Panasonic DMW-DCC17 - Dc Coupler Operating Instructions

Panasonic DMW-DCC17 - Dc Coupler Operating Instructions


Panasonic DMW-DCC17 - Dc Coupler Operating Instructions


This DC Coupler is intended to be used for connecting the AC Adaptor and the digital camera.

  • Even if the digital camera is dust and splash resistant, when the DC Coupler is being mounted, the DC coupler cover opens, so the structure ceases to be dust and splash resistant.
  • For the latest information on compatible devices, see the operating instructions, catalog or website of the digital camera.
  • The appearance and specifications of products described in this document may differ from the actual products you have purchased due to later enhancements.

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Name of the Components


  1. Battery door
  2. DC coupler cover
  3. DC Coupler
  4. AC Adaptor
  5. AC cable

How to use


  • Turn the camera off.
  • Connect the AC cable to the AC Adaptor and a wall outlet.

How to connect:
DC-S5 is used as an example for explanation.

  1. Open the battery door.
  2. Insert the DC Coupler paying attention to its direction.
  3. Open the DC coupler cover and then thread the cable of the DC Coupler.
  • If the DC Coupler cover is hard to open, push open from inside.
  1. Close the battery door firmly.
  2. Connect the AC Adaptor to the DC Coupler.

Cautions for Use

  • After use, remove the DC Coupler from the ACAdaptor and the digital camera. Close the DC coupler cover.
  • The camera becomes warm during use. This is not a malfunction.
  • Be sure to read the operating instructions of your digital camera.


Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Cable length: Approx. 115 mm/4.53q

Dimensions: Approx. 39.3 mm (W)k56.6 mm (H)k20.9 mm (D)
[1.55q (W)k2.23q (H)k0.82q (D)] (Except for cables)

Mass (Weight): Approx. 28 g/0.06 lb

Recommended operating temperature: 0 oC to 40 oC (32 oF to 104 oF)

Permissible relative humidity: 10%RH to 80%RH

The symbol on this product represents the following: DC

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