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When Operating The Microwave Oven For The First Time; Using The Microwave Oven; Prevention Of Smoke Or Fire In The Microwave Oven - Haier HR-5702D Instruction Manual

Haier hr-5702d: user manual


If you cannot reach the plug, keep the oven door open (also when cleaning the outside).
Only in this way you can prevent the appliance from being switched on when the function keys or
switches are inadvertently activated.
1. Cleaning the Cabinet
Caution ! Under no circumstances should water or a cleaning fluid get into the inside of the oven.
This is particularly important when cleaning around the air vents or rear wall.
Otherwise serious accidents may ensue due to electric shock and the appliance may be damaged.
Only use clear water with just a littel washing-up liquid for cleaning. Do not under any circum-
stances use sharp cleaning or scouring agent. Lastly wipe the cabinet dry with a soft cloth.
Carefully remove food particles and dirt deposits between the door and cabinet, so that the door
always shuts properly and tightly.
Warning !
Under no circumstances should you continue to use the appliance if you have detected any damage on
the door seal or on the adjoining surfaces. The same applies to damage detected on the door itself or door
hinges. Otherwise hazardous microwave radiation may escape from these locations. This kind of dam-
age must be repaired by a trained customer service engineer, before you can use your appliance again.
2. Cleaning the inside of the oven
Never pour water into the oven interlor. Water may enter the interior of the oven through the air
vents and damage the appliance. Moreover serious accidents can ensue due to electric shock.
Clean the oven interior thoroughly. Particles of fat and food may overheat and potentially cause fire
hazard. Moreover food and dirt deposits inside the oven affect the performance of the microwave oven.
Use only clear water with a little washing-up liquid to clean the interior of the oven. Do not under any
circumstances use sharp cleaning or acids. Lastly wipe the cooking chamber dry with soft cloth.
3. Celaning the Turntable
Thoroughly clean the turntable (if equipped with) after every use to prevent smoke from developing
due to food particles.
CAUTION ! The turntable might still be hot.
Likewise clean the turntable undercarriage and the oven interior regularly, so that it always works
9 Customer Support Service
Check on the enclosed guarantee card or the separately enclosed customer service directory which
firm is responsible for the customer support service of your appliance.
If your appliance documentation does not mention the responsible customer support service, please
contact your dealer.
If your appliance does not work despite observance and compliance with all tips and guidelines de-
scribed in these instructions for use, then please do the following check "What is when...", before you
call the customer support service:
Instruction for use
When operating the microwave oven for the first time, make sure that:
The power cable of the oven is not led underneath the oven base, which does get hot, and does not
come into contact with sharp edges or hot objects.
The power cable does not extend into the other kitchen work areas.
The power cable does not droop from the worktop and nobody can get caught in it.
The power cable does not come into contact with moisture(e.g. when wiping the worktop or rinsing).
The power plug is easily accessible and can quickly be unplugged in case of danger.
The power plug is always firmly inserted in the socket and loose contact cannot cause any fire hazards.
Slack power plugs or sockets must be immediately repaired by a skilled electrician.
No curtains are nearby.

6 Using the Microwave Oven

1. Before switching on the appliance, you should familiarise yourself with the following guidelines:
Never operate the oven when it is empty.
Otherwise it could get damaged.
To prevent the oven from being operated inadvertently without contents, always leave a glass of
water in the cavity when the appliance is out of use.
Never heat liquids or food(s) in sealed dishes
Within sealed dishes overpressure can quickly develop and thus cause the dish to burst. This leads to
potentially serious accidents.
The following items are also liable to burst due to developing overpressure: eggs in shells,
nuts in shells or any food(s) vacuum packed in plastic foil.
Therefore, always pierce raw eggs on two sides and remove the foil or at least cut it open on one whole
side, before you put it into the oven. Remove nutshells.
Should the use of aluminium foil be recommended in a recipe, make sure that it tightly adheres to
the cookware or food and a gap of at least 2.5 cm is left between the aluminium foil and the
cooking compartment walls.
Otherwise sparking may occur inside the oven and the appliance could consequently get damaged.
In order to ensure that the seal is constantly protected adequately against hazardous escap-
ing microwaves, always make sure that:
a) No objects (dishcloths, parts of food packaging etc.) are caught between the door and cabinet
b) Door seal or door hinges are not damaged or soiled (also see section on "Cleaning and Care")
Do not touch - Scalding hazard
During operation your microwave oven may present scalding hazards in the following components:
on the door - glass panel
on the lateral air vents
on the underside of the oven

2. Prevention of smoke or fire in the microwave oven

Instruction for use

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