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JVC KS-K6001J Installations page 5

Car docking kit


Installation in Your Car
Do not put JVC PnP in the car docking cradle until you have completed the installation.
Determine where you want to mount JVC PnP.
• Do not install JVC PnP where it may obstruct
your view through the windshield or your view
of your car's indicator displays.
• Do not install JVC PnP where it will hinder your
access to the car's controls.
• Do not install JVC PnP where it may hinder the
function of safety devices such as an airbag.
Doing so may prevent the airbag from
functioning properly in the event of an accident.
• Find a location that provides good visibility of
and access to JVC PnP's front panel.
Assemble the supplied suction cup mount to
JVC PnP using the supplied screws.
• When using other screws, use the screws of less
than 8 mm long with a diameter of 4 mm.
To be continued...



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