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Digital Cordless Phone
Charge the handset for 24 hours before use.


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for AEG Elegant

  • Page 1 Elegant Digital Cordless Phone Warning Charge the handset for 24 hours before use.
  • Page 2 Welcome... to your Elegant Digital Cordless Telephone Answering Machine! • Display with blue backlight. • 250 Name and number phonebook. • Copy phonebook entries between other handsets or your mobile phone SIM card. • Answering machine with up to 13 minutes digital recording time.
  • Page 3 You may find the answer in the ‘Help’ section at the back of this guide. Hearing aid? Please note that the Elegant works by sending radio signals between the base and handset. These signals may interfere with some hearing aids, causing a humming noise.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Getting started ............... 6 Location ....................6 Handset range ..................6 Signal strength ..................6 Setting up ..................... 7 Battery low warning ................7 Battery performance ................8 Date and time ..................8 Getting to know your phone ..........9 Handset buttons ...................
  • Page 5 14. Redial a number from the redial list ........... 19 15. Save a number from the redial list to the phonebook ......19 16. Delete a redial number/delete all redial ..........19 17. To lock the keypad ................19 18. To unlock the keypad ................. 19 19.
  • Page 6 VI. Base settings ............... 28 Base ringtone ..................28 Base ringer volume ................29 Dialling mode ..................29 Ring priority ..................29 Recall mode ..................30 First ring ..................... 30 System PIN ..................31 Restore default settings ..............31 VII. Clock & alarm ............... 32 Date &...
  • Page 7 Send a text message to a Calls list number ........38 Delete an entry .................. 38 Delete all entries ................39 Call Waiting ................39 XI. Network Services ..............39 Call Divert on/off/check ..............39 Call Waiting on/off/check ..............40 Add or edit an entry ................
  • Page 8 16. Remote access .................. 47 Switch remote access On or Off ............ 47 Change the remote access PIN ............. 48 Switch your answering machine on remotely ........ 48 17. Play messages .................. 49 XIII. Text messaging ..............49 Cost of the fixed line service .............. 50 Send a text message .................
  • Page 9: Getting Started

    Do not place your Elegant in the bathroom or other humid areas. Handset range The Elegant has a range of up to 300 metres outdoors when there is a clear line of sight between the base and handset. Any obstruction between the base and handset will reduce the range significantly.
  • Page 10: Setting Up

    Place the handset on the charger to charge for at least 24 hours. When the handset is fully charged the icon will indicate that it is fully charged. Your Elegant is ready for use. Battery low warning If the icon flashes in the external display you will need to recharge the handset before you can use it again.
  • Page 11: Battery Performance

    Battery performance In ideal conditions, fully charged batteries should give about 10 hours talk time or 100 hours standby time on a single charge. Note that new batteries do not reach full capacity until they have been in normal use for several days. To keep your batteries in the best condition, leave the handset off the base for a few hours at a time.
  • Page 12: Getting To Know Your Phone

    Getting to know your phone Handset buttons Redial/Up Option button (left) In standby, press to open and scroll Press to open the Menu. through the Redial list, page 19. Press to select options displayed In talk mode, press to increase on screen.
  • Page 13: Standby Screen

    Option button (right) End/On/Off Press to select options displayed Press to end a call, page 17. on screen. In menu mode, press to return to In menu mode, press to step back standby. one screen. In standby, press and hold to switch In standby, press «...
  • Page 14: Display Icons

    Display icons * For this feature to work you must subscribe to your network provider’s Caller Display service. A quarterly fee may be payable. Displayed in standby mode to Answering machine is On. indicate handset is in range of the An alarm is set.
  • Page 15: Base

    Base Delete Vol +/Vol – Press once to delete the current Increase or decrease speaker message. volume during play back. At the end of all message play back, press once within 8 seconds to delete all messages. << Skip Play/Pause Press once to repeat the current Play/pause messages.
  • Page 16: Navigating The Menus

    Navigating the menus Your Elegant has an easy to use menu system. Each menu has a list of options, which you can see on the menu map below and on the following pages. When the handset is switched on and in standby: Press «...
  • Page 19: Character Map

    Character map Button Lowercase Uppercase . , - ? ! ¡ ¿ ‘ @ : ; / 1 a b c 2 ä æ å à ç A B C 2 Ä Æ Å Ç d e f 3 è é D E F 3 É...
  • Page 20: Switch The Handset On / Off

    Switch the handset on / off In standby, press and hold End/On/Off to switch the handset off. When off, press End/On/Off to switch back on, or put the handset back on its base. Make a call When you make a call, the green In Use light on the base flashes. Press Talk/Handsfree.
  • Page 21: Adjust The Earpiece /Receiver Volume

    Adjust the earpiece /receiver volume There are 8 volume settings, the default setting is level 1. During a call, press Redial/Up or Phonebook/Down to change the volume. The display shows the level. Secrecy During a call, press « SECRECY ». The display shows « SECRECY ON » and your caller cannot hear you.
  • Page 22: Redial The Last Number Called

    Redial the last number called The last 20 telephone numbers called are saved to a redial list. You can then select any of the numbers to redial, delete or copy to the phonebook. Redial numbers can be up to 32 digits long. Press Redial/Up the last number you called is highlighted.
  • Page 23: Paging/Find Handset

    Paging/Find handset You can alert a handset user that they are wanted or locate a missing handset. Paging calls cannot be answered by a handset. Press Find on the base. All handsets registered to the base will ring and display « PAGING CALL ». Press Find on the base again to stop the ringing or, on any handset, press «...
  • Page 24: View An Entry

    Entering names Use the keypad letters to enter names, e.g. to store TOM: Press 8 once to enter T. Press 6 three times to enter O. Press 6 once to enter M. When storing a name the first character is upper case and the rest lower case. To change the case manually, press #/Lock.
  • Page 25: Open The Phonebook During A Call

    Search alphabetically Press Phonebook/Down. Press « NAMES ». « SEARCH » is highlighted. Press « SELECT ». The list of entries are displayed. Enter the first letter of the name you want. The first name beginning with that letter is displayed. Scroll Phonebook/Down to view any other entries beginning with that letter.
  • Page 26: Delete An Entry

    « YES » to confirm or « NO » to cancel. Press « BACK » to return to the previous menu level. Copy an entry to another handset When you have more than one handset registered to your Elegant base, you can copy entries between handsets. Press Phonebook/Down.
  • Page 27: Memory Status

    Scroll Phonebook/Down to « COPY PHONEBOOK » and press « SELECT ». « TO HANDSET » is displayed. Press « SELECT ». Available handsets are displayed. Scroll Redial/Up or Phonebook/Down to the handset you want and press « SELECT ». When completed the display shows the number of entries copied.
  • Page 28: Change The Dialling Code

    Press « BACK » to return to the previous menu level. Notes: The PIN number will be displayed as asterisks for security reasons. While copying to another handset or SIM card, any other handsets registered to the base can still make and receive phone calls as normal. However, if an incoming call is received, the copying process is cancelled so that the call can be taken.
  • Page 29: Handset Settings

    Handset settings Handset ringtone You can set different ringtones for external calls and internal calls. Select from 20 handset ringtones. You will hear a sample ring for each one you highlight (if the ringer is not switched off). Press « MENU », scroll Phonebook/Down to « SETTINGS » and press «...
  • Page 30: Handset Name

    Handset name If you are using more than one handset with your Elegant base, you can give each handset a personalised name to easily distinguish between the handsets. A name can be up to 10 characters long. Press « MENU », scroll Phonebook/Down to « SETTINGS » and press «...
  • Page 31: Key Beep

    Scroll Phonebook/Down to « AUTO TALK » and press « SELECT ». Scroll Redial/Up or Phonebook/Down to « ON » or « OFF » then press « SELECT ». Press « BACK » to return to the previous menu level. Key beep Press «...
  • Page 32: Base Ringer Volume

    « BACK » to return to the previous menu level. Dialling mode Your Elegant is pre-set to Tone dialling. You should not normally need to change this setting. The dial mode options are Tone (Time Break/ Earth) or Pulse (Earth).
  • Page 33: Recall Mode

    « BACK » to return to the previous menu level. First ring If you have subscribed to your network’s Caller Display service, your Elegant does not ring until the caller information has been received and displayed. However, if you want your handset to ring without waiting for the caller information to be displayed, set First Ring to On.
  • Page 34: System Pin

    « BACK » to return to the previous menu level. Restore default settings You can restore your Elegant to its default (original) settings. It will not affect the phonebook, calls list or user’s data, including personal/ recorded outgoing messages and answer machine messages.
  • Page 35: Clock & Alarm

    VII. Clock & alarm Date & time If you subscribe to your network’s caller display service, the base sets the date and time for all handsets whenever a call is received. You can manually set the time on an individual handset. Press «...
  • Page 36: Time Format

    « STOP ». VIII. Agenda Use your Elegant to remind you of details of up to five events such as birthdays, anniversaries or appointments. The entry can be up to 24 characters long. Add a new event Up to 24 characters can be entered as the subject.
  • Page 37: Switch Off Agenda Ring

    Press Redial/Up or Phonebook/Down to select « SILENT » or « ALARM » and press « SELECT ». If you press « ALARM »: Scroll Redial/Up or Phonebook/Down to select « ONCE » or « ANNUALLY » and press « SELECT ». Scroll Redial/Up or Phonebook/Down to select when you want to receive the reminder «...
  • Page 38: Send Agenda As A Text Message

    Press Redial/Up or Phonebook/Down to select « SILENT » or « ALARM » and press « SELECT ». If you press « ALARM »: Scroll Redial/Up or Phonebook/Down to select « ONCE » or « ANNUALLY » and press « SELECT ». Scroll Redial/Up or Phonebook/Down to select when you want to receive the reminder «...
  • Page 39: Calls Lists

    Calls lists IMPORTANT To use Caller Display you must first subscribe to the service from your network provider. A quarterly fee may be payable. To ensure the caller’s name is displayed, make sure you have stored the full telephone number, including the dialling code in the phonebook. If the caller’s number is stored in the phonebook, the name assigned to it is displayed.
  • Page 40: New Calls Alert

    New calls alert When you have missed calls, the display shows « YOU HAVE X NEW MISSED CALLS ». If you press « BACK », the screen returns to standby and icon is displayed. View new missed calls When you see the new calls alert, press «...
  • Page 41: Send A Text Message To A Calls List Number

    Scroll Phonebook/Down to « SAVE NUMBER ». Press « SELECT ». Enter a name then press « OK ». The number is displayed, press « SAVE ». Scroll Redial/Up or Phonebook/Down to the ringtone you want and press « SELECT ». Press «...
  • Page 42: Delete All Entries

    Delete all entries You can delete all entries in an individual Calls list or all entries from all Calls lists. Press « MENU », scroll Phonebook/Down to « CALLS LISTS » then press « SELECT ». « MISSED CALLS » is highlighted. If required, scroll Redial/ Up or Phonebook/Down to «...
  • Page 43: Call Waiting On/Off/Check

    Call Waiting on/off/check Call Waiting lets you know if another person is trying to contact you while you are on a call. If a second caller rings you will hear a beep in the handset. Providing you have also subscribed to Caller Display, the screen will show the caller’s details.
  • Page 44: Delete An Entry

    XII. Answering machine Your Elegant can digitally record up to 13 minutes of messages or up to 59 messages. Each message can last up to a maximum of 3 minutes. As well as recording incoming messages, you can record memos for other users.
  • Page 45: Switch The Answering Machine On/Off Via The Base

    Ans. On/Off. The new setting is announced. Answer delay Answer delay sets the number of times your Elegant will ring before the answer machine picks up your call and starts playing the outgoing message. You can change this setting to between 2–9 rings or Time Saver.
  • Page 46: Outgoing Messages

    Outgoing messages The outgoing message is the message a caller first hears when the answering machine picks up their call. There are 2 pre-recorded outgoing messages to choose from (see note right) or you can record your own. You can only record your outgoing message using the handset.
  • Page 47: Check Or Delete Your Outgoing Message

    Check or delete your outgoing message Deleting a personal outgoing message automatically reinstates the pre- recorded outgoing message. You cannot delete a pre-recorded message. Press « MENU », scroll Phonebook/Down to « ANSWER MACHINE » and press « SELECT ». Scroll Phonebook/Down to «...
  • Page 48: Record A Memo

    While screening, you can adjust the volume by pressing Redial/Up or Phonebook/Down. When your Elegant rings, wait for the answering machine to take the call. When the caller begins leaving a message, the display shows « RECORDING ». Press « SCREEN » to hear the caller.
  • Page 49: Message Playback Via The Base

    Message playback via the base Press Play/Pause. New messages are played first. During playback: Delete to delete the current message. << Skip once to repeat the message. << Skip twice to play the previous message. Skip >> to play the next message. Play/Pause to pause and resume playback.
  • Page 50: Delete All Old Messages

    « BACK » to return to the previous menu level. Remote access You can operate your answering machine from any Touchtone™ phone by calling your Elegant and entering a 4 digit security code. Switch remote access On or Off Press «...
  • Page 51: Change The Remote Access Pin

    The OGM will set to Answer Only. You must delete messages before your Elegant can record new messages. Change the remote access PIN You should change the security PIN from the original setting of 0000.
  • Page 52: Play Messages

    You can try entering the code again. If it is still incorrect you will hear the voice prompt and your Elegant will hang up. If no button is pressed for 8 seconds or more your Elegant will hang up. Play messages Dial your phone number.
  • Page 53: Cost Of The Fixed Line Service

       IMPORTANT You must subscribe to your Network Provider’s Caller Display service so that you can use text messaging and you must not withhold your telephone number.       A quarterly fee may be payable, please contact your network provider for ...
  • Page 54 dect72_emoticon6.bmp dect72_emoticon7.bmp dect72_emoticon8.bmp dect72_emoticon9.bmp « INSERT EMOTICON » Press « SELECT ». The Emoticon table is displayed. Press Redial/Up or Phonebook/Down to highlight the Emoticon you want then press « INSERT ». « INSERT TEMPLATE » Press « SELECT ». The list of templates is displayed.
  • Page 55: Standard Text Entry

    To do this on your Elegant, see page 56. This will allow you to send text via either base station but texts will only be received on the product with the active receive centre number.
  • Page 56: Read, Forward, Delete, View And Save Numbers Of Texts In The Inbox

    Read, forward, delete, view and save numbers of texts in the Inbox When you see the new message alert, if you press « BACK » the message is stored in your Inbox so you can read it later. Press « MENU », « TEXT MESSAGING » is displayed. If you have new messages you will go straight to the Inbox, if not scroll Phonebook/Down to Inbox and press «...
  • Page 57: Edit Or Send Texts In The Drafts Box

                           Edit or send texts in the Drafts box          ...
  • Page 58: Forward Or Delete Texts In The Outbox

    Forward or delete texts in the Outbox Your Elegant’s outbox is like a redial list. It holds a copies of up to 5 sent messages. When the Outbox is full, a new message replace the oldest. To open the Outbox box, Press «...
  • Page 59: Deleting Texts

    Service to work. You can enter up to 4 Service Centre numbers – two incoming and two outgoing. Add or change Service Centre numbers If you have more than one ‘Server Centre’ stored on your Elegant you will need to select which one you want to use for sending (see next section). Press «...
  • Page 60: Message Alert Tone

    Set send centre Press « MENU », « TEXT MESSAGING » is displayed. Press « SELECT ». Scroll Redial/Up or Phonebook/Down to « TEXT SETTINGS » and press « SELECT ». « SERVICE CENTRES » is highlighted, press « SELECT ». Press «...
  • Page 61: Using Additional Handsets

    Your Elegant handset can also be registered to up to 3 other bases. You can then select the base you would prefer to use. If you have purchased a Elegant multiple pack any additional handsets come pre-registered to the base.
  • Page 62: Select A Base

    Select a base If your Elegant handset is registered to more than one base, you can select which base to use. P r e s s « M E N U » , s c r o l l R e d i a l / U p o r P h o n e b o o k / D o w n t o «...
  • Page 63: Transfer A Call

    Transfer a call You can transfer an external call to another handset registered to the base. During your call: Press Int then the handset number (1-5) you want. Press « OK » to dial or press « END » to cancel the calls request and return to the caller.
  • Page 64 Try cleaning the charging contacts. Check that the mains power is correctly connected. You hear the busy tone when you press Talk/Handsfree. Make sure the handset is in range of the base. Another handset registered to your Elegant base may be on the line.
  • Page 65 You can register a tota l of 5 handsets to your Elegant base and you can register your Elegant handset to up to 4 bases. Check that you have not exceeded the limits. Check that you have entered the correct PIN number (default PIN 0000).
  • Page 66 Possible problems with text messaging Text messages cannot be sent and screen displays Message Sending Failed The base station power supply o r telephone line cord might not be properly connected. Check that the base station power supply is plugged into the mains socket and switched on and that the telephone is plugged into the telephone wall socket.
  • Page 67: General Information

    This product is intended for connection to analogue public switched telephone networks and private switchboards in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. Safety information Only use the power supply suitable for the Elegant range. Using an unauthorised power supply will invalidate your guarantee and may damage the telephone.
  • Page 68 Cleaning Clean the handset and base (or charger) with a damp (not wet) cloth, or an anti-static wipe. Never use household polish as this will damage the product. Never use a dry cloth as this may cause a static shock. Environmental Do not expose to direct sunlight.
  • Page 69 Your Elegant has a REN of 1. A total REN of 4 is allowed. If the total REN of 4 is exceeded, the telephones may not ring. With different telephone types there is no guarantee of ringing, even when the REN is less than 4.
  • Page 70 Inserting a pause With some switchboards, after dialling the access code you may have to wait for a moment while the switchboard picks up an outside line so you will need to enter a pause in the dialing sequence. Press and hold Redial/Up to insert a pause (P) before entering the telephone number.
  • Page 71 ASISTANCE TECHNIQUE: Au numéro suivant: + 33 (0)5-45-60-82-51...
  • Page 72 Service technique: 05-45-60-82-51 (prix d'un appel local)

Table of Contents