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Motorola Signal Booster Supplementary Manual

Motorola signal booster: supplementary guide.
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Signal Booster Troubleshooting
My cable modem stopped working after the installation of the SIGNAL BOOSTER amplifier what
could be the problem?
First always recheck cable connections. The SIGNAL BOOSTER has a patented fitting at all its inputs
and outputs. This fitting clamps onto the center conductor of the cable with a good quality
(recommended) cable fitting. Note you can push on the protruding plastic and the metal inside the fitting
closes or clamps onto the center conductor. Some of the lower quality fittings do not have enough metal
at the back end to exert force on this plastic mechanism.
If the above doesn't solve the problem there are some cable modems that are sensitive to input level and
the SIGNAL BOOSTER amplifier could have improved the signal above the modem threshold. Place a
splitter in front of the SIGNAL BOOSTER and attach one output to the modem output and one to the
amplifier input.
I have a good quality picture on the highest channels and poor quality on the lower channels.
This could indicate a poor fitting connection and removing and reconnecting cable connections is
I have a good quality picture on the lowest channels and poor quality on the higher channels.
This could indicate the need for a SIGNAL BOOSTER amplifier due to long runs of cable that decrease
signal strength at these higher channels more than lower channels.
SIGNAL BOOSTER green indicator light is on but no signal to TV.
Remove amplifier and connect cable ends together and if there is still no picture then call cable provider
and inform of system cable failure.
SIGNAL BOOSTER green indicator light is out and no signal to TV.
Check to see if transformer is connected to AC outlet and the outlet is active. If the outlet is active then
unplug transformer and remove and reconnect cable at transformer and amplifier. Plug transformer into
outlet and recheck for signal at TV. If there is no signal then the SIGNAL BOOSTER could have
malfunctioned and a replacement is necessary.
I have good pictures during the day and poor pictures at night or in cold weather.
Most cable systems have Automatic Level Control and sometimes they do not hold or adjust for signal
level changes. When this happens there is a degradation of signal when the weather is hot or cold and
the cable provider should be informed of the problem.


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