAR898HGA is able to receive and
display readings from up to 3 remote sensors.
As part of the weather forecasting function, the unit has a built-in
barometer that displays atmospheric pressure. Using kinetic-
movement graphic illustrations the unit displays atmospheric
pressure trends and displays forecasts as sunny, partly cloudy,
cloudy, rainy and snowy.
This unit also has a Radio Frequency (RF) controlled clock. It can
automatically synchronize its current time and date when it is
brought within range of the radio signal generated from the U.S.
Atomic Clock.
Other features of BAR898HGA include LCD and key-panel
backlight, rotatable display unit for multi-angle viewing and a
Daily crescendo alarm with an eight-minute snooze function.
No wire installation is required between the main and remote
units as this unit operates at 433 MHz.
However, please note that the Atomic Clock cannot be used
outside the U.S.


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    The unit will show temperature and humidity trends as well as record maximum and minimum temperature and humidity readings. BAR898HGA is able to receive and display readings from up to 3 remote sensors. MODEL : BAR898HGA...

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    FEATURES : MAIN UNIT A. LCD DISPLAY A1. WEATHER FORECAST WINDOW - Graphically illustrates the weather forecast - Indicates trends in atmospheric pressure - Indicates when main unit battery is low A2. TEMPERATURE WINDOW - Displays current, minimum or maximum indoor and remote temperature - Indicates the temperature trend A3.

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    B3. [ MEMORY ] BUTTON - Displays minimum and maximum temperature and humidity readings, and erases memory data B4. [ CHANNEL ] BUTTON - Displays the temperature and humidity readings of the indoor or remote sensor B5. [ SNOOZE / LIGHT ] BUTTON - Activates the snooze function or turns on the backlight B6.

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    D3. [ mb / hPa - inHg ] SLIDE SWITCH - Selects between "mb / hPa" or "inHg" pressure unit display D4. [ C / F ] SLIDE SWITCH - Selects between Centigrade ( C ) or Fahrenheit ( F) temperature unit display [ZONE] BUTTON Press to select among the 4 U.S.

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    g. Battery door h. Wall-mount holder Supports the remote unit in wall-mounting Removable table stand For standing the remote unit on a flat surface BEFORE YOU BEGIN - INSTALLING THE TABLE STAND Before operation, plug the detachable table stand into the display unit as shown.

  • Page 6: Lcd And Key-panel Backlight

    BATTERY AND CHANNEL INSTALLATION: REMOTE UNIT The remote thermo-hygro sensor unit uses two (2) UM-3 or “AA” size batteries. Follow these steps to install / replace batteries: 1. Remove the screws on the battery compartment. 2. Select the channel number on the CHANNEL slide switch. 3.

  • Page 7: Radio Reception, Set The Clock

    The BAR898HGA is designed to automatically synchronize its calendar clock once it is brought within range of the U.S. Atomic Clock radio signal. When the BAR898HGA is within range, its radio-control mecha- nism will override all manual settings unless the auto-reception function is manually disabled.

  • Page 8

    appropriate month using the UP [ ] or DOWN [ Press [MODE] button and the day settings will flash. Enter the appropriate day using the UP [ ] or DOWN [ Press [MODE] again and the language setting will flash. Use the UP [ ] or DOWN [ ] button to select E for English, F for...

  • Page 9

    CHECKING INDOOR AND REMOTE TEMPERATURES & HUMIDITIES To display the indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity readings, press the [CHANNEL] button to toggle among the indoor, Channel 1, 2 and 3 displays. The temperature can be shown in Centigrade ( C) or Fahrenheit ( F).

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    TEMPERATURE & HUMIDITY TREND The temperature and humidity trend indicator shows the trend of temperatures and humidities collected at that particular sensor. Three trends: rising, steady, and falling will be shown. Arrow indicator Temperature Rising Trend Arrow indicator Humidity Rising Trend ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE The atmospheric pressure arrow indicator will indicate if the...

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    -328 feet (-100 meters) to 8,200 feet (2,500 meters) (whichever appropriate). Press [HISTORY] button to confirm and exit. The BAR898HGA requires entry of elevation in meters not feet. Shows the To convert feet to meters multiply feet by .30.

  • Page 12

    Wall-Mount: Table-Stand: HOW TO WALL MOUNT OR USE THE TABLE STAND (MAIN UNIT) The unit can be wall-mounted using its recessed screw holes or placed on a flat surface using the detachable table stand. Wall-Mount: Table-Stand: Gently plug in the table stand as shown: HOW TO RESET THE UNIT The [ RESET ] button allows you to return all settings to factory...

  • Page 13

    5. Only use new batteries as specified in this instruction manual. Do not mix new and old batteries as the old batteries may leak. 6. Read this instruction manual thoroughly before operating the unit. SPECIFICATIONS Main unit Indoor Temperature measurement Proposed operating range : 23.0 F to 122.0 F (-5.0 C to +50.0 C)

  • Page 14: About Oregon Scientific

    We hope you will find all the information you need on our website, however if you’d like to contact the Oregon Scientific Customer Care department directly, please visit: Call 949-608-2848 in the US.

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    Please call our customer service number (listed on our website at, or on the warranty card for this product) for all inquiries instead. Name: Oregon Scientific, Inc. Address: 19861 SW 95th Place, Tualatin, Oregon 97062 Telephone No.: 1-800-853-8883 Fax No.:...

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    © 2004 Oregon Scientific. All Rights Reserved. 086-002278-04...

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    Long-Range Wireless Weather Station with In-Out Thermo-Hygrometer and RF Clock Model: BAR898HGA User Manual...

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  • Gene Andersen Jan 07, 2015 04:56:
    I cannot get the outdoor temp to register, indoor works fine. I have installed new batteries and they are properly installed. I have both units on channel 2, I have pressed the channel button to no avail. I have pressed the reset on both units.
    My phone number is 623-544-93​47