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Motorola DROID RAZR M User Manual

Droid razr m - user guide.
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    DROID RAZR M pick a topic, get what you need Start Home screen & apps Calls Contacts At a glance Control & customize www. PLAYLISTS q w e Messages Type Socialize Browse Photos & videos Music 44 West Street Locate & NAVIGATE...

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    Your smartphone Your smartphone • Start: SIM in, charge up, register. See “Start”. Your DROID RAZR M—surfs faster, bigger display, in a Top topics • Top topics: Just want a quick hit of what your super compact 4G LTE smartphone.

  • Page 3

    At a glance At a glance Tips & tricks Top topics Your smartphone • Intuitive: To get started quickly, tap Apps Check out what your smartphone can do. Top topics Help > for interactive tutorials. • Personalize your home screen: see “Redecorate your •...

  • Page 4

    Squeeze every bit of juice out of your battery. See “Battery life”. Note: This product uses a non-removable battery. The battery should only be replaced by a Motorola-approved service facility. Any attempt to remove or replace your battery, unless performed by a service representative, may damage the product and void your warranty.

  • Page 5

    Start Start Tips & tricks Battery life Charge up To save even more battery life between charges, you Your smartphone is like a small computer, giving you tons Battery life could reduce: Register of information and apps, at 4G LTE speed. Depending on •...

  • Page 6

    Old phone to new phone Tip: To get your contacts, visit the top to turn Wi-Fi and search for networks. There’s more in “Wi-Fi Networks”. Note: This smartphone supports apps and services that • Reboot: If your smartphone becomes unresponsive, use a lot of data, so make sure your data plan meets your try a forced reboot—press and hold both the Power...

  • Page 7

    Start Start Tips & tricks The best of Google™ Charge up • Find out more about Google products: Your whole world, organized and accessible. Browse, Battery life locate, watch, shop, play, work... Google has you Register covered. One account, access everywhere— •...

  • Page 8

    USB cable, and backup the data you want to transfer. Get all your important information set up on your new Register Next, install the Welcome Home To Motorola app on your Motorola smartphone in a few easy steps. The Welcome The best of Google™...

  • Page 9

    Home screen & apps you have quick access Home screen & apps Tips & tricks Quick start: Home screen & apps Quick start: Home screen & apps • Pages: To show other pages of shortcuts and widgets, Start from the home screen, to explore apps and more. Redecorate your home swipe the home screen left.

  • Page 10

    Home screen & apps • Add widgets & • Add, rearrange, or delete pages: To show other Home screen & apps APPS WIDGETS Quick start: Home screen & apps shortcuts: Tap Apps pages of shortcuts and widgets, swipe the home Redecorate your home tap and hold the app or screen left.

  • Page 11

    TUTORIALS HELP TOPICS your search, tap Tap to close this category. General motorola For instance, to find Show me how to use my Motorola headsets, you Search on Choose touchscreen. just motorola and can enter moto, tap motorola. enter a second...

  • Page 12

    Home screen & apps To remove a notification from the list, flick it left or right. Home screen & apps Download apps Quick start: Home screen & apps To clear all notifications, tap Google Play™ Redecorate your home Settings Tip: Tap to show Help Google Play™...

  • Page 13

    Home screen & apps • Music, Books & Movies: You can also use the Google • Like all apps, downloaded apps will use up memory, Home screen & apps Quick start: Home screen & apps Play Store app to download “Music”, “Books”, and data, battery, and processing power—some more than Redecorate your home “Movies”.

  • Page 14

    Safe Mode: Turn off your smartphone, follow the instructions to download and install it. then turn it back on—when you see the “Motorola” To manually check for updates, tap Apps logo during power-up, press and hold both volume...

  • Page 15

    Control & customize how it acts & looks Control & customize Tips & tricks Quick start: Control & customize Quick start: Control & customize • Tap: Choose an icon or option. Take control of your smartphone: On, off, lock & unlock •...

  • Page 16

    Control & customize Control & customize On, off, lock & unlock Touch Quick start: Control & customize Your touchscreen is on when you need it, and off when Find your way around: On, off, lock & unlock you don’t: Touch •...

  • Page 17

    Control & customize • reopen an app you closed, tap Recent and tap Control & customize Volume keys Quick start: Control & customize the app in the list. Your volume keys help in a few ways: On, off, lock & unlock •...

  • Page 18

    Control & customize • Text entry: On a touchscreen keyboard, tap to use • Display settings: To change brightness, animation, Control & customize Settings Quick start: Control & customize voice entry. and other display settings, tap Apps > On, off, lock & unlock Display >...

  • Page 19

    Control & customize Quick settings home screen right to go to . Then, tap the suggestion in the status bar, drag the bar down to Control & customize Quick start: Control & customize switch to turn accept it or remove it from the list. On, off, lock &...

  • Page 20

    Touch more—it’s read out loud (app dependent). Press Note: For general information, accessories, and more, Speak Tip: Navigate through your apps and menus to hear how visit Customize voice readouts work on your smartphone. Quick settings Voice recognition TalkBack Take to the next level—see “Explore by touch”.

  • Page 21

    Control & customize Control & customize Volume & vibrate Display brightness Quick start: Control & customize Settings Sound Volumes Find it: Tap Apps > > > Your smartphone automatically adjusts the screen On, off, lock & unlock Vibrate and ring brightness when you’re in bright or dark places.

  • Page 22

    Control & customize Control & customize Hearing aids Quick start: Control & customize To help get a clear sound when using a hearing aid or You can use your smartphone in TTY mode with standard On, off, lock & unlock Phone cochlear implant, your smartphone may have been rated teletype machines.

  • Page 23

    Calls when you need to talk Calls Tips & tricks Quick start: Calls Quick start: Calls • During a call: Your touchscreen goes dark to avoid Dial numbers, recent calls, or contacts, all from one app. Make, answer & end calls accidental touches.

  • Page 24

    Calls During a call, your Calls Make, answer & end calls Quick start: Calls touchscreen might stay When you make or answer a call, you have options: Make, answer & end calls dark if the sensor just Phone Recent calls •...

  • Page 25

    Calls Calls Speed dial Mute Quick start: Calls People Call your eight most important by just tapping and To mute the current call, tap Make, answer & end calls Phone holding one key in Recent calls Phonebook Enter numbers during a call •...

  • Page 26

    Calls Calls Multiple calls & conference calls Cool down Quick start: Calls During a call, you can start other calls, switch between In very limited circumstances, such as where your Make, answer & end calls them, or join them in a conference call: smartphone has been exposed to extreme heat, you may Recent calls see “Cool Down”...

  • Page 27

    . You can also see these contacts at Tap to view contact info, Abe Baudo For help with transferring contacts, go to call, send a text message, & more. Allie Smyth Anna Medina Tap a letter to jump to contact names that start Astrid Fanning with that letter.

  • Page 28

    Contacts Delete • To delete the contact, tap it, then tap Menu > Contacts Create contacts Quick start: Contacts People Contacts from social networks (like Facebook®) will Find it: Tap Apps > > Create contacts Delete become hidden if you select .

  • Page 29

    Note: You can’t send your social network contacts. stored on your SIM card. Groups My details For help with transferring contacts, go to Groups Contacts Create groups of (like “friends, ” “family, ” or “work”), then find contacts faster by showing one group. Link contacts...

  • Page 30

    Messages say it & go Messages Tips & tricks Quick start: Messages Quick start: Messages • Forward, or save Stay in touch with messages and pictures. Read, reply, forward & delete text messages attachments: Open a Text Messaging Create text messages Find it: Tap Apps >...

  • Page 31

    Messages • Reply: Open a conversation, then enter your response Messages Email Quick start: Messages in the text box at the bottom. Check email accounts, and send responses, photos, Read, reply, forward & delete text messages • Forward: Open a conversation, tap and hold the websites, and more.

  • Page 32

    Messages Email • Add email accounts: To add accounts for For other chat options, use: Messages Quick start: Messages follow the prompts when you first open the app or • Web browser: In your home screen, tap Read, reply, forward & delete text messages ADD ACCOUNT >...

  • Page 33

    • Copy & paste: Double-tap a word to highlight it (if Motorola Input: Enter letters by touching them one at a needed, drag the ends of the highlight). Tap icons at time. the top to select all, cut, copy, or paste (tap and hold •...

  • Page 34

    • To choose your display keyboard, tap Send Anne Hotel Motorola input lets you enter text one letter at a time. Select All As you type, your smartphone suggests words. If you To highlight a word, double-tap it. enter a word that wasn’t one of the suggestions, tap To highlight more, drag the arrows.

  • Page 35

    Socialize your life & your friends • Create a circle: in the top left and choose Socialize Quick start: Socialize Circles Acquaintances CREATE Quick start: Socialize , then tap a circle (like ) or Google+™ makes connecting on the web more like Add or delete accounts NEW CIRCLE at the bottom.

  • Page 36

    Socialize Socialize Add or delete accounts Quick start: Socialize The first time you turned on your smartphone, you Add or delete accounts probably set up or logged in to your Google™ Google+ account—that sets up the app for social networking. Facebook To add your account for the app:...

  • Page 37

    Browse explore & find Browse Tips & tricks Quick start: Chrome Quick start: Chrome • Go to a webpage: In your home screen, just Use a browser that combines minimal design with Web connection at the top and enter a webpage address. sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, Bookmarks and easier:...

  • Page 38

    Browse Browse Bookmarks Safe surfing & searching Quick start: Chrome To bookmark a page in your browser, tap Menu > Keep track of what your browser and searches show: Web connection Bookmarks Bookmarks To go to a bookmark, tap Menu >...

  • Page 39

    Photos & videos see it, capture it, share it! Photos & videos Tips & tricks Quick start: Photos & Videos Quick start: Photos & Videos • Take a photo: Open the camera, then tap Capture super clear photos and HD videos to savor that Take photos “Wow!”...

  • Page 40

    Photos & videos Photos & videos Take photos The perfect shot Quick start: Photos & Videos Camera Find it: Tap Apps > Point and click—done. But when you want the perfect Take photos shot or something a little different, play with these Record videos to take a photo (or tap and hold to focus, then camera options:...

  • Page 41

    Photos & videos Or these video options: Photos & videos Edit, share, or delete photos & Quick start: Photos & Videos videos Options Take photos Gallery Find it: Tap Apps > Record videos Settings Video Resolution • (1080p, 720p, The perfect shot •...

  • Page 42

    Photos & videos Photos & videos Capture your screen Quick start: Photos & Videos Sometimes a picture speaks louder than words. Share a Take photos screen capture of your favorite playlist, your new high Record videos score, or a friend’s contact information. If you can show it The perfect shot on your smartphone, you can share it with your friends.

  • Page 43

    Music when life needs a soundtrack Music Tips & tricks Quick start: Music Quick start: Music • Go back: When you open a song or artist list, tap Music everywhere, literally—stream it, buy it, save it, the top left to go back. play it.

  • Page 44

    Books even thick books fit Books Tips & tricks Quick start: Books Quick start: Books • Turn pages: While reading the book, turn the pages by Read your favorite books, magazines, and newspapers swiping them. when and where you want. •...

  • Page 45

    Locate & navigate where you are, where you’re going Locate & navigate Tips & tricks Quick start: Locate & navigate Quick start: Locate & navigate • Find an address: Enter the address in the search box Find an address, find a place, see what’s close by, get Google Local™...

  • Page 46

    Locate & navigate Locate & navigate Google Local™ Google Latitude™ Quick start: Locate & navigate Google Local lets you find the restaurants, cafes, bars, Google Latitude lets you see where your friends and Google Local™ and attractions that are close to you: family are on Google Maps™.

  • Page 47

    Work get it done anytime Work Tips & tricks Quick start: Work Quick start: Work • Open files: Tap a file or folder to open it, or tap and With Quickoffice™, you can open and edit files online, or Corporate sync hold a file for options.

  • Page 48

    Work Work Office network Calendar Quick start: Work To connect your office network with a Virtual Private Show events stored on your smartphone and in your Corporate sync Network connection, see “Virtual Private Networks online calendars, all together in one place. Office network (VPN)”.

  • Page 49

    Work New event • Add events: From any view, tap Menu > Work SAVE Quick start: Work enter event details, then tap Corporate sync • Show, edit, or delete events: Tap an event to open it, Office network then tap edit or delete Alarm Calendar...

  • Page 50

    Connect & transfer wired up or wireless Connect & transfer Tips & tricks Quick start: Connect & transfer Quick start: Connect & transfer • Bluetooth® devices: To connect a Bluetooth headset, Connect accessories, computers, networks, and more. Bluetooth® wireless Bluetooth keypad, or other device, tap Settings Wi-Fi Networks...

  • Page 51

    Connect & transfer Connect & transfer Manage devices Bluetooth® wireless Quick start: Connect & transfer To manually reconnect your smartphone with a paired Turn Bluetooth power on/off Bluetooth® wireless AVAILABLE DEVICES device, tap the device name in the Wi-Fi Networks Settings Find it: Tap Apps >...

  • Page 52

    Connect & transfer Tip: When Wi-Fi power is on, your smartphone Connect & transfer Wi-Fi Networks Quick start: Connect & transfer automatically reconnects to available networks it has Wi-Fi enhanced connectivity Bluetooth® wireless used before Wi-Fi Networks Turn Wi-Fi power on/off USB cables Manage networks Settings...

  • Page 53

    Quick start: Connect & transfer hotspot has been active for a while, try different transfer files. For more instructions or driver files, visit Bluetooth® wireless channels. Wi-Fi Networks Save when the settings are complete. • For Apple™ Macintosh™: Use Android File Transfer, USB cables available at

  • Page 54

    USB cable. This may take a few minutes. Note: If your computer is running something older With the home screen showing, connect a Motorola than Microsoft™ Windows™ 7 or micro USB data cable from your smartphone’s micro Apple™ Macintosh™ OSX, it might require special USB port to a USB port on your computer.

  • Page 55

    Connect & transfer • Mobile & Wi-Fi usage: The main graph shows data Connect & transfer Data use Quick start: Connect & transfer use on your mobile network. To show a tab for data You can track the amount of data uploaded and Bluetooth®...

  • Page 56

    Connect & transfer For your security: Your smartphone uses the latest Connect & transfer Share with NFC Quick start: Connect & transfer security, encryption, and authentication features to Near Field Communication (NFC) Bluetooth® wireless protect your personal information for content sharing. lets you share your screen and its Wi-Fi Networks NFC only works over a short range (about...

  • Page 57

    Connect & transfer Drive Find it: Apps > • Upload from your computer: On your computer, log Connect & transfer Quick start: Connect & transfer into to create or upload Bluetooth® wireless documents. Create a document, or change Wi-Fi Networks encryption and other settings.

  • Page 58

    Connect & transfer Connect & transfer DLNA™ media devices Mobile network Quick start: Connect & transfer Use DLNA Certified computers, You should not need to change any network settings. Bluetooth® wireless TVs, and other devices to show Contact Verizon Wireless for help. Wi-Fi Networks the videos and pictures stored on USB cables...

  • Page 59

    Protect help keep it safe Protect Tips & tricks Quick start: Protect Quick start: Protect • Face unlock: Unlock your smartphone by looking at it! Make sure your information is protected, in case your Screen lock Settings Security & Screen Lock Tap Apps >...

  • Page 60

    Protect Pattern • : Draw a pattern to unlock. Protect SIM lock Quick start: Protect • : Enter four to sixteen digits to unlock. Caution: If you enter an incorrect SIM PIN code three Screen lock Password times, your smartphone locks your SIM card and asks for •...

  • Page 61

    Protect Protect Backup & restore Quick start: Protect Your Google™ account data is backed up online. So, if Screen lock you reset or replace your smartphone, just log into your SIM lock Google account to restore the contacts, events, and Encrypt your smartphone other details you synced with the account.

  • Page 62

    • Apps: Tap Apps > • News: Get the latest news, apps, tips & tricks, videos and so much more—join us on: YouTube™ Facebook® Twitter Google+ Grab a barcode scanner from Google Play Store, and scan this code.

  • Page 63

    Go to (United States) or (Canada), where you can select from a number of customer care options. You can also contact the Motorola Customer Support Center at: 1-800-734-5870 (United States), 1-888-390-6456 (TTY/TDD United States for hearing impaired), or 1-800-461-4575 (Canada).

  • Page 64: Battery Charging, Third Party Accessories, Driving Precautions

    The following battery use and safety information applies to all Motorola mobile devices. If Battery Use & Safety • Remove the battery and inspect it to confirm that it has a “Motorola Original” hologram; Battery Charging your mobile device uses a non-removable main battery (as stated in your product •...

  • Page 65: Repetitive Motion, Glass Parts, Caution About High Volume Usage, Operational Warnings, Potentially Explosive Areas

    • Input navigation information. For more information about hearing, see our website at Third Party Accessories • Perform any other functions that divert your attention from driving. (in English only). Driving Precautions While driving, ALWAYS: Repetitive Motion Seizures, Blackouts & Eyestrain •...

  • Page 66: Exposure To Rf Energy, Symbol Key, Rf Energy Operational Precautions, Medical Devices

    Product Safety & Legal Radio Frequency (RF) Energy When you are in such an area, turn off your mobile device, and do not remove, install, or Product Safety & Legal charge batteries, unless it is a radio product type especially qualified for use in such areas and Battery Use &...

  • Page 67: Emergency Calls, Regulatory Information, Location Services, Your Location

    • Remain on the phone for as long as the emergency responder instructs you. Seizures, Blackouts & Eyestrain Regulatory Information Your Motorola mobile device is designed to comply with national and international regulatory Navigation High Volume requirements. For full compliance statements and details, please refer to the regulatory Repetitive Motion information in your printed product guide.

  • Page 68: California Perchlorate Label

    (including location-based) information, and other non-personal Operational Warnings information to Motorola or other third-party servers. This information is used to help Recycling RF Energy improve products and services offered by Motorola.

  • Page 69: Hearing Aid Compatibility With Mobile Phones, Software Copyright, Content Copyright, Open Source Software Information

    Laws in the United States and other countries Hearing Aid Compatibility Some Motorola phones are measured for compatibility with hearing aids. If the box for your Third Party Accessories preserve for Motorola and third-party software providers certain exclusive rights for particular model has “Rated for Hearing Aids”...

  • Page 70: Export Law Assurances, Product Registration, Who Is Covered, What Does This Limited Warranty Cover

    Please retain your original dated sales receipt for your records. For warranty service of your FOR CONSUMERS WHO ARE COVERED BY CONSUMER PROTECTION LAWS OR Motorola product you will need to provide a copy of your dated sales receipt to confirm Use & Care REGULATIONS IN THEIR COUNTRY OF PURCHASE OR, IF DIFFERENT, THEIR warranty status.

  • Page 71: What Will Motorola Do

    Product outside their permitted or intended uses as defined by Motorola, If damage is outside the scope of warranty coverage, repair services may be available, but all including but not limited to as set forth by Motorola in the Products' User Manual, Quick Start Menu More costs associated with such out of warranty repair will be your responsibility.

  • Page 72: What Other Limitations Are There


  • Page 73

    Privacy & Data Security accurate at the time of printing. Motorola reserves the right to change or modify any Use & Care information or specifications without notice or obligation.

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