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Motorola DCT5100 Setup Manual

Motorola dct5100: setup guide
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Motorola DCT5100 Set-Up Guide



Summary of Contents for Motorola DCT5100

  • Page 1 Motorola DCT5100 Set-Up Guide HIGH-DEFINITION TELEVISION...
  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS The Motorola DCT5100 has been designed to operate reliably in a well ventilated household environment. Slots and openings in the unit cabinet are provided for ventilation. These openings should never be blocked by placing the product on a bed, sofa, rug, or similar surface.
  • Page 3: What's In The Box

    HD decoder and digital audio processing enable a true wide-screen, surround sound home-theater experience. This Set-Up Guide introduces you to the basic features of the DCT5100 and provides several options for integrating it into your current entertainment system. For more detailed configuration information please see the DCT5100 User Guide or visit us online at
  • Page 4 THE DCT5100 FRONT PANEL The DCT5100 front panel has 12 keys and an LED display. Use the keys to perform basic functions such as access to the electronic program guide, navigate menus, and purchase Pay-Per-View events. The table following this drawing describes each key and its use.
  • Page 5 THE DCT5100 BACK PANEL The rear panel of the DCT5100 consists of three types of interfaces — audio, video and data. The table following this drawing describes each connection and its use. DESCRIPTION TO TV/VCR This coaxial output connector is used to connect the DCT5100 to a TV or VCR operating on channel 3 or 4.
  • Page 6 1. Using a coaxial cable, connect cable wall outlet to the CABLE IN coaxial input on the DCT5100. 2. Locate the Y Pb Pr inputs on your HDTV and the Y Pb Pr outputs on the DCT5100. To make identification easy, these connecters are color-coded on the DCT5100 (Y = green, Pb = blue, and Pr = red).
  • Page 7 Connector cables to be used: Two-pronged RCA type audio cable (red & white) 1. Locate the AUDIO OUT L (white) & R (red) outputs on the DCT5100 and the AUDIO IN L & R inputs on your HDTV. 2. Using a two-pronged RCA type audio connector, connect the L (white) output on the DCT5100 to the L (white) input on your HDTV.
  • Page 8 HD 2. Connect the single connector end of a Y audio splitter cable to the AUDIO OUT R (red) on the DCT5100. Insert the other ends into the AUDIO IN R and Standard Definition on your VCR and AUDIO IN R on your HDTV.
  • Page 9 Connector cables to be used: Two-pronged RCA type audio cable (red & white) 3. Locate the AUDIO OUT L (white) & R (red) outputs on the DCT5100 and the AUDIO IN L & R inputs on your Home Theater receiver.
  • Page 10 STEP TWO – CALLING YOUR OPERATOR FOR AUTHORIZATION Power on your DCT5100. You’ll see a 0 on the LED display. This indicates that the download was successful and your DCT is ready to be authorized for service. To receive programming and Digital Cable services, call your local cable service provider. Have the DCT5100 serial number and unit address handy.
  • Page 11 4:3 OVERRIDE Finally, use the down button arrow to select 4:3 OVERRIDE. By selecting 480i or 480p you are telling the DCT5100 to send Standard Definition programming to your TV in its original broadcast format. Select OFF and the DCT5100 will default to the resolution selected in the Y Pb Pr OUTPUT setting above.
  • Page 12: Troubleshooting

    No sound Accidentally pressed MUTE on the remote control. The receiver is tuned to the wrong entertainment component. Check that the receiver is set to the proper input source. You are watching TV using your VCR, and your VCR is off.