Haier HR-1770M Instructions For Use Manual
Haier HR-1770M Instructions For Use Manual

Haier HR-1770M Instructions For Use Manual

Haier microwave oven instruction for use


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Specific No. 0050502346

Microwave Oven

Instruction for use


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Haier HR-1770M

  • Page 1: Microwave Oven

    Specific No. 0050502346 Microwave Oven Instruction for use HR-1770M HR-1770MG...
  • Page 2 AK-Rectifier Thermostat The Second interlock switch Attention: The figure indicates the circuit diagram that the door is open and the microwave oven is not working. HR-1770MG The Primary Timer Timer interlock switch1 switch2 switch Timer GR switch...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    The inner components are electrified, and may cause electric shock. Children shall use the microwave oven under the instruction of adult, or use the oven by self after they have received complete instruction and description from the adult. The adult shall teach the children the general knowledge on the danger of operating the microwave oven.
  • Page 4: Potential Dangers

    Microwave ovens may only be used to warm up or heat up food or drinks. Never use your microwave oven for other purposes such as drying textiles or other objects, let alone life animals. This may cause acute fire(s) or accident hazard.
  • Page 5: Where To Install The Oven

    English FIG. A Legend of Components vailability of components depending on Mod. / Type of appliance Cabinet Interior light Control panel Power select Timer (For grill model only) Circular track(for turntable undercarriage) Turntable drive Turntable undercarriage Turntable English COMPONENTS Wickerwork Wood / wooden skewer Plastic cups / dishes etc.
  • Page 6: Rating Plate

    During operation clouds of steam escape through the air vents of the appliance and it may get very hot within the space of the above mentioned minimum clearances. The microwave oven should thus be installed so that no objects sensitive to heat or moisture are located near the minimum clearances.
  • Page 7: When Operating The Microwave Oven For The First Time

    Clean the oven interior thoroughly . Particles of fat and food may overheat and potentially cause fire hazard. Moreover food and dirt deposits inside the oven affect the performance of the microwave oven. Use only clear water with a little washing-up liquid to clean the interior of the oven. Do not under any circumstances use sharp cleaning or acids.
  • Page 8: How To Operate Your Microwave Oven

    8 .Cleaning and care Caution ! The microwave oven must be unplugged from the power supply before cleaning it (on the exter- nal or interior side). Pull out the power plug, or activate fuse safety switch. Instruction for use...

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