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HP Compaq Presario,Presario SR1309 Supplementary Manual: Using A Browser

Hp compaq presario,presario sr1309: supplementary guide.
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The World Wide Web (WWW), also called the Web, is a public part of the
Internet used by individuals, companies, governments and organisations. These
individuals and groups have created millions of Web pages in support of their
activities. A Web page is a file or group of files that a user can access by
entering the Web page's file location, or URL.
The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) identifies a Web site location, typically
in the form (for example, The
URL may include the path to a specific file within that site. Each period, or dot, in
the URL separates elements within the address. For example, you will see the URL
extension .com used by companies. When you enter the URL into your browser
address box, and press the Enter key on your keyboard, the browser contacts that
location and displays the Web page for you.
Imagine you are reading a newspaper. On page 1, you may read something like
"For more details, see page 3, column 2." You turn the page for more
information. A hyperlink on a Web page works the same way, except that you
click the mouse with your cursor over the link to move to the page or the Web site.
The way that a hyperlink links files together is what gives the Web its name,
because the Web weaves and connects idea to idea all over the world.
Your e-mail address identifies the electronic post office box where people
can send you electronic mail. E-mail addresses have the form
name@domain.extension. The domain is usually the name of the ISP or
organisation. The extension usually identifies the type of organisation. For
example, if your name is Jane Jones, and XYZ is your ISP, your e-mail address
might be, with the extension .com indicating that XYZ is a
business. For information on using e-mail, see "Sending and Receiving E-Mail"
on page 35.

Using a Browser

A Web browser program searches for, finds and displays Web site information.
How you explore the Internet depends on whether you are using an ISP that
provides the browser or an ISP that allows you to use any browser.
Once you are connected to the Internet, your browser displays the home Web
page. You can go to a different Web site by entering its address (such as in the address box in the Web browser and pressing Enter
on your keyboard. Or you can use the browser Search tool to search for
references to a specific word or phrase on the Web.
Using the Internet


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