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Rating Plate; Plugging In Your Appliance - Haier HR-5702D Instruction Manual

Haier hr-5702d: user manual


f) Place the undercarriage in the circular track on the oven interior floor
g) Lay the turntable onto the undercarriage. By gently turning it, the guide fits into the drive shaft.
Place the appliance on an even and non-skid surface.
It must be stable enough to easily support the appliance even if the oven contains goods.
Leave a space of at least 10 cm between the foremost edge of the worktop and the front of
the oven door.
You will thus prevent the appliance from tilting forward when the door is open.
Install the oven in a place where it is protected against splashing water or dripping liquids.
Never operate the appliance outdoors. Sunlight and humidity may impair operational safety.
Never expose your microwave oven to direct sunlight (overheating hazard).
Do not install the appliance in the immediate vicinity of heat sources such as radiators or cookers.
The following minimum clearances between other objects / walls must be maintained for safety
- Side l/r clearance
at least 5 cm
- Rear clearance
at least 10 cm
- Upper clearance
at least 10 cm
The appliance must not be built into a cupboard.
The oven must not be built in underneath a panel or a cupboard.
For some models a built under - mounting set is commercially available. Please ask your dealer or
the respective customer support service.
During operation clouds of steam escape through the air vents of the appliance and it may get very hot
within the space of the above mentioned minimum clearances. The microwave oven should thus be
installed so that no objects sensitive to heat or moisture are located near the minimum clearances.
Avoid any possible overheating of the oven caused by unintentionally covering or sealing the air vents
When in operation the base of the oven may become very hot. The worktop must thus be accordingly

4 Rating Plate

The rating plate with technical specifications is located on the cabinet, at the rear of the oven.

5 Plugging in your appliance

Your appliance must be connected to a power socket with grounded connection, which complies with
the respective regulations and has been installed by an authorised specialists.
Before plugging the appliance into the wall socket, make sure that the voltage(V) and fuse amperage
(A) specified on the rating plate of the oven correspond with the electrical power supply in your home.
If these specifications do partly or not at all correspond, immediately contact your local customer support
service or your dealer and do no plug in the appliance under any circumstances.
Instruction for use
Customer service jobs resulting from improper operation of the oven are liable for payment even during
the guarantee period.
What is when.........
Is the plug firmly inserted in the socket?
Is the power socket under current?
(test this by plugging in another kitchen appliance)
Is the fuse intact?
Was the timer set properly? (first turn beyond the required time and then back accordingly)
Does the oven door close tightly?
Is anything stuck in the door?
Under no circumstances should you subject the appliance to any tests other than those de-
scribed here or attempt to repair it yourself by technical means.
Warning !
The interior lamp may only be replaced by specially trained customer service personnel who is aware
of the related dangers.
The appliance works independently from the interior light. It can thus also be operated easily even if the
interior lamp has failed.
Steam escaping from the air vent is quite normal during operation. This is not a malfunction.
10 Calling the Customer Support Service
To ensure prompt help when needed, please have ready the following data before calling the customer
support service:
Appliance Type / Model (see rating plate)
Date of purchase
Name and location of your dealer
Description of the malfunction
The address and phone number of the customer support service centre responsible for your
appliance can be found in the attached customer support service directory, or in the guarantee card.
Otherwise contact your dealer.
11 Guarantee
Please note the general guarantee terms and the guarantee period stated in the attached guarantee
card. If the appliance documentation does not include a guarantee card, please contact your dealer.
The manufacturer works constantly at the further development of all products. Please therefore bear
this in mind as the form, set up and technology are subject to change, without prior notice.
Instruction for use

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