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Motorola XT720 Instruction Manual

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A preliminary draft of the User's Manual follows this page.
The text on the following is the user manual.



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  Summary of Contents for Motorola XT720

  • Page 1 APPLICANT: MOTOROLA INC. FCC ID: IHDP56KC3 INSTRUCTION MANUAL A preliminary draft of the User’s Manual follows this page. The text on the following is the user manual. EXHIBIT 8...
  • Page 2 They are subject to the strict quality tests including temperature, humidity, shock, dust, vibration and drop tests. We are confident that you will be highly satisfied with the Motorola products that have been manufactured after such processes. Thank you again for choosing Motorola, and we hope that you would succeed in your business with your XT720.
  • Page 3 Prohibition of Illegal IMEI Modification Removal or change of IMEI (International Mobile Equipment identity) installed in the mobile phone manufactured and supplied by Motorola, or and attempt to reproduce and enter another IMEI in the mobile phone is strictly prohibited. In addition, such an illegal act may damage the software installed in the phone.
  • Page 4: Safety Information

    - If either mobile phone or battery is immersed in ‘liquid’, the color of immersion-checking label attached on your mobile phone or battery will be changed. In this case, you will loose the privilege of receiving free service by Motorola.
  • Page 5 CAUTION FOR USING BATTERY Please keep the following directions to avoid of heating, fire and explosion. ●  C ontact the manufacturer or retail store immediately when you find swollen battery which can be dangerous. ● Use authentic charger only. ●...
  • Page 6: Safety And General Information

    RF energy exposure Your Motorola mobile device is designed to comply with local guidelines. For a list of Motorola-supplied or approved regulatory requirements in your country concerning exposure of accessories, visit our Web site at:
  • Page 7: Fcc Notice To Users

    • Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. product label. • Increase the separation between the equipment and the Motorola has not approved any changes or modifications to this receiver. device by the user. Any changes or modifications could void the •...
  • Page 8 If you dry a wet mobile phone or battery with a heating apparatus may cause explosion or damage to your phone. In this case, do not turn on the power, separate a battery from the phone and contact a service center designated by Motorola.
  • Page 9 Do not give strong impact to the mobile phone, disassemble or modify it. Giving a strong impact or dropping the mobile phone or battery may cause malfunction or explosion. In case of disassembling or modifying the mobile phone on your own discretion, you will lose privilege to receive free service. Do not use the phone while charging.
  • Page 10 Safety Information (cont’d) To use the mobile phone safely for a long time Make sure to back-up all the data stored in your mobile phone. • Saved data (such as phone number or pictures etc.) can be deleted unexpectedly due to user’s carelessness, software upgrade or product repair etc.
  • Page 11 Do not paint or put sticker on your mobile phone. • Such action may damage your phone’s joints and your phone may not open or close properly. • Paint or metallic content on the phone may cause an allergic reaction, eczema, itching, swell, etc. Keep the phone, charger and battery out of children’s reach.
  • Page 12 Safety Information (cont’d) To use the mobile phone safely for a long time Do not use the mobile phone in a place with risk of explosion. In a construction sites and military areas, explosives can be controlled with RF devices. Turn off your phone and follow the proper instructions and signals.
  • Page 13 A chargeable battery is consumable. The repetition of charging/discharging will shorten its operation time gradually. When the phone is not being charged properly, lamp on the charger will blink. Check the charger to avoid the trouble that may occur to each device. Mobile phone and battery cover need to be combined at all time.
  • Page 14 Safety Information (cont’d) To use the mobile phone safely for a long time Make sure to charge the battery with the TTA authorized battery charger. Using unauthorized charger may cause damage to your phone. Keep your phone at room temperature of 0℃~40℃, avoid direct sunlight or place with high temperature and humidity.
  • Page 15 Do not use the mobile phone while driving. • Using the mobile phone while driving a car is dangerous and such action can cause car accidents. • Check the local laws and regulations on using the mobile phones while driving. Do not install a hands-free device near air bag.
  • Page 16: Before Use

    CONTENTS PAGE(S) Before Use Components Parts of the Phone Battery...
  • Page 17 • If you contact 5 PIN terminal of basic components such as Multi adapter and USB Data cable to the PC’s USB port, your PC may malfunction (Power off, Reset). • You can purchase HDMI cable and 3.5mm TV-Out cable separately from Motorola’s on-line store.
  • Page 18: Parts Of The Phone

    Parts of the Phone Earphone Rear camera Front camera Secondary mic Light sensor Touch screen Flash Touch buttons :Menu button : Home button Battery cover : Back button : Search button Speaker...
  • Page 19 Parts of the Phone (cont’d) (1) Accessory connector (2) External connector port (3) HDMI port (4) 3.5 mm Earphone port (5) Power button (6) TDMB antenna port (7) Volume button (8) Camera option button - Press to select from album, capture preview or recording preview. (9) Camera button...
  • Page 20 Battery Battery in the package is not fully charged therefore make sure to fully charge the battery. Installing the battery Removing the battery 1. Put the battery with the battery charge 1. Push the battery cover (in the direction terminal and the phone charge terminal of the arrow as shown in the figure) while engaged as shown in the figure.
  • Page 21 • If you connect your phone to your PC by using the USB data cable, both charging and communication function is available. 2) Connect the USB data cable to the USB port on your PC. Note • Some data cables, other than Motorola’s authorized USB data cable, do not support battery charging function depending on their type.
  • Page 22 Charging the battery with the battery charger 1) Insert the battery on the battery charger. • Check and make sure that the battery is in proper position. 2) Connect the multi adapter to the battery charger. 3) Connect the travel charger to the multi adapter. 4) Connect the power cord of the travel charger to an electrical outlet.
  • Page 23 Battery (cont’d) Battery charging status Battery operating time Standby Voice call Video call TDMB Type Charging in progress Charging completed Type time time time watching Travel charger Green time Approx. Approx. Approx. Approx. Lamp blinks in red Standard • Status of the charging terminal is poor. Check if the battery is clean battery minutes minutes...
  • Page 24: Usim Card

    USIM card In order to use the phone, you should insert the USIM (Universal Subscriber Identity Module) card supplied by SKT. Emergency calls can be made without the USIM card. Installing the USIM card 1. Remove the battery cover. 2. Lift up and pull out the battery. 3.
  • Page 25 USIM card (cont’d) Installing the USIM card Note • Calling and data usage fees are charged to the person registered to the USIM card. Therefore, be careful not to loose or transfer ownership. • Set the password on your USIM card to prevent other people from using your USIM card when it is stolen or lost.
  • Page 26: Basic Operation

    Basic Operation...
  • Page 27: Power On/Off

    Button description Power On/Off Menu button Press to open menu options. Menu will be different depending on the application being used. Home button Press to close any menu or application and return to the home Turning the power on 1. Press and hold the [ ] button. screen.
  • Page 28: Setting The Screen Lock

    Setting the screen lock Unlocking the touchscreen Your touch screen will be locked automatically when the phone is not <capture> being used for certain period of time. 1. From the Home screen, tap 2. Tap [Settings] → [Sound & Display] → [Screen timeout] Your touchscreen will be locked when it is not being used for long period 3.
  • Page 29: Using The Touchscreen

    Using the touchscreen Tap and hold You can simply tap the touchscreen to select a function. You can tap and hold the selected item to see more options. <capture> <capture>...
  • Page 30 Drag Flick To scroll through a list or move slowly, drag across the touchscreen. To scroll through a list or move quickly, flick across the touchscreen (drag quickly and release). <capture> <capture>...
  • Page 31: Home Screen

    Note Home screen The home screen extends beyond what you see on the screen to give you more room for adding shortcuts, widgets and more. Flick the home screen left You can access to the functions you want to use. and right to see more panels.
  • Page 32 Icons Bluetooth active Network status (full) GPS active Network status (roaming) Wi-Fi active GPRS (fast data) Downloading EDGE (faster data) Volume Voicemail message Vibrate Silent Air plane mode Mute call Battery charging Signal (roaming) Battery full Speakerphone On Alarm On To see today’s date;...
  • Page 33 Moving a widget Widgets You can select and move a widget to a desired location on the home screen panel. Adding a widget 1. Tap and hold the icon that you wish to move. > Adding a widget using menu button - When blue-lined box appears around the icon, you can drag the icon and move around the home screen.
  • Page 34: Short Cuts

    Moving a short cut Short cuts You can select and move a short cut to a desired location on the home screen panel. Adding a short cuts 1. Tap and hold the icon that you wish to move. - When blue-lined box appears around the icon, you can drag the icon 1.
  • Page 35 Folders Wallpaper Adding a folder Setting a wallpaper 1. Tap from the home screen. 1. Tap from the home screen. 2. Tap [Add] → [Folders] 2. Tap [Add] → [Wallpaper] 3. Select a folder 3. Select a gallery. - If you select [New folder], empty folder will be created in the home - Media gallery: You can choose a photo from the photo albums with the screen and you can drag and drop other icons from the home screen.
  • Page 36 Adding a gesture My Sign 1. Tap [App Tray] → [My Sign]. You can draw on a screen to execute command on your phone. 2. Tap from the home screen. 2. Tap [Add gesture] 1. Tap [App Tray] from the home screen. 4.
  • Page 37 Phone...
  • Page 38: Phone Screen

    Phone screen Making a Call You can use various types of functions related to phone calls. You can make a call in various ways such as entering number directly or searching a number from your contacts. [Home screen → Phone] Making a call from Dial pad [Home screen →...
  • Page 39 Screen description Making a call from Call log You can search recently used phone numbers (outgoing, incoming, Incoming Call missed or sent or received messages) to make a call. Outgoing Call [Home screen → Phone → Call log] Missed Call You can select a number to see detail information and options.
  • Page 40: Answering A Call

    Answering a call Making a call from Speed dial You can set the frequently called numbers on a speed dial and make a call easily and quickly. When the call is incoming, tap and hold the [Receive Icon] and drag it to the right.
  • Page 41: Missed Call

    Missed call In-call option [Missed call icon] will appear on the status indicator. To use the options during a call, tap the buttons appear on the screen. 1. Tap and drag the status indicator down. 2. Tap the number. - Call log will appear on the screen. 3.
  • Page 42: Roaming Service

    Roaming service You can use your phone from overseas country. [Home screen → App Tray → T Service → T Roaming] Select system > Selecting system automatically 1. Tap [Select System] from the T Roaming screen. 2. Tap [Auto] - Available service provider will be selected automatically. >...
  • Page 43 Message...
  • Page 44: Text Message

    Text message Creating a new message 1. Tap [New message] from the messaging screen. 2. Enter a number using dialpad. You can check text messages, and send MMS file with picture and - Tap [View contact] to select a number from Call log, Contact or movies attached.
  • Page 45 Creating a MMS message > Recording a audio for attachment You can create a message and attach a file(s) on them. After selecting [Record audio] from the attachment window; 1. Tap [New message] from the messaging screen. 1. Tap [o] to start recording 2.
  • Page 46 E-mail Tap [ ] to use following functions Add Cc/Bcc You can add Cc/BCc You can register a e-mail account used in internet and check your e-mail Send You can send the email directly from your phone. Save as draft You can save current email as draft Co.
  • Page 47 Browser...
  • Page 48 Browser Tap [ ] to use following functions New window You can open a new window. You don’t need a PC, surf the web with your phone. Bookmarks You can see bookmarks, most visited sites [Home screen → Messaging] and visited history. Windows You can all the windows in a list.
  • Page 49 Zoom in/out the page Short cut to searching a web When viewing photos, web pages, email, or maps, you can zoom in You can tap from the home and out. Pinch your fingers together or apart. For photos and web screen and enter a keyword to pages, you can double-tap (tap twice quickly) to zoom in, then search.
  • Page 50 Contacts...
  • Page 51 Contacts Tap [ ] to use following functions Search You can search a contact. Contacts like you’ve never had before. New Contact You can add a contact Speed dial list You can see the speed dial list. Display options You can change the display option settings Import contacts You can import contacts from USIM or Micro SD memory card.
  • Page 52 Adding a new contact Checking the contact 1. Tap Contacts. 1. Tap Contacts→ from the home screen. 2. Tap one of the existing contacts. 2. Tap [New contact] 3. Tap to use following options. 3. Enter the contact information. Edit contact You can edit detail information of - You can tap the thumbnail area to add a picture from the picture album.
  • Page 53 Applications...
  • Page 54: Alarm Clock

    Alarm clock Tap [ ] to use following functions Add alarm You can add a new alarm. You can check, add and turn on/off the alarm. Show/Hide clock You can show/hide the clock. Settings You can set alarm in silent mode, alarm volume, snooze duration,...
  • Page 55 Calculator Adding a new alarm from the alarm screen. 1. Tap You can use calculator on your phone. 2. Set the time. [Home screen→App tray→Calculator] - Alarm will turn on the time that you set. <capture> Clear - Tap [+][-]to adjust hour and minute. Tap [clear] to delete one number - Tap [AM/PM] to set a.m./ p.m.
  • Page 56 Photos Taking a picture You need a micro SD memory card to store the photos. You cannot save the photo unless you have a micro SD memory card inserted in you r See it, capture it, share it! phone. - To take the photo, lightly press the camera button halfway until the auto focus box turns green, then press all the way to take the photo.
  • Page 57 Movie Recording a video You need a micro SD memory card to store the videos. You cannot save the video unless you have a micro SD memory card inserted in your Record a video with your phone! phone. - To take the video. press the camera button. - To check the video album, tap [=] button Settings <capture>...
  • Page 58 Dictionary Using the dictionary 1. Enter a word and tap [next] to search for a meaning. 2. Select a word. You can search meanings of the words with your phone. Tap [ ] to use following functions Highlight Pen You can highlight the word Change dictionary You can change the types of dictionary.
  • Page 59 Notepad Adding a new note 1. Tap [App Tray]→[Note pad]→ You can write a note and save in your phone. 2. Tap [Add note] 3. Write a note. - Press to go back to previous screen and the note will be saved automatically.
  • Page 60: Subway Map

    Subway map Find a route 1. Tap [App Tray]→[Subway map]→ The phone provides the nationwide subway route map. The 2. Tap [Find route]. 3. Set start station. information is subject to change depending on the circumstances. 4. Set end station. 5.
  • Page 61 TDMB Menu description You can watch real-time TV and listen to the radio. Also recording and storing it is available with the phone. <capture> Move to previous/next channel Check tu information by connecting to NATE Button description Adjust volume [icon] Adjust volume [icon] Press : Set favorite channel or move to favorite channel...
  • Page 62 Settings...
  • Page 63 Language Sound You can set the language of your phone in Korean or English. You can set the sound option for your phone. <capture> <capture> 1. Tap → Settings from the home screen. 1. Tap → Settings from the home screen. 2.
  • Page 64 Language Sound You can set the language of your phone in Korean or English. You can set the sound option for your phone. <capture> <capture> 1. Tap → Settings from the home screen. 1. Tap → Settings from the home screen. 2.
  • Page 65 Phone Setting Integrated menu for phone setting. Language You can set the language to either Korean or English. Removable disk Set the Removable disk On/Off. • You need external memory card to use this function and the phone function will be restricted. Airplane Mode Set your phone available in the plane or other places that restricts mobile phone use (MP3, Games, Organizer etc.).
  • Page 66 Call Setting Network Setting Integrated menu for call setting. • You can set/cancel various call answer modes. • You can set network when using global roaming. • You can check call time by touching ‘Call Time’. • You cannot use it when using in domestic. Answer options Set the answering option.
  • Page 67 1) Set the date/time setting switch as [ON]. Call Center 2) Set date, time and city. •You can check the representative number and business hours of Motorola 3) Set summer time (DST). Customer Call Center will be displayed. 4) Save date/time by pressing [SAVE].
  • Page 68 Search Service Center Troubleshooting •You can check the solution against phone failure. • Touch [Seoul▼] on the top of the screen and you can select a city among Seoul, Kyounki, Kang-won, Chungcheong, Jeonra, Kyoungsang and Jeju. • You can check call number and map of the local service center. •...
  • Page 69 My Device Info USIM Setting You can check your phone’s model name and S/W version. To prevent loss of information when lost or stolen the phone, you can set lock and PIN. • You can check the model name, version and serial number of your mobile phone. PIN Lock : You can set PIN code when turning on/off the mobile phone.
  • Page 70: Troubleshooting

    · Remove the battery and reinstall it, and then turn the power on. Travel charger Bluetooth headset You can purchase optional items at the nearest Motorola service center or accessory shop. Contact the service provider or visit Motorola website ( for details.
  • Page 71: Spec And Feature

    Authentic Label 1. Name of the model : Wireless communications service device (V13) 2. Authentication number : Wireless communications Bluetooth 3. Authentication Trade name : Motorola Korea Inc. service 4. The date of manufacture : Transmit frequency 824.64~848.37MHz 2402~2480MHz 5. Manufacturer/country : Motorola Korea Inc. / China Receive frequency 869.64~893.37MHz...
  • Page 72: Specific Absorption Rate Data

    Specific Absorption Rate Data This model wireless phone meets the government’s requirements for exposure to radio waves. Your wireless phone is a radio transmitter and receiver. It is designed and manufactured not to exceed limits for exposure to radio frequency (RF) energy set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the U.S.
  • Page 73: Motorola Service Center

    3 Floor Sammyeong Building 90-17 2ga Maesallo Gwonseon-gu Suwon-si Gyeonggi-do Gyeonggi Suwon 203ho Dongyangparagon 2 Floor 499-3 Songjuk-dong Jangan-gu Suwon-si Gyeonggi- Buksuwon Background with - - color is designated motorola wasted mobile phone collecting center. They may change without prior notice.
  • Page 74 ☎ Motorola mobile phone consultant and A/S inquiry Nation wide 1588-6633 Motorola service Center Please tell us your product model, error status and your contact number. We will try our best to solve your questions and provide quick service. Region...
  • Page 75 Region Service Center Location Gongju Gongju 2 Floor 228beonji Jung-dong Gongju-si Chungcheongnam-do Chungnam Seosan Seosan 2 Floor 126-18 Eupnae-dong Seosan-si Chungcheongnam-do Asan Asan 111-3ho Bangchuk-dong Asan-si Chungcheongnam-do 2 Floor 1053beonji Bongmyeong1-dong Heungdeok-gu Cheongju-si Chungcheongbuk- Cheongju heungdukgu Cheongju Chungbuk Cheongju sangdanggu 112-7 Munhwa-dong Sangdang-gu Cheongju-si Chungcheongbuk-do Chungju Chungju...
  • Page 76 ☎ Motorola mobile phone consultant and A/S inquiry Nation wide 1588-6633 Motorola service Center Please tell us your product model, error status and your contact number. We will try our best to solve your questions and provide quick service. Region...
  • Page 77 Jeju Jeju 4 Floor Jeongju Building 1060-14beonji Ido2-dong Jeju-si  Location and address of the service center may change without notice. For detail A/S information please visit our website ( Customer Support Center Mobile Phone Customer Support Center SK Telecom Customer Center ·...
  • Page 78 Collecting wasted-mobile phones The collected wasted-mobile phones are utilized as resources and resides are treated ecologically. Motorola is willing to do its best to protect environment not only today but in the future also. We kindly invite you to participate in this movement for the protection of environment.