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HP LC3772N User Manual Page 63

Lcd high-definition television.
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Viewing questions
I get a poor picture with video signal
There is no picture, and I have an
external device controlling the TV.
The picture, with a component input
source connected, is too red, blue, or
green, or it has black that is too
black or washed out.
Picture quality questions
Part of the picture is cut off, or the
picture is not centered.
The picture image is too large or
too small.
The picture is unstable.
The picture has dark side bars and I
cannot remove the bars by choosing
a different aspect ratio.
When watching a DVD, the image
has dark stripes at the top and
bottom of the screen.
Check the following: improper control setting, local interference, cable
interconnections. Adjust the picture control as needed. Try another
location for the TV. Make sure that all connections are secure.
Press the Source button on the remote control, and confirm that the
source is selected.
Verify that the external device or PC power is turned on.
Make sure that the source device is connected.
Check the power management function of the source device. Is it in
standby mode?
Connect the source to the TV. Operate the external device or PC
(move the mouse, or press a key).
Make sure that each cable is plugged into the correct color-coded
connector on the TV and on the input source device.
Make sure that the cables are fully inserted at both ends.
See "Adjusting the AV picture image" on page 31.
Check the position adjustment settings, and adjust the screen settings
Press the Aspect button on the remote control to select a different picture
image size.
Verify that the external device or PC resolution setting is correct. Adjust to
the appropriate resolution.
Press the Info button on the remote control and read the station
transmission mode. Some stations transmit standard-definition
programming directly in 16:9 aspect ratio so that the image has
embedded dark side bars. For that type of input signal, the Panorama
mode is not available, and the Zoom1 and Zoom2 modes do not
eliminate the side bars.
Film may be captured in many different widescreen ratios. When the
original film ratio does not match the TV ratio, the stripes appear above
and below the image.



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