Nokia Cricket Lumia 530 Quick Start Guide

Nokia Cricket Lumia 530 Quick Start Guide

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Nokia Cricket Lumia 530 Quick Start Guide

Getting to know your Nokia Lumia 530

Getting to know your Nokia Lumia 530 - Front View Getting to know your Nokia Lumia 530 - Rear View

Tap and hold the key to display recent apps.
Tap and hold the key for voice commands using Cortana.

Phone setup

  1. At the top of the phone, put your fingernails in the seam between the screen frame and the back cover then place your thumb in the middle of the back cover. Bend the cover open, and remove it.
    Phone setup - Step 1 - At the top of the phone
  2. Insert SIM card by pushing the SIM into the card slot, with the gold color contacts facing down.
  3. Insert memory card (sold separately) by pushing the card in to the memory card slot, with the gold color contacts facing down.
    Phone setup - Step 2 - Insert memory card
  4. Insert battery, making sure the connectors align.
    Phone setup - Step 3 - Insert battery
  5. Replace back cover by aligning bottom of cover first and then snapping in place.
    Phone setup - Step 4 - Replace back cover
  6. Charge phone.

Touch screen

  • To unlock the screen, press the power key on the side of the phone and swipe the screen up.
  • Use quick flicks of your finger on the touch screen to swipe up, down, left, and right.
  • Lightly touch the screen with your fingertip to select.
  • To return to the previous screen, tap the key.
  • Tap the key at any time to return to the Start screen.
  • Swipe left to access the Apps list on your phone.
  • To quickly search your device and access Cortana, tap the key.

Start screen

Start screen tiles show missed calls and received messages.

Apps list

All your apps are listed here in alphabetical order.

Action Center

Access Action Center by swiping from top to bottom to see a summary of notifications and make quick changes to settings.
Touch screen - Action Center


Start screen

Pin anything you want to your Start screen: apps, contacts, favorite websites and more.

Pin a tile

  1. Press and hold an app icon until the menu appears.
  2. Tap pin to start. The app icon will move onto the Start screen.

Unpin a tile

  1. Press and hold the tile until appears.
  2. Tap to remove from the Start screen.

Move a tile

  1. Press and hold the tile until it floats.
  2. Drag it to a desired position.

Resize a tile

  1. Press and hold the tile until , or appears and tap it to resize.
  2. The choices will be available when you attempt to change the tile size.
    Personalize - Resize a tile

Add more Tiles to the Start screen

Change the Start screen from two columns to three columns.

  1. From the Start screen, swipe down from the top of the screen, and tap ALL SETTINGS.
  2. Tap start+theme, swipe down to "Show more Tiles" and turn it On.

Calls and voicemail

From the Start screen tap the tile to make calls, check voicemail and so much more.

Calls and voicemail

Check voicemail

Voicemail allows you to quickly listen to important voicemail messages.

  1. From the Start screen, tap .
  2. Tap voicemail key and follow the prompts.

Use call waiting

Call waiting helps you answer or hold a call while you are on an existing call.

  1. During a call, to hold the first call and answer the new call, tap ANSWER.
  2. To end the first call and answer the new one, tap end call+answer.
  3. To ignore the new call, tap ignore.

Copy Contacts

Use the app Transfer My Data for a quick and easy way to copy contacts from almost any device to your new Nokia Windows Phone.

Text and picture messaging

From the Start screen tap tile to check or send messages.

To create a new message, tap enter recipient, tap type a text message to reveal the keyboard to enter your message, tap to add a picture or other attachment, then tap to send your message.

Text and picture messaging - Part 1 Text and picture messaging - Part 2

Word Flow Keyboard corrects and predicts words and with shape-writing eliminates the need to tap individual letters - just simply glide your finger over the keys.

Please don't text and drive.


Email Setup (Gmail™,Yahoo®, etc.)

  1. From the Apps list, scroll to and tap , then tap Email + accounts
  2. Tap add an account.
  3. Select an email account (i.e. Yahoo, Google, etc) and sign in with your account information.

Using Email

From the Start screen tap the Email tile to check, compose and send email messages.

Using Email - Part 1 Using Email - Part 2

Note: To set up corporate email, contact your IT administrator.

Cricket services and Store

Cricket services

These services make using Cricket even better and easier!

My Cricket: Access billing, make a quick payment, view usage and access support from the palm of your hand.

Cricket Wi-Fi: Automatically connect to free and open Wi-Fi hotspots, helping you to maximize data usage and enhance coverage.


Make your phone your own with more apps, games, and other items. Browse the Store to find the latest content for your phone. From the Start screen, tap or select Store from the App list.

Swipe left to access the apps listed by category.

Shop for an app

  1. Tap . When you find an app or game you want, and tap it.
  2. If the app or game is free, tap Install or tap try to try it out or tap buy to purchase it.

Tip: Select the Storage Sense app to change the setting to store your music, photos, apps, and more on the memory card to maximize storage on your device.

Note: To get apps from Store or access more Microsoft services, you must sign in with your existing Microsoft account or create a Microsoft account.

Search and do with Cortana

Cortana is like a personal assistant, there to help you add something to your calendar, make a call, take a note, set alarms, find things and more.

To find something with Cortana—just tap Search .

Talk to Cortana

To talk to Cortana hands-free, tap and hold from anywhere, then just say what you need. Not sure where to start? Say "What can I say" to see some ideas.

Cortana Notebook

To see what Cortana knows about you such as interests, reminders, quiet hours, inner circle, and more, tap and then tap .


Listening to a song, but can't remember who sings it? While the music is playing, tap and Cortana will identify the song for you.

Note: You need a Microsoft account to use Cortana. This feature is not available in all languages. For info on the supported languages, go to


Storage Sense

To see what is taking up space on your phone, use the Storage Sense app.

  1. From App list, tap Storage Sense.
  2. Tap phone to check the details of the memory on your phone or tap SD card.
  3. Provide options to change where you store music, photos, apps, and more.

Data Sense

To find more efficient ways to use mobile data and track your usage, use the Data Sense app. The Overview provides a status on data usage using cellular versus Wi-Fi.

  1. From the App list, tap Data Sense.
  2. Tap set limit and choose the values you want.
  3. Swipe to the Usage screen to review cellular and WiFi usage by app.

Battery Saver

To conserve your battery and find details about how apps use your battery, use the Battery Saver app.

  1. From the Apps list, tap Battery Saver.
  2. Swipe to the Usage screen to see how apps use the battery.
  3. To turn Battery Saver on, swipe to Settings and switch Battery Saver to On.
  4. To change when Battery Saver starts conserving power, tap one of the options: When battery is low, Now until next charge, and Always.
  5. Tap an app to change setting to allow the app to run in the background with Battery Saver on.

Nokia apps

Listen to the music you want to hear without interruption of ads—even offline. MixRadio personalizes mixes to suit your tastes. The more you listen, the more personal your listening experience becomes. Plus, you can add music that you own to playlists to create your own jukebox.

Nokia Camera

Capture photos, record videos, or use Smart mode to take multiple shots with one tap or press. Take photos quickly with auto mode, or manually adjust the camera settings to create the perfect photo and reframe it as many times as you want.

Transfer My Data
Quickly and easily copy contacts, text messages, and pictures from almost any phone to your new Nokia Lumia via Bluetooth connectivity.

Easily store and share photos, videos, and documents using the 15GB of free cloud storage with OneDrive.

*Data charges apply.

Nokia Camera and video

Launch the camera app by tapping the Nokia Camera tile on the Start screen.

Take a picture: Tap to take a picture.
Shoot video: Tap to start recording. Tap to stop recording.
Take a Smart Sequence: Tap .
Nokia Camera and video

Check out additional Nokia Camera apps such as Cinemagraph and Creative Studio at Store.

Tip: Save pictures and videos to your memory card to maximize storage on your device.

Start Background

You can add a background photo that displays through the tiles.

  1. From the Start screen, swipe down from the top of the screen, and tap ALL SETTINGS.
  2. Tap start+theme > choose photo.
  3. Tap a photo, crop it as you like, and tap .
  4. Tap to see your photo on the Start screen.

More information

Setting up your phone is fast and easy. The Nokia Care app on your phone provides an on-device User Guide to assist with setup as well as tips and tricks, FAQs, and videos about your device.

Please also visit (For setup, you need to create a Windows Live ID)

On the web

Detailed support information including device specifications and troubleshooting are available at:

On the phone

  • Call Customer Care at 1-855-246-2461 or
  • Dial 611 from your Cricket mobile phone


For more information concerning accessories, please visit your local Cricket store location or go to

Product meets FCC Radio Frequency Exposure Guidelines—FCC ID PDNRM-1018. This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:

  1. this device may not cause harmful interference, and
  2. this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

© 2014 Nokia. All rights reserved. © 2014 Cricket Wireless LLC. All rights reserved. Cricket is a trademark of Cricket Wireless LLC. Other marks are the property of their respective owners. © 2014 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved, Microsoft, Windows and the Windows logo are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.

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Here you can download full pdf version of manual, it may contain additional safety instructions, warranty information, FCC rules, etc.

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