Sony Walkman WM-GX221 - Radio Cassette-Corder Manual

Sony Walkman WM-GX221 - Radio Cassette-Corder Manual

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Sony Walkman WM-GX221 - Radio Cassette-Corder Manual


Overview * There is a tactile dot beside VOL on the main unit to show the direction to turn up the volume.
**The button/jack has a tactile dot.


To Insert batteries

To Insert batteries - Step 1
Slide open the battery compartment lid, and insert two R6 (size AA) dry batteries with correct polarity.

Replace the batteries with new ones when the REC/BATT indicator dims.
To Insert batteries - Step 2


  • For maximum performance we recommend that you use Sony alkaline batteries.

To use external power

  • Connect the AC power adaptor AC-E30HG (not supplied) to the DC IN 3V jack and to the wall outlet. Do not use any other AC power adaptor.
  • Specifications for AC-E30HG vary for each area. Check your local voltage and the shape of plug before purchasing.



  • If the record-protect tab is broken, you cannot record on that side.
  • Tapes recorded with the 2x REC TIME switch in the DOUBLE position cannot be played properly by a tape recorder without that recording mode function.
  • Use new batteries when recording.
  • When recording with the microphone, the sound to be recorded cannot be heard through the speakers.
  1. Insert a normal (TYPE I) tape.
  2. Set 2x REC TIME to the desired position.
    NORM (4.8 cm/s): for optimum sound.
    Recommended for normal recordings. DOUBLE (2.4 cm/s): for double recording time (for example, 120 minutes using both sides of a 60-minute cassette). Suitable for recording conferences, dictations, etc. Not recommended to record music.
  3. Select a recording source.
    To record with the built-in microphone:
    1. Place the unit on a hard surface (such as a desk) with the cassette holder side down, so that the microphone can record effectively.
    2. Set FUNCTION to TAPE.

To record with the microphone:

  1. Connect the supplied microphone to the MIC (PLUG IN POWER) jack.
  2. Set FUNCTION to TAPE.
    You can attach the microphone to your clothes.

To record from the radio:

  2. Tune in to the station you want to record (see "Listening to the Radio").
  1. PressREC.
    PLAY is pressed simultaneously and recording starts. The recording level is automatically adjusted.


  • To record FM radio programs, connect the headphones/ earphones since its cord serves as an FM antenna.
To Press/switch
Pause a recording PAUSE
Stop recording STOP
Start recording during playback REC during playback

To reduce noise while recording AM programs
Set the ISS (Interference Suppress Switch) to the position that reduces noise the most.

Notes on recording

  • The recording level is fixed.
  • Actual recording will start about 2 seconds after you press REC. Press REC about 2 seconds before the moment you want to start recording, or you will miss the beginning of your recording.
  • Do not use a high-position (TYPE II) or metal (TYPE IV) tape. If you do, the sound may be distorted when you play back the tape, or the previous recording may not be erased completely.
  • Do not connect or disconnect the headphones/ earphones to/ from the i jack while recording from the radio. The recording condition may change abruptly, or noise may be recorded.
  • When recording with the microphone, do not place it near a lamp cord or a fluorescent lamp as this may cause interference noise.
  • No other operation can be done while recording. For other operations, stop recording first.

To prevent a tape from being accidentally recorded over
Break off the tabs from side A and/ or B. To reuse the tape for recording, cover the tab hole with adhesive tape.

Playing a Tape

  1. Set FUNCTION to TAPE.
  2. Set NORM/ CrO2/ METAL to match the tape type.
  3. Set 2x REC TIME to the same position as that used for recording. (To playback commercially sold tapes, select NORM.)
  4. Insert a cassette.
  5. Press PLAY.
To Press/switch
Stop playback STOP
Pause playback PAUSE
Fast-forward or rewind* FF/ CUE or
REW/ REVIEW during stop
Fast-forward/ rewind while
monitoring the sound
FF/ CUE or
REW/ REVIEW during playback

* If you leave the unit after the tape has been wound or rewound, the batteries will be consumed rapidly. Be sure to press STOP.


  • Do not open the cassette holder while the tape is running.

To use the speakers
Slide SPEAKER/ to SPEAKER. The sound will play from the speakers and no sound is heard from the headphones/ earphones.

When the speakers are in use, the AVLS function will not operate.

Other functions

To listen with powerful sound
Set the SOUND BOOST to ON to obtain the Sound Boost effect which emphasizes both treble and bass.

Protecting Your Hearing—AVLS (Automatic Volume Limiter System)
(Only when using headphones/earphones)

Set AVLS to LIMIT. The maximum volume is kept down to protect your ears.

Listening to the Radio

Since its cord serves as an FM antenna, connect the headphones/ earphones even when using the speakers.

  1. Set FUNCTION to RADIO to turn on the radio.
  2. Set BAND to FM or AM to select the band.
  3. Turn TUNING to tune in to the desired station.

To turn off the radio

To improve the broadcast reception

  • For AM: Reorient the unit itself.
  • For FM: Extend the headphone/ earphone cord (antenna). If the reception is still not good, adjust FM ST/ MONO or DX/ LOCAL.


On batteries

  • Do not carry the dry batteries with coins or other metallic objects. It can generate heat if the positive and negative terminals of the batteries are accidentally contacted by a metallic object.
  • When you are not going to use your Walkman for a long time, remove the batteries to prevent damage from battery leakage and corrosion.

On handling

  • Do not drop the unit or give a shock to the unit, or it may causea malfunction.
  • Do not leave the unit in a location near heat sources, or in a place subject to direct sunlight, excessive dust or sand, moisture, rain, mechanical shock, or leave it in a car with its windows closed.
  • Do not use cassettes longer than 90 minutes except for long continuous playback.
  • If the unit has not been used for a long time, set it in the playback mode to warm up for a few minutes before you start using again.
  • Keep personal credit cards using magnetic coding or springwound watches, etc., away from the unit to prevent possible damage from the magnet used in the speaker.

On headphones/earphones
Road safety
Do not use headphones/ earphones while driving, cycling, or operating any motorized vehicle. It may create a traffic hazard and is illegal in some areas. It can also be potentially dangerous to play your headphones/ earphones at high volume while walking, especially at pedestrian crossings.
You should exercise extreme caution or discontinue use in potentially hazardous situations.

Preventing hearing damage
Do not use headphones/ earphones at high volume. Hearing experts advise against continuous, loud and extended play. If you experience a ringing in your ears, reduce volume or discontinue use.

Caring for others
Keep the volume to a moderate level. This will allow you to hear outside sounds and to be considerate to the people around you.

On maintenance
To clean the tape head and path

Use the cleaning cassette CHK-1W/ C-1KW (not supplied) every 10 hours of use.
Use only the recommended cleaning cassette.

To clean the exterior
Use a soft cloth slightly moistened in water. Do not use alcohol, benzine or thinner.
Clean the headphone/ earphone and microphone plugs periodically.


No sound comes out from the speakers


Cannot playback

  • Press FUNCTION to TAPE to turn off the radio.

The playback speed is too fast/slow

The playback sound is distorted

  • Set 2x REC TIME at the same position as when the tape was recorded.
  • Replace both batteries with new ones.

Cannot press REC down

  • If the tab of the tape is broken off, cover the tab hole with adhesive tape.

The volume cannot be turned up

  • Set AVLS to NORM.


Frequency range
FM: 87.5-108 MHz (Italy and Saudi Arabia)
87.6-108 MHz (North, Central and South America)
87.6-107.9 MHz (Other countries)
AM: 526.5-1 606.5 kHz (Italy and Saudi Arabia)
530-1 710 kHz (North, Central and South America)
531-1 602 kHz (Other countries)

Frequency response
Playback: 40 - 15 000 Hz
Recording: 100 - 8 000 Hz (when setting 2x REC TIME to NORM)

Microphone (MIC) jack

Headphones () jack
Load impedance 8 - 300 Ω

Power requirements
3 V DC batteries R6 (size AA) × 2
External DC 3V power sources

Dimensions (w/h/d)
Approx. 112.0 × 82.5× 38.0 mm
(4 1/ 2 × 3 1/ 4 × 1 1/ 2 inches), excl.
projecting parts and controls

Approx. 190 g (6.8oz) (main unit only)

Supplied accessories
Stereo headphones or earphones (1)
Stereo microphone (1)
Carrying case (1)

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Battery life* (Approx. hours)

Sony alkaline LR6(SG)** Sony R6P(SR)
(using headphones/ earphones)
playback 24 7
radio 48 15
mic recording 20 4.5
radio recording 12 3
(using the speakers)
playback 15 4.5
radio 26 6
radio recording 11.5 3

* Measured value by the standard of JEITA (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association) (using a Sony HF series cassette tape).

**When using Sony LR6(SG) alkaline dry batteries (produced in Japan).


  • The battery life may be shorter depending on the operating condition, the surrounding temperature and battery type.

Documents / Resources

Download manual

Here you can download full pdf version of manual, it may contain additional safety instructions, warranty information, FCC rules, etc.

Download Sony Walkman WM-GX221 - Radio Cassette-Corder Manual


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