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HP LC3772N User Manual: Adjusting The Picture Image; Using The Audio Menu; Adjusting The Audio

Lcd high-definition television.
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Adjusting the picture image

Adjusting the AV picture image
The following options adjust the AV picture image that
you are watching, so select the correct AV input source
before you change the values.
Mode sets the picture adjustments to preset
values of Standard, Movie, Vivid, or User.
User mode enables individual adjustment of:
Brightness: Sets the image brightness.
Contrast: Sets the image contrast.
Saturation: Sets the image color intensity.
Hue: Sets image tones; decrease the value to
make tones more red, or increase it to make
tones more blue.
Sharpness: Sets the image sharpness.
Color Temperature selects different color
temperature settings: Cool, Standard,
and Warm.
Aspect Ratio sets the default dimensions of the
TV picture image. For more information, see
"Changing the View by Using the Aspect Button"
on page 26.
Picture Screen provides options to adjust the
image from the PC Input connector. See
"Adjusting the PC Screen image" on page 31.
Adjusting the PC Screen image
The following options adjust the image from the PC
Input connector; the Picture Screen menu is not
available if a PC is not connected:
H Size adjusts the horizontal size of the image.
H Position adjusts the horizontal position of the
V Size adjusts the vertical size of the image.
V Position adjusts the vertical position of the
Phase Adjust adjusts the phase of the clock
used to synchronize the image.
Clock Adjust adjusts the clock used to
synchronize the image.
Auto Sync button starts automatic
synchronization of the image.
Default button resets all Picture Screen menu
options to the default values.

Using the Audio Menu

The Audio menu sets the sound levels, the mode for the
digital audio output signal, and sound items.
Audio menu
User mode options are:
(Left-to-right sound
Auto Volume
Digital Audio
Dolby Digital/PCM
Virtual Surround
Off/Theater/Music Hall

Adjusting the audio

Mode sets the audio adjustments to preset values
of Voice, Standard, or Music, or to User. User
mode enables individual adjustment of the treble
and bass values.
Balance sets the distribution of sound between
the speakers.
Auto Volume turns automatic volume adjustment
on or off.
SAP/MTS selects the default mode and language
for secondary audio programs. See "Setting the
SAP/MTS stereo mode" on page 27.
Digital Audio sets the mode for the signal
provided on the digital audio output connector.
See "Choosing the digital audio output mode" on
page 32.
Virtual Surround selects an option for
emulated surround sound from the TV speakers.
"Selecting virtual surround sound" on page 32.
Speaker turns the TV speakers on or off. You
may want to turn off the TV speakers when you
connect an optional external sound system. Refer
to "Understanding audio output" on page 32.
Changing the TV Settings



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