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Haier AD092XLERA Operation And Installation Manual

Low e.s.p. duct type indoor units
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Please read this manual carefully before using this air conditioner.
Please keep this manual safely for future use.



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  • Page 1 R410A MULTI SPLIT SERIES ROOM AIR CONDITIONER LOW E.S.P. DUCT TYPE INDOOR UNITS OPERATION & INSTALLATION MANUAL No.0010577705 Please read this manual carefully before using this air conditioner. Please keep this manual safely for future use. AD092XLERA AD122XLERA AD142XLERA AD182XLERA...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Cautions ... Safety precautions... Notes for safety ... Parts and Functions ... Trouble shooting ... Customer Need-to-know ... When trouble happens... Operation and Maintenance ... Failure code ... 12-23 24-25...
  • Page 3: Cautions

    Damaged air conditioners are not to be put into operation. In case of doubt, consult your supplier. Use of the air conditioner is to be carried out in strict compliance with the relative instructions set forth in the User's Guide.
  • Page 4 Cautions Do not obstruct or cover the ventilation grille of the air conditioner. Do not put fingers or any other things into the inlet/outlet and swing louver. Do not allow children to play with the air conditioner. In no case should children be allowed to sit on the outdoor unit.
  • Page 5: Safety Precautions

    Safety precautions Carefully read the following information in order to operate the air conditioner correctly. Below are listed three kinds of Safety Cautions and Suggestions. WARNING! Incorrect operations may result in severe consequences of death or serious injuries. CAUTION! Incorrect operations may result in injuries or machine damages; in some cases may cause serious consequences.
  • Page 6 Safety precautions Conditioner should not be used for any other purpose other than airconditioning. Don't use air-conditioner for any other special purposes, e.g. the preservation and protection of food, animals, plants, pecision apparatus as well as work of art, otherwise the qualities of these stuffs may be damaged.
  • Page 7 Safety precautions CAUTIONS ON INSTALLATION Please ask the dealer or specialist to install, never try by the users themselves. After the installation please be sure of the following conditions. Please call dealer to install the air-conditioner. Incorrect installation may cause water leaking, shock and fire hazard. Air-conditioner can't be installed in the envi-ronment with inflammable gases because the inflammable gases near to...
  • Page 8: Notes For Safety

    Never connect the earth wire with the gas pipe, water pipe, lightening arrester, or phone line. Never install the air conditioner where the flammable gas is easily leaked. Do not spray any paint or insecticide on the air conditioner. Never pour water on the indoor unit.
  • Page 9: Parts And Functions

    Parts and Functions INDOOR UNIT Air inlet Electrical box Drain pan Air outlet...
  • Page 10: Trouble Shooting

    When the air conditoner is started, when the compressor starts or stops during operation or when the air conditioner is stopped,it som- etimes sounds ì Bi- Bi-î or ìGodo-Godoî. It is the flowing sound of the refrigerant , not a malfunction.
  • Page 11 During heating,indoor fan is still running even unit is stopped. Please check the following things about your air conditioner before making a service call. Is the power supply switch on ? Power supply switch is not in ON position.
  • Page 12: Customer Need-To-Know

    Customer Need-to-know Customer Need-to-know Please install the air conditioner according to the requirements specified in this manual to ensure the air conditioner work well. Be careful not to scratch the surface of the case during moving the air conditioner. Please keep the installation manual for future reference when maintenance and changing installation place.
  • Page 13: When Trouble Happens

    Insufficient cooling Sunlight direct into the room ? When the air conditioner does not operate properly after you have checked the above-mentioned items or when following phenomenon is observed, stop the operation of the air conditioner and contact your sales dealer.
  • Page 14: Operation And Maintenance

    Instructions to installation 1. Safety precautions Please read these "Safety Precautions" first then accurately execute the installation work. Though the precautionary points indicated herein are divided under two headings, , those points which are related to the strong possibility of an installation done WARNING in error resulting in death or serious injury are listed in the there is also a possibility of serious consequences in relationship to the points listed in the...
  • Page 15: Preparation For Installation

    Instructions to installation Its improper installation can also result in heat generation or fire. When setting up or moving the location of the air conditioner, do not mix air etc. or anything other than the designated refrigerant within the refrigeration cycle.
  • Page 16: Choose The Installation Place

    Instructions to installation 3. Accessories for installation Self-contained accessories Name of Non-adhesive Parts Tape 4. Choose the installation place Install the indoor unit where the weight of the unit can be supported. Install the indoor unit where the heat source and steam source are not close and the unit inlet and outlet are not blocked.
  • Page 17 Instructions to installation Installation dimension:(mm) Unit model AD092XLERA AD122XLERA AD142XLERA AD182XLERA 1.This series' indoor units are all low static pressure type(max. 20 Pa external static pressure available ). 2.An access port must be provided during installation of indoor unit for maintenance.
  • Page 18 Instructions to installation The distance between air duct outlet and air conditioner outlet is according to the length of actually installed air duct and in service behavior of the static pressure terminal: Installation sketch map for long and short air duct is showed below, when connect to short air duct, using low static terminal (terminal color is white), the distance between air duct outlet and air conditioner outlet is no more than 0.5m;...
  • Page 19 Use M8 or M10 suspension screws (4, prepared in the field) (when the suspension screw height exceeds 0.9 m, M10 size is the only choice). These screws shall be installed as follows with space adapting to air conditioner overall dimensions according to the original building structures.
  • Page 20 Instructions to installation Use hole hinge, hole plunger or hole bolt. Use steel angle or new support steel angle directly. Fasten the nut on the suspension screw and then hang the suspension screw in the Tslot of the suspension part of the unit. Aided with a level meter, adjust level of the unit within 5 mm.
  • Page 21 Instructions to installation Pipe Insulation Drain pipe size: ÿ19.05mm The hose is used for adjusting the off-center and angle of the rigid PVC pipe. Directly stretch the hose to install without making any deformation. The soft end of the hose must be fastened with a hose clamp. Please apply the hose on horizontal part Insulation treatment: Wrap the hose and its clamp until to the indoor...
  • Page 22 Instructions to installation Piping Connection AD092XLERA AD122XLERA AD142XLERA AD182XLERA To gas pipe Pipe expansion dimensions as follows: Pipe diameter 6.35 mm (1/4 " ) 9.52 mm (3/8 " ) 12.7 mm (1/2 " ) The connection of indoor unit pipes must use double spanners.
  • Page 23: Installation Check

    Instructions to installation 1. Indoor unit communication addresses setting CAUTION! FAIL TO DO THIS, THE UNIT WILL NOT WORK. This kind of indoor units can only set the address by using the Dip Switches. (1).Please note that the address must be set as following: Indoor unit that connect to valve A, the address must be 1;...
  • Page 24: Trial Operation

    Instructions to installation 4.Trial operation The person who has completed this installation shall be requested to conduct a test operation for check: Is the temperature adjuster working normally? Does the location for installation conform to requirements? Winding up with Protective Plastic Tape.The connection pipes,drain pipe, and the connection wires shall be wound up with PVC tape.
  • Page 25: Failure Code

    Instructions to installation 4 Wiring of indoor unit The distance between the signal wires and the power cabes should be at least 50mm. 1(L) 2(N) To other indoor unit Communication cable (Shield wire): H05RN-F 2X1.5 mm Power cable : H05RN-F 3G 2.5 mm Waring: 1.Incorrect address setting will cause abnormal to the system.
  • Page 26: Failure Code

    Failure code TROUBLE SHOOTING (indoor unit) Abnormal communication between wired controller and indoor unit PCB Drainage system abnormal Indoor unit address repeated Abnormal communication between chip TMP/807 and chip TMP/846 TROUBLE SHOOTING (ourdoor unit) Faulty defrost sensor Te Faulty sensor Tao Faulty sensor Ts Faulty sensor Td Input overcurrent...
  • Page 27: Failure Code

    Failure code TROUBLE SHOOTING (outdoor unit) Faulty 4-way valve switching on Faulty sensor Tc Faulty sensor Toci Low voltage protection High voltage protection Abnormal communication between main PCB and SPDU(or ISPM) Compressor be locked Compressor vibration too big Compressor lose position Faulty compressor start Faulty position checking circuit...
  • Page 28 HAIER GROUP Qingdao Haier Air Conditioner Electric Co., Ltd. Address: Haier Garden, Qianwangang Road, Economic Development Zone, Qingdao, Shandong 266555, P.R.China Web Site:

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