JVC HA-RF100S Service Manual

JVC HA-RF100S Service Manual

Wireless entertainment system


General Specifications
Modulation system
: Stereo frequency modulation system
Carrier frequency
: 911 MHz --- 914 MHz
Usable area
(distance to reach)
: Approx. 150 ft (46 m) (using JVC
measurements systems)
: Less than 4 % (at 1 kHz)
Transmitter (J21738-002)
Power requirements : DC 12 V (with the exclusive AC adaptor
Audio input terminal : RCA pin jack x 2
3.5 mm dia. stereo minijack
Input impedance
: 20 kOhms
Reference input level : 350 mV
: 140(W) x 128(D) x 230(H) mm
(5-9/16" x 5-1/16" x 9-1/16")
: 315 g (11.1 oz) (Without connection
cord and AC adaptor)
Headphones (HA-W100RF)
Power requirements : Rechargeable Ni-Cd battery (1.2 V) x 2
Battery running time : 13 hours (When charged for 19 hours)
Frequency response : 50 Hz --- 12,000 Hz
: 300 g (10.6 oz) (With provided
rechargeable Ni-Cd battery x 2)
HA-RF100S (J)
* Design and specifications subject to change without notice.
Specifications ............................... Front cover
Safety precautions ..................................... 2
1. Operation manual ................................ 2
2. Disassembly ........................................ 15
3. Schematic diagrams ............................ 17
4. Measurement condition ....................... 19
5. Wiring diagrams .................................. 19
6. Block diagrams ................................... 21
7. Electrical parts list................................ 22
8. Explode view ....................................... 23
9. Mechanical parts list ........................... 25
10. Packing method ................................ 26
12. Accessoriers list ................................ 29
Speakers (SP-A100RF)
Power requirements : DC 9 V (with the exclusive AC adaptor
J46906-001) or D size battery (1.5 V)
x 6 (each channel)
Battery running time : 24 hours (when use Alkaline batteries)
Frequency response : 65 Hz --- 16,000 Hz
: 150(W) x 175(D) x 280(H) mm
(5-15/16" x 6-15/16" x 11-1/16")
: 3.0 kg (6.7 lbs) (without batteries and
AC adaptor) (each channel)
Provided Accessories
Instructions x 1
AC adaptor x 3
Connection cord x 1 (3.5 mm dia. stereo miniplug --- RCA pin
plug x 2 : 1.8 m (5.9 ft))
Charging cable x 1
(2.5 mm dia. mono plug --- 2.5 mm dia.
mono plug)
Plug adaptor x 1
(converts 3.5 mm dia. stereo miniplug to a
6.3 mm dia. standard stereo phone plug)
Ni-Cd battery
x 2 (for headphones)
HA-RF100S (J)
Oct. 2000


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for JVC HA-RF100S

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    J46906-001) or D size battery (1.5 V) Usable area x 6 (each channel) (distance to reach) : Approx. 150 ft (46 m) (using JVC Battery running time : 24 hours (when use Alkaline batteries) measurements systems) Frequency response : 65 Hz --- 16,000 Hz...
  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    HA-RF100S(J) Safety precautions 1. This design of this product contains special hardware and many circuits and components specially for safety purposes. For continued protection, no changes should be made to the original design unless authorized in writing by the manufacturer.
  • Page 3 WIRELESS ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM HA-RF100S (J) VICTOR COMPANY OF JAPAN, LIMITED For Customer Use: INSTRUCTIONS Enter below the Model No. and Serial No. which is located on the rear of the cabinet. Retain this information for future reference. Model No. Serial No.
  • Page 4 (2) This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may NI À L’HUMIDITÉ. cause undesired operation. CAUTION Changes or modifications not approved by JVC could void user's authority to operate the equipment. ATTENTION: Contact NE RECHARGER QU’AVEC DES BATTERIES DE TYPE CADMIUM- Address: JVC AMERICAS CORP.
  • Page 5 If you have any questions, consult your JVC dealer. ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○...
  • Page 6 ● Frequency modulation system which allows headphones/speakers to be used even in areas where the transmitter cannot be seen ● Extended Reception Range (up to 150 ft (46 m): using JVC measurements system) ● All-in-One package (transmitter, headphones and two speakers included)
  • Page 7: Names Of Parts And Their Functions

    NAMES OF PARTS AND THEIR FUNCTIONS NAMES OF PARTS AND THEIR FUNCTIONS Headphones Speakers SPEAKER COVER Note: Can also be detached. Signals not originating from the transmitter or unexpected signals POWER (Power indicator) can also cause the frequency tuning Lights in red when the power is to stop.
  • Page 8: Exclusive

    CONNECTION CONNECTION How to connect to AV equipment Connection to power supply Caution: Connection to HEADPHONES jack The AC adaptors for the speakers are also provided in this unit. Be careful not to use them as the power supply for the transmitter. Misuse of the adaptor may result in fire, malfunction, etc., as the voltage and current value differ depending on the adaptor type.
  • Page 9: Exclusive

    POWER REQUIREMENTS OF HEADPHONES POWER REQUIREMENTS OF HEADPHONES Use two exclusive rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries to power the headphones. Charging rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries When you purchase this unit, be sure to charge the provided rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries according to the following procedures before use. Insert the rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries To charging input terminal To AC outlet...
  • Page 10: Exclusive

    CAUTIONS ABOUT CHARGING POWER REQUIREMENTS OF SPEAKERS 1. Be sure to use only this unit for charging. The speaker power can be supplied from the AC adaptor or the battery. Use the power source that is the most appropriate for your present circumstance. 2.
  • Page 11 POWER REQUIREMENTS OF SPEAKERS POWER REQUIREMENTS OF SPEAKERS Cautions about the batteries When using the battery If the batteries are used incorrectly, they may leak, heat or explode, and may cause fire, injury or soiling. Make note of the following: 1.
  • Page 12 HOW TO USE HOW TO USE How to use the headphones 5. Adjust the volume control of the 6. Turn the TUNING control to get the connected equipment and the head- best reception in the headphones. 1. Connect the transmitter and AV equipment. (Refer to page 10) phones, and set them to the desired 2.
  • Page 13 HOW TO USE HOW TO USE How to use the speakers 5. Push the AUTO TUNING switch control to get the best reception in the speakers. 1. Connect the transmitter and AV equipment. (Refer to page 10) When the button is pressed, frequency tuning starts automatically and it stops 2.
  • Page 14 Turn the power on the connected AV (distance to reach) : Approx. 150 ft (each channel) equipment ON and start playing. (46 m) (using JVC Battery running time : 24 hours (when Is the headphones' or Turn on the headphones' or speaker's...
  • Page 15: Disassembly

    HA-RF100S(J) 2. Disassembly Transmitter In case of some problems arise in this transmitter unit, have to change the transmitter unit itself, due to avoid the law of radio regulation. Receiver (Headphones) " Remove the ear pad ass'y from the headband ass'y &...
  • Page 16 HA-RF100S(J) Speakers Battery Cover Power C.B. Ass'y Battery Case Cabinet Ass'y TW. Speaker Unit WO. Speaker Unit Front Grille Ass'y Main C.B. Ass'y VR. Knob SW C.B. Ass'y Front Panel Push SW Knob...
  • Page 17: Schematic Diagrams

    HA-RF100S(J) 3. Schematic diagrams Receiver (Headphones)
  • Page 18 HA-RF100S(J) Speakers Use of circuit diagram Note: The thick line ( ) is the B (+) power supply. This circuit diagram is the reference diagram. Circuit and constans are subject to change without notice for improvement. Values printed in red show the voltares of each section measured by the tester (internal resistance 20 kOhms/V) with the power switch ON.
  • Page 19: Measurement Condition

    HA-RF100S(J) 4. Measurement condition . Reference input signal : 1kHz 350mVp-p sine wave . Headphone volume control : MAX AC IN Distance : 1m (3.28ft) Receiver (Headphones) Transmitter Speaker 5. Wiring diagram Receiver (Headphones) Shielded lead Ni-Cd Batteries Black sheath...
  • Page 20 HA-RF100S(J) Speakers...
  • Page 21: Block Diagrams

  • Page 22: Electrical Parts List

    HA-RF100S(J) 7. Electrical parts list Trandmitter Symbol No. Parts No. Parts Name Description J22015-001 Transmitter Unit Adjusted In case of some problem arise in this transmitter unit, have to change the transmitter unit itself, due to avoid the law radio regulation.
  • Page 23: Explode View

    HA-RF100S(J) 8. Exploded view Receiver (Headphone) P.C.B Ass'y...
  • Page 24 HA-RF100S(J) Speakers POWER P.C.B. Ass'y 5cm SPEAKER UNIT 10cm SPEAKER UNIT MAIN P.C.B. Ass'y SW.P.C.B. Ass'y...
  • Page 25: Mechanical Parts List

    HA-RF100S(J) 9. Mechanical parts list Receiver (Headphones) A Item No. Parts No. Parts Name Q'ty Description J11400-001 Headband Ass'y with driver unit ass'y J22017-001 Housing(L) J22018-001 Housing(R) Ass'y with battery terminal J21747-001 Head Pad Ass'y J46518-001 Head Pad Holder J21748-001...
  • Page 26: Packing Method

    HA-RF100S(J) 10. Packing method...
  • Page 27 HA-RF100S(J)
  • Page 28: Packing Materials Parts List

    HA-RF100S(J) 11. Packing materials parts list A Item No. Parts No. Parts Name Q'ty Description J11521-001 Packing Case J22008-001 Packing Holder J22009-001 Packing Holder J33605-001 Packing Holder J33608-001 Packing Holder J22007-001 Packing Holder J33600-001 Sub Packing Case J33596-001 Sub Packing Case...
  • Page 29: Accessoriers List

    HA-RF100S(J) 12. Accessoriers list A Item No. Parts No. Parts Name Q'ty Description J5500-103B Instructions J46906-001 AC Adaptor For Speakers J46598-001 AC Adaptor For transmitter J46517-001 Plug Adaptor J46516-001 Charging Cord J46515-001 Connection Cord J46514-001 Rechargeable Ni-Cd battery 2pcs/pack * Parts marked (A) ave safety parts. When replacing, be sure to use the specifide one.
  • Page 30 HA-RF100S (J) VICTOR COMPANY OF JAPAN, LIMITED COMMUNICATION NETWORK BUSINESS UNIT AV & MULTIMEDIA COMPANY 1644, Shimotsuruma, Yamato, Kanagawa 242-8514, Japan Printed in Japan No.70248 200010(S)

Table of Contents