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  • Page 1 NOKIA 2780 FLIP USER GUIDE...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Nokia 2780 Flip User Guide Table of Contents 1 About this user guide 2 Get started Keys and parts ......... .
  • Page 3 Nokia 2780 Flip User Guide 8 Copy content and check the memory Copy content ......... . .
  • Page 4 Important: For important information on the safe use of your device and battery, read “For your safety” and “Product Safety” info in the printed user guide, or at before you take the device into use. To find out how to get started with your new device, read the printed user guide.
  • Page 5: Get Started

    Nokia 2780 Flip User Guide 2 Get started KEYS AND PARTS Your phone This user guide applies to the following model: TA-1420. 1. Call key 7. Back key 2. Shortcut key 8. Power/ End key 3. Left selection key 9. Camera 4.
  • Page 6: Set Up And Switch On Your Phone

    Nokia 2780 Flip User Guide 13. Headset connector 15. SOS call key 14. Volume keys 16. USB connector Do not connect to products that create an output signal, as this may damage the device. Do not connect any voltage source to the audio connector. If you connect an external device or headset, other than those approved for use with this device, to the audio connector, pay special attention to volume levels.
  • Page 7 Nokia 2780 Flip User Guide Open the back cover 1. Put your fingernail in the small slot at the bottom of the phone, lift and remove the cover. 2. If the battery is in the phone, lift it out. Insert the SIM card 1.
  • Page 8: Charge Your Phone

    Nokia 2780 Flip User Guide Insert the memory card 1. Slide the memory card holder to the left 3. Close down the holder and slide it to the and open it up. right to lock it in place. 2. Place the memory card in the slot face 4.
  • Page 9: Keypad

    Nokia 2780 Flip User Guide If the battery is completely discharged, it may take several minutes before the charging indicator is displayed. Tip: You can use USB charging when a wall outlet is not available. The efficiency of USB charging power varies significantly, and it may take a long time for charging to start and the device to start functioning.
  • Page 10: Calls, Contacts, And Messages

    Nokia 2780 Flip User Guide 3 Calls, contacts, and messages CALLS Make a call Learn how to make a call with your new phone. 1. Type in the phone number. To type in the + character, used for international calls, press * twice.
  • Page 11: Send Messages

    Nokia 2780 Flip User Guide Call a contact You can call a contact directly from the contacts list. 1. Press the scroll key, and select Contacts . 2. Scroll to a contact and press �. SEND MESSAGES Write and send messages 1.
  • Page 12: Personalize Your Phone

    Nokia 2780 Flip User Guide 4 Personalize your phone CHANGE THE RINGTONE Select a new ringtone 1. Press the scroll key, and select Settings . 2. Scroll right to Personalization and select Sound > Tones > Ringtones . 3. Scroll to a ringtone and press the scroll key.
  • Page 13 Nokia 2780 Flip User Guide Use the accessibility mode With the accessibility mode, the text on the phone display is bigger and the alerts louder. To switch on the accessibility mode, press the scroll key, and select Settings > Device >...
  • Page 14: Camera

    Nokia 2780 Flip User Guide 5 Camera PHOTOS AND VIDEOS Take a photo 1. To switch on the camera, press the scroll key, and select Camera . 2. To take a photo, press the scroll key. To view the photo right after taking it, select Preview . To view the photo later, on the home screen, press the scroll key, and select Gallery .
  • Page 15: Internet And Connections

    Nokia 2780 Flip User Guide 6 Internet and connections BROWSE THE WEB Connect to the internet 1. Press the scroll key and select Internet . 2. Select Search Internet . 3. Write a web address, and select Go . 4. Use the scroll key to move the mouse cursor in the browser.
  • Page 16: Clock, Calendar, And Calculator

    Nokia 2780 Flip User Guide 7 Clock, calendar, and calculator CLOCK Set an alarm 1. Press the scroll key and select Clock . 2. Select New > Time , use the scroll key to set the time, and select SAVE .
  • Page 17: Calculator

    Nokia 2780 Flip User Guide 1. Press the scroll key and select Calendar > 3. Enter the event details. CALENDAR . 4. Select whether to add a reminder to the 2. Scroll to the date you want and select event.
  • Page 18: Copy Content And Check The Memory

    Nokia 2780 Flip User Guide 8 Copy content and check the memory COPY CONTENT Copy content created by you between your phone and computer. Copy content between your phone and computer 1. Press the scroll key and select Settings .
  • Page 19: Security And Privacy

    Nokia 2780 Flip User Guide 9 Security and privacy SECURITY SETTINGS You can edit the available security settings. Check your apps’ permissions 1. Press the scroll key and select Settings . 2. Scroll right to Privacy & Security and select App permissions .
  • Page 20: Product And Safety Information

    Nokia 2780 Flip User Guide 10 Product and safety information FOR YOUR SAFETY Read these simple guidelines. Not following them may be dangerous or against local laws and regulations. For further info, read the complete user guide. SWITCH OFF IN RESTRICTED AREAS...
  • Page 21 Nokia 2780 Flip User Guide AUTHORIZED SERVICE Only authorized personnel may install or repair this product. BATTERIES, CHARGERS, AND OTHER ACCESSORIES Use only batteries, chargers, and other accessories approved by HMD Global Oy for use with this device. Do not connect incompatible products.
  • Page 22: Emergency Calls

    Nokia 2780 Flip User Guide PROTECT YOUR HEARING To prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at high volume levels for long periods. Exercise caution when holding your device near your ear while the loudspeaker is in use. This device meets RF exposure guidelines when used either in the normal use position against the ear or when positioned at least 1.5 centimetres (5/8 inch) away from the body.
  • Page 23: Take Care Of Your Device

    Nokia 2780 Flip User Guide 2. Type in the official emergency number for your present location. Emergency call numbers vary by location. 3. Press the call key. 4. Give the necessary info as accurately as possible. Do not end the call until given permission to do so.
  • Page 24: Recycle

    Nokia 2780 Flip User Guide RECYCLE Always return your used electronic products, batteries, and packaging materials to dedicated collection points. This way you help prevent uncontrolled waste disposal and promote the recycling of materials. Electrical and electronic products contain a lot of valuable materials, including metals (such as copper, aluminum, steel, and magnesium) and precious metals (such as gold, silver, and palladium).
  • Page 25 Nokia 2780 Flip User Guide Devices with a non-removable battery Do not attempt to remove the battery, as you may damage the device. The battery can be charged and discharged hundreds of times, but it will eventually wear out. When the talk and standby times are noticeably shorter than normal, to replace the battery, take the device to the nearest authorized service facility.
  • Page 26: Small Children

    Nokia 2780 Flip User Guide Replace the battery only with another battery that has been qualified with the system per this standard, IEEE-Std-1725. Use of an unqualified battery may present a risk of fire, explosion, leakage or other hazard. Avoid dropping the device or battery. If the device or battery is dropped, especially on a hard surface, and the user suspects damage, take it to a service center for inspection.
  • Page 27: Hearing

    Nokia 2780 Flip User Guide HEARING Warning: When you use the headset, your ability to hear outside sounds may be affected. Do not use the headset where it can endanger your safety. Some wireless devices may interfere with some hearing aids.
  • Page 28: Certification Information (Sar)

    Nokia 2780 Flip User Guide CERTIFICATION INFORMATION (SAR) This mobile device meets guidelines for exposure to radio waves. Your mobile device is a radio transmitter and receiver. It is designed not to exceed the limits for exposure to radio waves (radio frequency electromagnetic fields), recommended by international guidelines from the independent scientific organization ICNIRP.
  • Page 29: Copyrights And Other Notices

    HMD Global Privacy Policy, available at, applies to your use of the device. HMD Global Oy is the exclusive licensee of the Nokia brand for phones & tablets. Nokia is a registered trademark of Nokia Corporation. Google and other related marks and logos are trademarks of Google LLC.
  • Page 30 CHARITYMOBILE.COM 1-877-474-3662...

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