Safety Precautions - Haier AD182AMBIA Operation And Installation Manual

Duct type air conditioner
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Before starting to use the system, read carefully this"SAFETY PRECAUTIONS" to ensure a proper operation of the system.
Safety precautions described here are classified to "
WANING" means that an improper handing could lead to a grave result like a death, serious injury, etc. However, even if precautions
are shown in the column of "
precautions faithfully because they are very important information to ensure the safety.
Symbols which appear frequently in the text have following meanings.
Strictly prohibited.
When you have read through the manual, keep it always at hand for read consultation. If the operator is replaced, make sure to hand over
this manual to the new operator.
The system should be applied to places as
office, restaurant, residence and the like.
Application to inferior environment such as an engi-
neering shop, could cause equipment malfunction and
serious injury or death.
Do not install nearby the place where may
have leakage of flammable gas.
If the gas leakes and gathers around, it may cause the
Where strong winds may prevail, the
system should be fixed securely to prevent
a collapse.
Bodily injury could result by a collapse.
You should refrain from exposing your body
directly to cool wind for a long time.
It could affect your physical condition or cause some
health problems.
The system should never be used for any
other purposes than intended such as for
preservation of food, flora and fauna, pre-
cision deices or work of art.
It could cause deterioration of food or other problems.
WARNING" and "
CAUTION", a very serious problem could occur depending on situation. Make sure to observe these safety
Observe instructions faithfully.
The system should be installed by your
dealer or a professional installer.
Installation by yourself is not encouraged because
it could cause such problems as water leakage,
electrical shock or fire accident by some improper
Depending on the place of installation, a
circuit breaker may be necessary.
Unless the circuit breaker is installed, it could
cause elecrical shocks.
Install on the place where can endure
the weight of air conditioner.
Bodily injury could result by a careless installation.
Do not poke the air inlet or outlet with a
bar, etc.
Since the internal fan is operating with a high
speed, it could cause an injury.
Do not handle switches with a wet hand.
It could cause electric shocks.
CAUTION". Precautions which are shown in the column of
When you need some optional devices such as a hu-
midifier, electric heater, etc., be sure to use the products
which are recommended by us. These devices should
be attached by a professional installer.
Grounding cable should never be connected to a gas
pipe, city water pipe, lightning conductor rod or
grounding cable of telephone. If the grounding cable
is not set properly, it could cause electric shocks.
When any abnormal condition (scorching smell or oth-
ers) is found, stop the operation immediately and turn
off the power switch. Then consult your dealer.
If you continue the operation without removing the
cause, it could result in a trouble, electric shock or fire.
Incomplete combustion could occur on the apparatus.
Provide a positive grounding.
Installation by yourself is not encouraged because it
could cause such problems as water leakage, electrical
shock or fire accident by some improper handing.
Drain pipe should be arranged to provide a
positive draining.
If the pipe is arranged improperly, furniture or the
likes may be damaged by leaked water.
Make sure the system is grounded.
Combustion apparatus should not be placed
allowing a direct exposure to wind of air con-



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