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Motorola MOTO XT 701 Getting Started Manual

Motorola xt701: user guide
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XT 701
Getting Started Guide



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  Summary of Contents for Motorola MOTO XT 701

  • Page 1 XT 701 Getting Started Guide...
  • Page 3: More Information

    Congratulations MOTOROLA XT701 MOTOROLA XT701 gives you a premium browsing and messaging experience with the very latest from Google™. Get more from the Web, with a huge • Browsing. screen and full HTML. Search, browse, everything you want to do, all made easier.
  • Page 4: Your Phone

    Your phone the important keys & connectors Micro USB Connector Charge or connect to PC. Home Key Press to return to the home screen. Menu Key Press to open menu options. Your phone might look a little different. Note: Your phone 3.5mm Headset Jack Microphone Power Key...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Your phone ....... . 2 Let’s go ........4 Touchscreen &...
  • Page 6: Let's Go

    Let’s go let’s get you up and running Assemble & charge SIM in battery in charge up Please read “Safety, Regulatory & Legal” on Caution: page 32. Let’s go microSD in (may already be inserted) cover on...
  • Page 7 Turn it on & off To turn on your phone, press and hold Power (on top of the phone). To turn off your phone, press and hold Power , then tap Power off Set up & go The first time you turn on your phone, a setup wizard guides you through signing in to your existing Google ™...
  • Page 8: Getting Updates

    Getting updates This is a network- and subscription-dependent Note: feature. Your network operator may periodically send over-the-air software updates. To verify that your phone includes the latest software to receive updates, go to Let’s go...
  • Page 9: Touchscreen & Keys

    Touchscreen & keys a few essentials Touch tips Here are some tips on how to navigate around your phone. To choose an icon or option, tap it. Tap & hold To open special options, tap and hold an icon or other item.
  • Page 10 To scroll through a list or move slowly, drag across the touchscreen. Try it: In the home screen, tap , then drag Contacts your list up or Contacts down. When you drag or Tip: flick a list, a scroll bar appears on the right.
  • Page 11 To save your battery, prevent accidental taps, or when you want to clean your touchscreen, put the touchscreen to sleep by quickly pressing Power touchscreen, just press Power To change how long your phone waits before the screen goes to sleep automatically, press Menu >...
  • Page 12: Home Screen

    Home screen quick access to the things you need most The home screen gives you all your latest information in one place. It’s what you see when you turn on the phone or press Home like this: Home screen from a menu. It’s basically Status Indicators Status Bar Tap &...
  • Page 13 The home screen extends beyond what you see on the screen to give you more room for adding shortcuts, widgets, and more. Flick the home screen left and right to see more panels. Customize your home screen in “Personalize” on Tip: page 28.
  • Page 14 Shortcuts The shortcut icons at the bottom of your home screen are the first apps in your home screen. You can add more shortcuts to the home screen. Just open the Applications tab, hold and drag the apps you want to the home screen. Or, press Menu >...
  • Page 15: Calls

    Calls it’s good to talk In-call options During a call, tap Bluetooth to use Bluetooth device (please ensure that Bluetooth device had been connected to the phone), or tap Hold to hold a call. You can press Home Tip: active call display. To reopen it, tap to call in progress.
  • Page 16: Web

    you don’t need a PC, surf the web with your phone Home Find it: If you can’t connect, contact your service Note: provider. > Browser Connection Over the air or WLAN. Links Tap to open. Web Address To enter a URL, press Drag or flick to scroll.
  • Page 17 Your phone uses the mobile phone network (over the air) to automatically connect to the Web. Your service provider may charge to surf the Note: Web or download data. To use a wireless network, press Menu > Wireless & networks to search for nearby wireless networks.
  • Page 18: Bluetooth™ Wireless

    Bluetooth™ wireless lose the wires and go wireless Quick start: Bluetooth wireless Menu Find it: > Bluetooth settings Turn Bluetooth power on or off Menu Find it: > Bluetooth To extend battery life, turn Bluetooth power off Note: when not in use. Connect new devices This feature requires an optional accessory.
  • Page 19: Reconnect Devices

    Bluetooth already on, tap to search for Bluetooth devices. Your phone lists the devices it finds within range. Tap a device to connect. If necessary, tap (like ) to connect to the device. When the 0000 device is connected, the Bluetooth indicator appears in the status bar.
  • Page 20: Disconnect Devices

    Disconnect devices To automatically disconnect your phone from a paired device, simply turn off the device. To manually disconnect your phone from a paired device, tap the device name in the devices list, then press Menu > Disconnect Edit properties Press Menu >...
  • Page 21: Apps For All

    Apps for all get the app you want Android Market™ Home > Market Find it: Get all the fun games and cool apps you want! Android Market™ provides you with access to software developers everywhere, so you can find the app you want.
  • Page 22 To view downloads in progress, from your phone’s home screen press . Progress is shown at the top of the screen. Downloads To view your downloaded apps, press Home > open the details screen—from here you can review, uninstall, and more. To reinstall any downloaded items, press Home >...
  • Page 23: Manage Your Life

    Manage your life stay on top of things What can you manage? Email, contacts, and calendar on your phone give you access to the same personal information that you add, view, and edit on your computer with the use of Microsoft Outlook You can:...
  • Page 24 Settings , then select the ringtone and vibrate options. • To label an email thread, tap and hold a message, Change labels then tap Email Set up an account Find it: Home The email setup wizard will guide you through setting up your email account.
  • Page 25: Add Calendar Events

    Quick start: Calendar Home Find it: View your calendar in different ways: Press Menu , or Agenda highlight an event in the day and week views, more details appear. Add calendar events From any calendar view, press Menu > New event event details and tap Manage calendar events To edit an event, tap and hold...
  • Page 26 Menu Find it: The Google apps on your phone give you access to the same personal information (emails, events, and contacts) that you have on a computer using Google Mail, Calendar, and Contacts. It’s easy to synchronize the Google apps information you want to keep up-to-date.
  • Page 27: Contacts

    Contacts contacts like you’ve never had before Quick start: Contacts Home Find it: Phone Call log Displaying 5 contacts Jennie Jenkins Leo Heaton Mick West Rick Wasser Wallace Mans > Contacts Contacts Favorites Contacts List Tap to view contact information. Tap & hold to edit, delete, and more.
  • Page 28: Tips & Tricks

    Tips & tricks a few handy hints To... Return to the screen recently dialed numbers Search Turn on/off sound Battery tips Your phone gives you a lot of information at high speed in a large display. That takes a lot of power. To save battery life between charges, you could reduce: recording or watching videos, listening to music, or •...
  • Page 29 • keep your phone from looking for networks, press Menu > > Airplane mode display brightness: Press Menu • > Sound & display display timeout delay: Press Menu • > Sound & display > Settings Wireless & networks > Brightness >...
  • Page 30: Personalize

    Personalize add your personal touch Create widgets Find an empty spot on your home screen where you want to add a widget. You can flick left or right to open other panels on your home screen. Tap and hold the empty spot until you see the Home screen Widgets Tap the type of widget.
  • Page 31 Personalize your ringtones: Menu Find it: > Phone ringtone Sounds & display settings To set sounds and display settings such as media volume, keypad touch tones, and the display orientation, press Menu > Sound & display Date & time Set date, time, time zone, and formats: Menu Find it: Language &...
  • Page 32: Lock Your Phone

    SIM, press Home > Menu > Settings About phone Safety information the User’s Guide online at: support. Lock & unlock To lock the screen/phone: Let the screen time out (don’t press anything). • Tap Power key. • To unlock the screen/phone: Tap Power key to display the lock screen.
  • Page 33: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting we’re here to help Crash recovery In the unlikely event that your phone stops responding to taps and key presses, try a quick reset. Remove the back cover and battery (“Assemble & charge” on page 4), then replace and switch your phone on as usual.
  • Page 34: Safety, Regulatory & Legal

    Water can get into the phone’s circuits, leading to corrosion. If the phone and/or battery get wet, have them checked by your carrier or contact Motorola, even if they appear to be working properly. • Don’t allow the battery to touch metal objects. If metal objects, such as jewelry, stay in prolonged contact with the battery contact points, the battery could become very hot.
  • Page 35 • Remove the battery and inspect it to confirm that it has a “Motorola Original” hologram; • If there is no hologram, the battery is not a Motorola battery; • If there is a hologram, replace the battery and retry charging it;...
  • Page 36: Battery Charging

    • New batteries are not fully charged. • New batteries or batteries stored for a long time may take more time to charge. • Motorola batteries and charging systems have circuitry that protects the battery from damage from overcharging. Specific Absorption Rate (ICNIRP)
  • Page 37 The SAR information includes the Motorola testing protocol, assessment procedure, and measurement uncertainty range for this product. As SAR is measured utilizing the mobile device’s highest transmitting power, the actual SAR of this mobile device while operating is typically below that indicated above. This is due to...
  • Page 38: Software Copyright Notice

    Furthermore, the purchase of Motorola products shall not be deemed to grant either directly or by implication, estoppel, or otherwise, any license under the copyrights, patents, or patent applications of Motorola or any...
  • Page 39: Content Copyright

    For instructions on how to obtain a copy of any source code being made publicly available by Motorola related to software used in this Motorola mobile device, you may send your request in writing to the address below. Please make sure that the request includes...
  • Page 40 Motorola mobile device, please press Menu Key > Settings > About phone > Legal information > Open source licenses. In addition, this Motorola device may include self-contained applications that present supplemental notices for open source packages used in those applications.
  • Page 41: Emergency Calls

    This location-based information may be shared with third parties, including your wireless service provider, applications providers, Motorola, and other third parties providing services. Emergency Calls When you make an emergency call, the cellular network may activate the AGPS technology in your mobile device to tell the emergency responders your approximate location.
  • Page 42: Operational Precautions

    Motorola strives to provide complete and accurate mapping information, directions, and other navigational data, using a combination of governmental and private location information sources. These sources may contain inaccurate or incomplete data. In some countries, complete information may not be available.
  • Page 43: Follow Instructions To Avoid Interference Problems

    2.5 centimeters (1 inch) from your body when transmitting. Using accessories not supplied or approved by Motorola may cause your mobile device to exceed RF energy exposure guidelines. For a list of Motorola-supplied or approved accessories, visit our Web site at:
  • Page 44: Driving Precautions

    Also, using a mobile device or accessory may be prohibited or restricted in certain areas. Always obey the laws and regulations on the use of these products. Responsible driving practices can be found at callsmart (in English only). Operational Warnings Obey all posted signs when using mobile devices in public areas.
  • Page 45: Symbol Key

    Batteries & Chargers Caution: Improper treatment or use of batteries may present a danger of fire, explosion, leakage, or other hazard. For more information, see “Battery Use & Safety.” Symbol Key Your battery, charger, or mobile device may contain symbols, defined as follows:...
  • Page 46 Symbol Definition Important safety information follows. 032374o Do not dispose of your battery or mobile device in a fire. 032376o Your battery or mobile device may require recycling in accordance with local laws. Contact your local 032375o regulatory authorities for more information. Do not throw your battery or mobile device in the trash.
  • Page 47: Glass Parts

    Seizures/Blackouts Some people may be susceptible to epileptic seizures or blackouts when exposed to flashing lights, such as when playing video games. These may occur even if a person has never had a previous seizure or blackout. If you have experienced seizures or blackouts, or if you have a family history of such occurrences, please consult with your physician before playing video games or enabling a flashing-lights feature (if available) on your mobile device.
  • Page 48: Repetitive Motion

    FCC ID in the format FCC-ID:xxxxxx on the product label. Motorola has not approved any changes or modifications to this device by the user. Any changes or modifications could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. See 47 CFR Sec. 15.21.
  • Page 49 against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation.
  • Page 50 Use & Care To care for your Motorola phone, please keep it away from: liquids of any kind Don’t expose your phone to water, rain, extreme humidity, sweat, or other moisture. If it does get wet, don’t try to accelerate drying with the use of an oven or dryer, as this may damage the phone.
  • Page 51: Caring For The Environment By Recycling

    Source: WHO Fact Sheet 193 Further information: Caring for the Environment by Recycling Recycling Information This symbol on a Motorola product means the product should not be disposed of with household waste. Disposal of your Mobile Device & Accessories...
  • Page 52 Lock your device’s keypad where this feature is available. • Keep software up to date—If Motorola or a software/ application vendor releases a patch or software fix for your mobile device that updates the device’s security, install it as soon as possible.
  • Page 53 (including location-based) information, and other non-personal information to Motorola or other third-party servers. This information is used to help improve products and services offered by Motorola. If you have further questions regarding how the use of your mobile device may impact your privacy or data security, please contact Motorola at, or contact your service...
  • Page 54 If you choose to use your mobile device while driving, remember the following tips: • Get to know your Motorola mobile device and its features such as speed dial and redial. If available, these features help you to place your call without taking your attention off the road.
  • Page 55 traffic. If you must make a call while moving, dial only a few numbers, check the road and your mirrors, then continue. • Do not take notes or look up phone numbers while driving. Jotting down a “to do” list or going through your address book takes attention away from your primary responsibility—driving safely.
  • Page 56 Motorola reserves the right to change or modify any information or specifications without notice or obligation.
  • Page 58 GOTO 68014167001...