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Specifications - NEC PX-61ST2U Instruction Manual

Table top stand
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Attaching Plasma Monitor to Stand
Remove the stand from its packaging carton.
Remove the spacer and all included items and then remove
the stand from its box.
¶ View of packaged items
Securing brackets
Monitor attachment screws
Cable clampers
Attaching plasma monitor to stand.
¶ Make sure that the stand and plasma monitor are
properly aligned together, and then place the plasma
monitor onto the stand.
¶ When doing so, pick up the plasma monitor holding it
on from both the right and left sides, and then fit the
attachment holes at the bottom of the plasma monitor
over the anchoring fittings of the stand.
Plasma monitor
Anchoring fittings
When picking up the
plasma monitor, hold
it from the bottom
and from the handles
of the monitor.
Fixing plasma monitor to stand.
1 While pulling the upper part of the plasma monitor
towards your body, screw the monitor attachment
screws (M6 × 50 mm) firmly into place (4 locations).
2 Once the plasma monitor has been attached, rock the
monitor gently to make sure that there is no looseness
and that the screws have been screwed tightly into
Monitor attachment
Once the plasma monitor has been placed onto the stand,
immediately insert the screws and tighten them to fix the
monitor into place. Failing to tighten the screws could result
in the monitor falling over, which might in turn result in
bodily injury.
Because the plasma monitor is heavy and has a high
center of gravity, installation by one or two people is
hazardous. Please employ three or more people during
installation, being sure to hold the handle on the back as
well as the lower portion of the monitor, while supporting
its top and bottom.
Avoid placing the plasma monitor in a location where it
would be exposed to excessive amounts of dust, humidity,
tobacco smoke, or smoke from frying oil, as doing so could
result in dirt or grit to accumulate on the surface of the
monitor, which might in turn result in a degradation of
picture quality.
Avoid placing the plasma monitor in a location where it would
be exposed to direct sunlight or where lighting would fall
directly upon the screen. If surrounding light falls directly
upon the screen, it would make the screen appear bleached
in color and result in a degradation of picture quality.
Securing the plasma monitor in place
Attach the securing brackets and screws provided with the stand to the
plasma monitor in the locations indicated in the accompanying diagram,
and then use separate commercially available screws (eye screw) and
wires or some other similar item of sufficient strength to secure the plasma
monitor into place against a wall, pillar, or some other surface or otherwise
use the holes located at the rear of the stand to fix the stand into place.
(Note that these brackets and screws are not used when using a
separately sold ceiling attachment unit or wall attachment unit.)
Be sure to take care of the securing wires when moving the stand or
plasma monitor.
Note that the wires and screws needed to secure the plasma monitor
against a wall or pillar or against the stand are not provided with the stand,
and that the proper items must be purchased separately in accordance
with the type of object or surface against which the monitor is to be
Preparing the cables
Use the enclosed cable clampers to bind the cables.
Be very careful not to apply force to the bases of the cables.
Insert the cable clampers into the cable clamper mounting
Cable clampers
Cable clamper
mounting holes
Bundle the cables and place
them on each cable clamper.
Close each cable clamper, and
then pull its extremity to make
the cables immobile.


: PX-61ST2U
External dimensions : 1000 mm (W) x 222 mm (H) x 470 mm (D) (39.4 in. (W) x 8.7 in. (H) x 18.5 in. (D))
: 14 kg (30.9 lbs)
¶ The specifications and/or design of this product may be subject to change at any time without prior notice.
Securing brackets
Opening a cable clamper
If a cable clamper is closed too
tight, press the button shown
on the left and push the
extremity of the cable clamper
to loosen it.
Opening a cable clamper
Unlock here with a finger.
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