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How To Operate Your Microwave Oven; Setting The Operating Mode (Power Level); Setting The Cooking Time; Defrosting - Haier HR-5702D Instruction Manual

Haier hr-5702d: user manual


If food(s) overheats, smoke may develop or smouldering may start inside the oven.
Food(s) with a high sugar or fat content are particularly prone to this hazard.
The microwave oven is therefore not suitable for:
making popcorn
melting sugar or fats
cooking dried beans etc.
When preparing food(s) with uncertain compositions, you should keep an eye on the
appliance until the end of the set cooking time.
2.1 How to react when smoke develops inside the oven
Should smoke or fire develop inadvertently inside the oven, this problem can usually be easily over-
come by taking the following correct steps:
Whatever happens, keep the oven door closed.
Fisrt thing, switch off the appliance immediately
Then switch off the power supply by unplugging the appliance or activating the fuse safety switch.
Open the oven to take out the burnt food only when you can no longer detect any smoke.
Under no circumstances should you attempt to extinguish smouldering or burning food inside
the oven with water. In this case serious accidents may be caused by electric shock.

7 How to operate your microwave oven

(FIG. B)
1. The controls offer user-friendly operation so that you can quickly familiarise yourself with your appli-
ance and can optimise your use of it after studying the aforementioned and following guidelines and
regulations in detail.
Operating tasks are thus restricted to settings:
desired cooking mode
desired cooking time
2. You can pause operation at any time by:
Pressing the door opening key (not all models are equipped with) respectively opening the
oven door
The timer will stop automatically and resumes its operation as soon as the oven door is firmly closed
again or: Resetting the timer to "0"

3. Setting the operating mode (power level)

Set the respective function symbol (FIG.B) according to the required power level.
Each level corresponds e.g. to around 140W if the appliance has a total capacity of 700 W or to around
150 W if the appliance has a total capacity of 750 W or to around 160 W if the appliance has a total
capacity of 800 W
The operating mode switch can also be set between the levels, if your cooking recipe recommends a
lower or higher wattage.

4. Setting the cooking time

Timer (FIG. B)
Instruction for use
By turning the timer clockwise you can set the cooking time up to max. 30 Min. respectively 60 Min.
(depends on Mod./Type)
Please make sure you do not turn the timer over its limit.
Caution ! The cooking process will immediately start as soon as you move the timer from posi-
tion "0" and the oven door is shut. Therefore, leave the door open and only close it when you have
correctly entered all settings.
If you wish to set the cooking time to less than the max. time, turn the timer first to max. 30 / 60 min. and
then back to the desired cooking time. It will thus work more accurately.
In most models a warning beeper will sound when the timer has elapsed.
For cooking times longer than 30 / 60 min. you can simply set the timer again when the first time period
has elapsed.

5. Defrosting

This function facilitates the thawing of frozen food.
First use the operating mode switch to select the mode (Defrost)
Now set the timer according to the weight of the food you wish to defrost.
It takes around 15 - 20 min. to defrost every 100 g of frozen food.

6. Operating Modes (power levels)

The operating steps (power levels) are shown on the oven front panel with symbols. For this, please
note the description of the function of each symbol (Fig. B)
7. Explanation of international terms used for operating modes (power levels)
= Low (keep warm)
= Medium low. cooking level
= Defrost
= Medium cooking level
= Medium high cooking level
6 - HIGH
= High cooking level
Depending on the oven model some or all of these operating functions will be available.
Excellent cookbooks on microwave cooking are commercially available.
Such cookbooks are highly recommended, if you have not yet had any experience with microwave
8 Cleaning and care
Caution !
The microwave oven must be unplugged from the power supply before cleaning it (on the exter-
nal or interior side).
Pull out the power plug, or activate fuse safety switch.
Instruction for use

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