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  • Page 2 NEC=NATIONAL ELECTRICAL CODE local codes. Copyright © 2002 by Motorola, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of the contents of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission of the publisher.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    Important Safety Instructions Read instructions Accessories Ground or polarization All the safety and operating instructions should Do not place this product on an unstable stand, This equipment may be equipped with a polarized alternating-current line plug (a plug having one be read before the appliance is operated.
  • Page 4 Notwithstanding any information provided by dangerous voltage points or short-out parts that When the equipment exhibits a distinct change Motorola in this manual regarding the use of in performance, indicating a need for service. could result in a fire or electrical shock. Never batteries, the end user assumes all responsibility spill liquid of any kind on the product.
  • Page 5: Regulatory Information

    According to 47CFR, Parts 2 and 15 for Class B Personal Computers and Peripherals; particular installation. and/or CPU Boards and Power Supplies used with Class B Personal Computers, Motorola If the equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can...
  • Page 6 FCC Part 68 Statement Industry Canada CS-03 Statement The Industry Canada label identifies certified equipment. This certification means that the This equipment complies with part 68 of the FCC rules. On the rear panel of this equipment is a equipment meets certain telecommunications network protective, operational and safety label that contains, among other information, the FCC registration number and ringer equivalence number (REN) for the equipment.
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Introduction ..........2 High Definition Television ......19 Front Panel ................. 3 On-Screen Display............19 Rear Panel................6 User Options..............20 Video Connections ............26 Remote Control..........9 Installing Batteries............13 Data Features ..........27 Basic Operation .......... 14 Data Device Connection ......28 Turning Power On and Off..........14 Recording Your Connections .....
  • Page 8: Introduction

    PC to share the integrated cable modem resources, as well as pass data and video to an external device for further processing. This User Guide introduces you to the basic features of the DCT5100 and provides several options for integrating it into your current entertainment system.
  • Page 9: Front Panel

    INTRODUCTION Front Panel The DCT5100 front panel has 12 keys, an LED display, a Universal Serial Bus (USB) connector, and connectors for audio and video. Use the keys to perform basic functions such as access the electronic program guide, navigate menus, and purchase pay-per-view events.
  • Page 10 AUDIO IN R These connectors are used for connecting the set-top between a CD player and a stereo tuner (or other audio peripheral). Audio from the auxiliary device will pass through the DCT5100 when it is turned off. AUDIO IN L Displays the channel number or time of day.
  • Page 11 INTRODUCTION Description POWER Turns the device on or off. INFO Displays the current channel and program information (not supported by all applications). Use to manually enable the RF bypass function. You must have a cable-ready TV for this function to operate. (Optional.) SELECT Selects menu options, pay-per-view events or programs from the program guide.
  • Page 12: Rear Panel

    INTRODUCTION Rear Panel The rear panel of the DCT5100 consists of two types of interfaces — NOTE audio/video and data. The table following this drawing describes each The rear panel of your DCT5100 may vary from this connection and its use.
  • Page 13 INTRODUCTION Description TO TV/VCR This coaxial output connector is used to connect the DCT5100 to a TV or VCR operating on channel 3 or 4. CABLE IN connector receives the incoming signal from your service provider. CABLE IN ETHERNET The Ethernet port that supports PC networking.
  • Page 14 INTRODUCTION Description AUDIO OUT R The RCA phono-type connectors are used to deliver audio to a stereo receiver. AUDIO OUT L Y – Pb – Pr These connectors are used to deliver component video. TV PASS CARD For future use. S-VIDEO This connector is used to deliver high quality video to external devices that accept S-Video inputs, such as a high-end VCR or TV.
  • Page 15: Remote Control

    REMOTE CONTROL The DRC 400 provides basic control of the DCT5100, TV, VCR, and auxiliary devices such as a second TV or VCR. For programming instructions refer to the instructions supplied by your service provider. NOTE The remote control you receive may differ from the Notice that many of the keys on the front panel share the same function as remote control pictured here.
  • Page 16 REMOTE CONTROL Use this information with a basic electronic program guide. If your program guide is different, refer to the instructions for your program guide. Description Selects a device to control. The selected mode will remain active until you press another key. AUX, VCR, CABLE, OR TV HELP...
  • Page 17 REMOTE CONTROL Description Functionality is determined from services offered by your service provider. A THEME B LIST C CANCEL NUMBER KEYS Use to directly select a channel. TV/VCR BYPASS Use to manually enable the RF bypass function. You must have a cable-ready TV for this function to operate. or A/B STOP, PAUSE, Controls the VCR.
  • Page 18 REMOTE CONTROL Description FAVORITE Displays preset favorite cable channels. ENTER/MUSIC Displays digital music channel menus. On some TV models press to enter channels.
  • Page 19: Installing Batteries

    Point the remote control at the DCT5100, press and then press CABLE . If the DCT5100 does not turn on, check the orientation of the POWER batteries or replace with new batteries. Be sure to dispose of batteries in the proper manner and in accordance with the...
  • Page 20: Basic Operation

    MUTE For best audio quality, use the remote control to set the DCT5100 to approximately ¾ of maximum volume level and then adjust the audio levels on the external devices.
  • Page 21: Audio/Video Connections

    Disconnect power from the DCT5100 before moving it or changing cable connections. • Do not place anything on top of the DCT5100, especially other home video components. The DCT5100 requires adequate ventilation and airflow during normal operation to prevent overheating. The DCT5100 functions reliably in a normal room-temperature environment.
  • Page 22: Rf Bypass Switch

    AUDIO/VIDEO CONNECTI ONS RF Bypass Switch The DCT5100 may be equipped with the optional RF Bypass switch. When the optional RF bypass switch is activated, it routes the cable signal directly to a cable-ready TV, bypassing the DCT5100. This configuration enables you to view clear analog programming on the direct cable signal should the DCT5100 be powered off.
  • Page 23 AUDIO/VIDEO CONNECTI ONS Use these configurations as aides when connecting the DCT5100 into your CD player AUDIO home entertainment system. Your entertainment system may not support all of these connections. Audio DCT 5100 loop-thru This drawing illustrates audio/video connections with a stereo at the end of...
  • Page 24 AUDIO/VIDEO CONNECTI ONS This drawing illustrates an audio/video connection with the TV at the end of CD player AUDIO the chain. This connection requires two sets of RCA input connectors on your stereo if you choose to view TV through the stereo system. Audio DCT 5100 loop-thru...
  • Page 25: High Definition Television

    MENU panel while the DCT5100 is turned off. If your TV is on, the on-screen display menu appears listing the settings you can configure. The user settings will also be displayed on the front panel LED whether your TV is off or on.
  • Page 26: User Options

    HIGH DEFINITION TELEVISION User Options Setting Option Description Output Type 1080I Selects the video display format. The LED panel will display the output type you have selected. Defaults to 480I. 720P When high definition output modes (1080I, 720P, or 480P) are selected, graphic overlays such as electronic 480P program guides can only be viewed on the component video outputs (Y –...
  • Page 27 HIGH DEFINITION TELEVISION Setting Option Description Font Style AUTO Selects the font style for closed captions. Defaults to AUTO. MONO SERIF PROPORTION SERIF MONO NO SERIF PROPORTION NO SERIF CASUAL CURSIVE SMALL...
  • Page 28 HIGH DEFINITION TELEVISION Setting Option Description Foreground AUTO Selects the foreground color for closed captions. Defaults to AUTO. Color WHITE BLACK GREEN BLUE YELLOW MAGENTA CYAN Foreground AUTO Selects the opacity of the closed captions foreground. Defaults to AUTO. Opacity TRANSPARENT TRANSLUCENT SOLID...
  • Page 29 HIGH DEFINITION TELEVISION Setting Option Description Background AUTO Selects the background color for closed captions. Defaults to AUTO. Color WHITE BLACK GREEN BLUE YELLOW MAGENTA CYAN...
  • Page 30 HIGH DEFINITION TELEVISION Setting Option Description Background AUTO Selects the background opacity for closed captions. Defaults to AUTO. Opacity TRANSPARENT TRANSLUCENT SOLID FLASHING Service Selection AUTO Selects the service to be used for closed captions. Defaults to AUTO. PRIMARY LANGUAGE SECONDARY LANGUAGE...
  • Page 31 Cancel Changes Exits the High Definition User Settings screen without saving any changes. Save Changes Exits the High Definition User Settings screen and saves changes. You can also press the key on the DCT5100 to exit and save changes. MENU POWER...
  • Page 32: Video Connections

    HIGH DEFINITION TELEVISION Video Connections DCT 5100 AUDIO IN VIDEO SPDIF E T H E R N E T This drawing illustrates the video connections for your high definition TV. HPNA I E E E 1 3 9 4 T V / V C R S-VIDEO S W I T C H E D 105-125V...
  • Page 33: Data Features

    DATA FEATURES The most powerful and exciting features of the DCT5100 involve the data services supported by this system. The DCT5100 provides high-speed data services to your TV, such as internet access, IP Telephony, E-Commerce, NOTE and home banking. In addition, the DCT5100 will interface to external data Do not attempt to connect data devices without devices such as those indicated in the section, “Data Device Connection.”...
  • Page 34: Data Device Connection

    DATA DEVICE CONNECTION Your DCT5100 may be equipped with the interface connections illustrated depending on the services offered by your service provider. Contact your service provider to determine the applications and functionality supported NOTE within your system. Do not attempt to connect data devices without contacting your service provider.
  • Page 35: Recording Your Connections

    RECORDING YOUR CONNECTIONS Before you begin using the DCT5100, look at the back panel and record the CD player AUDIO connections. You can use your drawing later if it becomes necessary to reconnect your system. RF Bypass C O N V...
  • Page 36: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING Before calling your service provider, review the troubleshooting guide. This information is to help you quickly solve a problem. If your problem still exists, contact your service provider. Problem Cause Possible Solution No sound Accidentally pressed on the Press on the remote control to restore the volume level.
  • Page 37 CABLE not work Obstruction between remote and Ensure that nothing is on the DCT5100 or blocking a clear line of cable terminal. sight between it and the remote control. Dead batteries. Change the batteries in your remote control according to the instructions in the section, “Installing Batteries.”...
  • Page 38 M o t o r o l a , I n c . 4 9 5 0 1 2 - 0 0 1 4 / 0 2...

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