Fujitsu FD-1000AT User Manual
Fujitsu FD-1000AT User Manual

Fujitsu FD-1000AT User Manual

Console drawer for pc server


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Console Drawer (FD-1000AT)
User's Manual


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Summary of Contents for Fujitsu FD-1000AT

  • Page 1 Console Drawer (FD-1000AT) (for PC SERVER) User’s Manual...
  • Page 2 Declaration of Conformity Model Number : FD-1000AT series Trade Name : CONSOLE Drawer Responsible party : FUJITSU COMPONENT AMERICA, INC. Address : 250 East Caribbean Drive, Sunnyvale,CA94089 Telephone number : (408) 745-4900 This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation Is subject to the...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents PREFACE ........................1 Conventions ......................1 Packing List ......................1 IMPORTANT NOTICES ....................3 Safety ........................3 Precautions......................3 Disposal.......................4 Moving Console Drawer ...................4 INSTALLATION ......................5 Installing Guide Rails....................5 Installing Console Drawer ..................7 Installing the 4-port KVM Switch (CRT/KB Switcher) ..........8 CONNECTING AND REMOVING CABLES ...............12 Connecting Cables ....................12 Removing Cables ....................12 Connecting to Ports ....................13...
  • Page 5: Preface

    We recommend keeping the box and packing material in which the Console Drawer was purchased. They may be required when moving it to another location. If something is missing from the package, contact your place of purchase or a Fujitsu maintenance person.
  • Page 6 CAUTION Please note the safety information in [Important Notices]. 1. Check the package delivered and whether the Console Drawer has been damaged when unpacking. 2. Remove the rubber stabilizer from the front left side of the Console Drawer. The rubber stabilizer is inserted to prevent the Console Drawer from sliding when installing or moving it.
  • Page 7: Important Notices

    This device adheres to the safety regulations related to information processing equipment such as electronic office machines that are used in an office environment. If you have any questions please contact your place of purchase or a Fujitsu maintenance person.
  • Page 8: Disposal

    Only the resolution and refresh rate specified in the monitor explanation in [Technical Specifications] can be set. Doing settings other than those noted may damage the monitor. Contact your place of purchase or a Fujitsu maintenance person if you have any questions.
  • Page 9: Installation

    Installation Please note the safety information in [Important Notices]. CAUTION Maintain the area around the equipment when using the Console Drawer (See [Technical Specifications] for more information). Avoid dust, humidity and extreme temperatures. Installation may require more than two people in some situations. Be careful not to pinch your fingers or hands between the guide rails and the Console Drawer.
  • Page 10 Installing the Guide Rails diagram...
  • Page 11: Installing Console Drawer

    Installing Console Drawer Be careful that the latch lever (see page 15) does not come loose. If the latch lever comes loose the Console Drawer may slip. If the Console Drawer does not slide easily into the guide rail or is heavy, lift and insert it with two or more people.
  • Page 12: Installing The 4-Port Kvm Switch (Crt/Kb Switcher)

    Installing the 4-port KVM Switch (CRT/KB Switcher) Three methods are used for installing the 4-port KVM switch (Installation Methods 1 - 3). After removing the rubber feet from this device 4-port KVM switch, use the appropriate installation method for this device configuration. Refer to [Connecting to Ports] on page 13 for details on connecting the 4-port KVM switch. ...
  • Page 13 1. Remove the four screws that secure the KVM holder in place. 2. Insert the 4-port switch into the open space in the rear top panel, making sure that the 4-port KVM switch's connectors face out from the rear of the Console Drawer. 3.
  • Page 14 Installation Method 2 An extra four 3 x 6 mm flathead screws (not provided) are required to fasten the 4-port KVM switch in place. It is not necessary to remove the Console Drawer from the guide rails if there is sufficient workspace above and below the unit after it has been attached to the rack.
  • Page 15 Installation Method 3 Rear top panel must be removed, but no extra screws are needed. Remove the Console Drawer from the rack guide rails by reversing the [Installing Console Drawer] operation on page 7. 1. Remove the ten screws that secure the rear top panel in place. 2.
  • Page 16: Connecting And Removing Cables

    Connecting and Removing Cables Read the Console Drawer manual before connecting the cables. CAUTION Do not connect or remove the cables during a thunderstorm. When unplugging cables hold them by the plug, not the cable. Connect and remove cables in the following order. Connecting Cables 1.
  • Page 17: Connecting To Ports

    Connecting to Ports (When CRT/KB Switcher is attached to the back of the Console Drawer.) Adhere to the cautions in [Connecting and Removing Cables] CAUTION when connecting and disconnecting ports. Also, cut the power of the effected equipment while you are working. You can connect as many servers as there are ports.
  • Page 18: Operation

    Operation Pull the Console Drawer toward slowly until the slide rails lock. CAUTION If they do not lock, the weight of the Console Drawer may cause it to move. Be careful not to pinch your hand when doing such activities as pulling or pushing the slide module and opening and closing the LCD.
  • Page 19 Pulling out the slide module diagram 3. Push up on the LCD lock on the left side of the handle, and then grasp the handle and open the top of the monitor. 4. Turn on the power by pushing the POWER button. Open the monitor completely.
  • Page 20 Opening the LCD diagram...
  • Page 21: Adjusting The Monitor

    Adjusting the Monitor The five buttons and two LEDs on the monitor are explained in order from left to right. Power button: Power button: Push this button to turn on the power to the monitor. Also, pushing this button while the monitor is on cuts the power to the monitor.
  • Page 22: Basic Adjustment Procedure

    Basic Adjustment Procedure 1. Push the menu button to open the menu. 2. Select the item to be adjusted with the▼button and the▲button. 3. Switch to the various adjustment screens with the button. 4. Change setting values with the▼button and the▲button. 5.
  • Page 23: Menu Description

    Menu Description Symbol Displayed term Adjustment details Brightness Adjust the brightness. Contrast Adjust the contrast. H.Position Adjust the horizontal position of the image. V.Position Adjust the vertical position of the image. Phase Adjust the phase (eliminate screen noise). Clock Adjust the width of the display. Auto Setup Adjusts automatically.
  • Page 24: Resolution And Refresh Rate

    Resolution and Refresh Rate Resolution Horizontal frequency (KHz) Vertical frequency (Hz) Mode 600 × 480 31.47 60.0 VESA 37.86 72.0 37.5 75.0 800 × 600 37.9 60.0 48.1 72.0 46.9 75.0 1024 × 768 48.4 60.0 56.5 70.0 60.0 75.0...
  • Page 25: Using A Linux Operating System

    Using a Linux Operating System Carefully read the cautions on page 16 to correctly set and use CAUTION the Console Drawer with a Linux operating system. Precautions when using the Caldera OpenLinux Server 3.1.1 Installation Precautions When using Caldera OpenLinux Server 3.1.1 with this unit, immediately after installation X Windows may fail at startup with the following message: INIT : rc.gui : /opt/kde2/bin/kdm or X11 startup problem ! For X11, try running 'kxconfig' as root …...
  • Page 26: Keyboard Operation

    Keyboard Operation Full keyboard operation is possible by working with the Fn key. Pointing Device Operation Lightly touch or tap the operation surface to operate the pointing device. Moving the pointer: Just lightly touch the operation surface in the direction you want to move the cursor.
  • Page 27: The Hot-Key And Reset Buttons

    The Hot-key and Reset Buttons Hot-key Button Outputs the [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] key Make/Break code. This will also be the Hot-key mode (OSD display) when connected to a KVM switch. Reset Button Resets the keyboard and mouse. KVM switch, keyboard and mouse will be reset if connected to a FS-10XX Series KVM switch. ...
  • Page 28: Storing Console Drawer

    Storing Console Drawer The Console Drawer can be stored in the rack when a monitor and keyboard are not needed. Slide the Console Drawer in and out of the rack slowly. 1. Push the monitor power button to turn off the power to the monitor. 2.
  • Page 29 Inserting the slide module diagram...
  • Page 30: Cleaning Console Drawer

    Cleaning Console Drawer Turn off the power and unplug the power cable from the power CAUTION socket. Do not use cleansers that contain abrasives; or such organic solvents as benzene or thinner; or disinfectant alcohol. Do not apply water and cleanser or spray type cleaners directly to the Console Drawer.
  • Page 31: Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications Model: FD-1000AT/J (Japanese configuration) FD-1000AT/U (US configuration) FD-1000AT/E (European configuration) • Power Specifications Rated voltage range: 100 - 240V AC Frequency: 50/60Hz Rated current: 100V/0.4 A, 200V/0.2 A • Size Main part: (W) x (D) x (H) (1) Slide rail contracted...
  • Page 32 • Keyboard Layout: Japanese layout, US layout, European layout Number of keys: Japanese layout (87), US layout (83), European layout (84) Connector: mini DIN 6-pin • Pointing Device Model: Static Touch Pad Resolution: 240 cpi (counts/inch) Connector: mini DIN 6-pin •...
  • Page 34 The contents of this manual may be modified for improvements without prior notice. ● Fujitsu bears no responsibility for infringement of patent or other rights of third parties ascribable to the use of data in this manual. ● Reprinting of this manual without permission is prohibited.
  • Page 35 This manual is made of recycled paper. 021220...

Table of Contents