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Printed in the U.S.A.
Turn off your computer and all attached
devices. If you have another keyboard
attached, disconnect it.
For additional information on this or other IBM products, visit the IBM Personal Computing Web site, at:
Mettez l'ordinateur hors tension, ainsi que
tous les périphériques connectés. Si vous
disposez d'un autre clavier connecté,
Pour plus d'informations sur ce produit IBM ou sur tout autre produit IBM, consultez le site Web d'IBM Personal Computing, à l'adresse
suivante :
Spegnere l'elaboratore e tutte le unità
collegate. Se si dispone di un'altra tastiera
collegata, scollegarla.
Per ulteriori informazioni su questo ed altri prodotti IBM, visitare il sito Web IBM Personal Computing, all'indirizzo:
Schalten Sie den Computer und alle
angeschlossenen Einheiten aus. Wenn eine
andere Tastatur angeschlossen ist, trennen Sie
Weitere Informationen zu diesem oder zu weiteren IBM Produkten finden Sie auf der Website "IBM Personal Computing" unter der Adresse:
Apague el sistema y todos los dispositivos
conectados al mismo. Si hay otro teclado
conectado, desconéctelo.
Installing Your IBM Keyboard
Attach the keyboard cable to the
keyboard port as shown above. Turn on
your computer to activate the keyboard.
There is no software to install.
Connectez le cordon du clavier au port
du clavier, comme illustré ci-dessus.
Mettez l'ordinateur sous tension pour
activer le clavier. Il n'est pas nécessaire
d'installer un logiciel.
Collegare il cavo della tastiera alla
relativa porta come illustrato
precedentemente. Per attivare la tastiera,
spegnere l'elaboratore. Non è compreso
alcun software da installare.
Schließen Sie das Tastaturkabel wie
oben dargestellt an den Tastaturanschluss
an. Schalten Sie den Computer ein, um die
Tastatur zu aktivieren. Es muss keine
Software installiert werden.
Conecte el cable del teclado al puerto
del teclado como se indica en la
ilustración. Encienda el sistema para
activar el teclado. No se tiene que instalar
ningún software.
A palm rest is included with this option.
If you want to attach it, use the installation
sheet included in the option package. For
additional tips on setting up your keyboard,
visit the IBM Healthy Computing Web site,
Un repose-mains est fourni avec cette
option. Si vous souhaitez l'utiliser, consultez
le livret d'installation associé. Pour plus de
conseils sur l'installation du clavier, consultez
le site Web IBM Healthy Computing, à
l'adresse suivante :
Un poggia polsi è compreso con questa
opzione. Se si desidera utilizzarlo, consultare
l'opuscolo relativo all'installazione incluso nel
pacchetto di opzione. Per ulteriori
suggerimenti sull'impostazione della tastiera,
visitare il sito Web IBM Healthy Computing,
Im Lieferumfang dieser Zusatzeinrichtung
ist eine Handauflage enthalten. Wenn Sie die
Handauflage anschließen möchten, verwenden
Sie das Arbeitsblatt zur Installation, das der
Zusatzeinrichtung beiliegt. Zusätzliche Tipps
zum Einstellen der Tastatur können Sie der
Website "IBM Healthy Computing" unter der
folgenden Adresse entnehmen:
Se incluye un reposamuñecas con este
producto. Si desea acoplarlo, consulte hoja
de instalación que se suministra junto con el
paquete del producto. Para obtener más
consejos prácticos sobre cómo instalar el
teclado, visite el sitio web de IBM Healthy
Computing, en:


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  • Page 1 Si hay otro teclado conectado, desconéctelo. Installing Your IBM Keyboard Attach the keyboard cable to the keyboard port as shown above. Turn on your computer to activate the keyboard. There is no software to install. Connectez le cordon du clavier au port du clavier, comme illustré...
  • Page 2 Para obtener información adicional sobre este producto u otros productos de IBM, visite el sitio web de IBM Personal Computing en: Desligue o computador e todos os dispositivos conectados. Se houver outro teclado conectado, desconecte-o. Para obter informações adicionais sobre este ou outros produtos IBM, visite o site IBM Personal Computing na Web, em: Notices References in this publication to IBM products, programs, or...
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    United States or other countries or both: HelpCenter Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. Machine - PS/2 Full-size Keyboard Warranty Period - One Year Warranty service and support The IBM Machine Warranties Web site at contains a...
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    IBM Statement of Limited Warranty Z125-4753-06 8/2000 Part 1 - General Terms This Statement of Limited Warranty includes Part 1 - General Terms and Part 2 - Country-unique Terms. The terms of Part 2 replace or modify those of Part 1. The warranties provided by IBM in this Statement of Limited Warranty apply only to Machines you purchase for your use, and not for resale, from IBM or your reseller.
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    IBM is responsible for loss of, or damage to, your Machine while it is 1) in IBM's possession or 2) in transit in those cases where IBM is responsible for the transportation charges. Neither IBM nor your reseller is responsible for any of your confidential, proprietary or personal information contained in a Machine which you return to IBM or your reseller for any reason.
  • Page 6 Proceedings shall continue from the stage they were at when the vacancy occurred. If one of the parties refuses or otherwise fails to appoint an arbitrator within 30 days of the date the other party appoints its, the first appointed arbitrator shall be the sole arbitrator, provided that the arbitrator was validly and properly appointed.
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    IBM's entire liability and your sole remedy, whether in contract or in tort, in respect of any default shall be limited to damages. Electronic emission notices PS/2 Full-size Keyboard Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Statement Note: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules.
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